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Ronald Reagan vs. Barack Obama
Even the casual observer can’t escape the constant assault on Barack Obama. His dropping in popularity is easily understood when you listen to the constant droning of false indignation, false ...
ribeye 02/04/2014 44 47 6 -
Gun Control Soapbox (a frightening pro gun view)
The following I received from my daughter, a recent convert to the gun culture and now the owner of several guns. We had a conversation about guns which prompted her to send me a rant from a talk ...
ribeye 01/05/2013 46 5 - -
Well Kos . . .
You did it. Right now the popular vote is exactly 3.5%, exactly as you predicted. I wonder what fraction of a percent of Americans predicted Obama would win by such a margin. Sure it will change ...
ribeye 11/28/2012 4 9 - -
Ohio Hmmmmmm
Ok. The election went well and we're all happy. Still I see something perplexing regarding Ohio. Ohio finished with a 1.9 point Obama advantage. Great. But when I look at how the predictors ...
ribeye 11/10/2012 20 8 - -
The Romney effect?
You've certainly heard all the dozens of reasons why Romney lost. Many have some validity. Besides the obvious that he had no core and he epitomizes the worst in politicians, I believe they miss a ...
ribeye 11/09/2012 5 - - -
Election Predictions (Conservatives and Independents Welcomed)
No grand prize like in 08 (from the Kos blog) but I wonder what the community thinks will be the outcome of the election. (Since all I hear on right wing radio (aka radio), Fox, and nearly all of ...
ribeye 11/05/2012 21 3 - -
A new Electoral Vote System
(corrected) On October 27th and 29th, commented on the proposal by Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) regarding increasing the electoral college votes by adding 29 votes for the winner of ...
ribeye 10/30/2012 6 1 - -
Twins: The Best Ad Ever
Jerry Brown had a smart strategy linking Meg Witman to Arnold. Seems like there is just a "smidgen" of similarity of between Bush the tax cutter Neocon and Mitt the tax cutter Neocon. http://www....
ribeye 10/09/2012 1 4 - 64
My hope for an Obama opening.
I'm bettin' that many here were just a wee bit disappointed on Wednesday evening. Let's just say the slump that seemed to begin during the convention, culminated with many swings and misses. Not O'...
ribeye 10/05/2012 4 1 - 68
Redstate Anyone ever try to comment at REDSTATE? I registered ten days ago to rebuke a time line suggesting Obama's unemployment numbers were worse than Reagan's. (Under Obama, unemployment began ...
ribeye 01/03/2011 47 7 - 82
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