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America: So NOT Post Racial
This is an excellent piece by Cord Jefferson from Gawker. The Year in Racial Amnesia is a powerful read and well worth your time.
ricklewsive 12/31/2013 8 6 1 -
NYT Opinion on the sequester
I have a difficult time grasping the concept of billions of dollars. Sometimes I think I'm close but it remains elusive. I have a million down pretty well, although a trillion dollars is totally ...
ricklewsive 02/17/2013 2 3 - -
Occupy Nashville Safe (for now)
The Occupy Nashville folks received word today that the ...
ricklewsive 10/31/2011 2 15 - 46
The message
The OWS in NYC seems to be settling in after the police unwelcome and going about the business of making it's points and clarifying it's messages. Elsewhere the Occupation forces have been met with ...
ricklewsive 10/12/2011 19 26 1 229
KEPCO, the new TEPCO?
Since the Great Earthquake and subsequent blow up of Fukushima Daiichi power reservation many of the Japanese nuclear reactors have been shutdown for inspections and regulatory approval before ...
ricklewsive 07/12/2011 8 16 - 91
This Should Not Be a Political Fight
What was a vague apprehension for most and a prediction for some has finally become all too real. Now it's something that no one can take it back. The political promoters have been strategizing and ...
ricklewsive 01/10/2011 67 2 - 29
Why Social Security?
Conservatives have declared war against Social Security in their quest to "restore" the fiscal responsibility they themselves have never practiced. Unfortunately, conservative strategy almost always ...
ricklewsive 01/05/2011 26 7 - 98
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