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UPDATE-NO Hyperbole: Obamacare saved my friend's life
My friend and small business owner who is an accountant, sent me the letter below that she emailed to the White House about two weeks ago that I felt should get wider distribution. I edited out her ...
rickeagle 07/24/2014 36 177 2 -
Support the US Postal Service: Junk Mail Guerilla Tactics W/ Poll
I heard the other day of a great way to cost the 1%-owned "Too Big To Fails" more heartburn. You know those annoying junk mail sales pitches for loans or credit cards that you get in the mail every ...
rickeagle 11/08/2011 39 19 - 182
UPDATED w/video link: Jesse LaGreca on Seattle Talk Radio talks about Occupy Wall Street!
I just listened to one of the best interviews by our passionate, articulate MinistryOfTruth (aka Jesse LaGreca) on Seattle news/talk radio KIRO 97.3 FM. You can listen to the replay at 11 am PST ...
rickeagle 10/24/2011 14 11 - 151
What I know about Iraq
Cross Posted at I asked for and received permission from a friend of mine (who asked that I not use his name or service ...
rickeagle 11/09/2009 6 4 - 139
Veteran Hater Metcalfe gets challenger for (PA) 12th District State Representative Seat
Crossposted to Found it ...
rickeagle 10/22/2009 10 7 1 20
Snippets from the O'Reilly tirade against Daily Kos and the YearlyKos Convention
Crossposted from the Northwest Progressive Institute Official Blog First they ignore you, ...
rickeagle 07/30/2007 29 32 - 18
Attention Wa. State Yearly Kossacks
If you live in Washington State and are planning on attending YearlyKos next week in fabulous Chicago, the Northwest Progressive Institute wants to hear ...
rickeagle 07/25/2007 11 7 1 7
Al Gore's Son Arrested
Al Gore's son was arrested early Wednesday on suspicion of possessing marijuana and prescription drugs after deputies pulled him over for speeding, authorities said. Al Gore III, 24, was driving ...
rickeagle 07/04/2007 204 14 2 2
Marty Meehan (D) MA-05 to Step Down
Just got this letter from Marty Meehan (MA-05) to step down July 1st to become Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts. Losing a Dem congressman is never a good thing, however Congress's loss ...
rickeagle 05/16/2007 18 2 - 8
Hillary: Gays in Military OK!
I haven't seen this diaried yet so if it has let me know.... From the latest edition of The ...
rickeagle 04/23/2007 74 20 - 8
DailyKos Featured in Discover Magazine
As most of you regular DK readers well know, DailyKos has become the largest political blog in the known universe, ...
rickeagle 04/13/2007 169 195 12 40
More Heads Roll: DOJ official tied to firings "resigns"
It appears that the heads are continuing to roll after the controversial firings of 8 U.S. Attorneys who stepped down in January. From ...
rickeagle 03/06/2007 9 15 1 10
Daily Kos: Stars and Stripes 2nd Page News
rickeagle 01/13/2006 92 205 6 28
TSA Wants to add Veterans to `Mental Defectives' Watch List (w/POLL)
rickeagle 12/21/2005 28 38 1 23
Bushco looking for handouts for Iraq reconstruction
rickeagle 09/20/2005 4 3 - 18
Balmers response to Microsoft employees - the Anti-Discrimination Bill
rickeagle 04/23/2005 28 14 - -
BamboozlePalooza going International
rickeagle 04/08/2005 3 - - -
No Child Left Behind if You Lower the Bar
rickeagle 03/17/2005 2 2 - 1
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