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Do you like City Music?
Maybe a day trip to the [ Lincoln Center] in NYC on May 20 would help flush your mind for a moment. Get rid of all those concerns about Hillary, Obama, TPP, and ...
rktect 05/16/2015 2 1 - -
Yes on HAMP is a Yes on TPP
[ HAMP] is a Home Affordable Modification Program designed to help people behind on their mortgage with hardships keep their home. Getting it ...
rktect 04/28/2015 32 2 - -
Obama is not a Republican
The Hysteria being whipped up paints Obama as serving Republican interests and being against the interests of labor, environmentalists and those of us who are primarily concerned about climate change.
rktect 04/22/2015 66 6 - -
Religion is a luxury we can no longer afford
There probably was a time when religion served a purpose, helped to organize and unite and build consensus to be law abiding and decent; to do what was right and proper and to show hospitality to ...
rktect 04/12/2015 84 11 1 -
Living with water
For some of us living with water relates to things like turning on the tap and discovering the water has a funny taste and further experimentation allows you to set it on fire, or you turn on the ...
rktect 04/08/2015 3 5 - -
I dare you
“I DARE YOU.” This was long before my mind was filled with thoughts of climate change and rising sea levels wiping out all the cities on the East coast. Before I began to think about Being on ...
rktect 04/06/2015 3 1 - -
Arithmetic, Population and Energy
Most Americans have difficulty comprehending exponential growth. A few years ago Dr. Albert A. Bartlett professor emeritus of the University of Colorado at Boulder explained it well in this video ...
rktect 03/11/2015 17 9 1 -
Senator Warren has a testable hypothesis.
The hypothesis is that CitiCorp owns our political system. CitiCorp might argue in the alternative it just a servitor of the mortgage like CitiMortgage with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and that the ...
rktect 12/14/2014 10 3 - -
Social Security doesn't pay a minimum wage
Others have made [ Diaries and comments] about how Democratic congress critters have challenged each other to live on a minimum wage for a week to ...
rktect 07/23/2014 7 21 - -
A 100 year plan to save the East Coast
rktect 05/08/2014 41 3 - -
Susan Collins votes against $10.10
Susan Collins, Maine's Republican US Senator just voted against the minimum wage which 96,000 Mainers were depending on for survival. If you think that like her buddy Paul LePage who can't open his ...
rktect 04/30/2014 21 26 1 -
Mass Extinction Number Six
We tend not to notice these any more, after all this is [ Mass Extinction Number Six] we have already been through five and survived ...
rktect 01/25/2014 32 27 - -
I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes
Many people may think that Obama fumbled the healthcare rollout, dropped the ball, but what's going on behind the scenes tells a different story I was reading the comments of Facebook's healthcare....
rktect 11/16/2013 4 23 - -
No Replacement for Displacement
When you displace 800,000 people from their work, tell them with no notice they are furloughed, unemployed, no longer getting a paycheck, not going to be compensated for the loss, going to have to ...
rktect 10/03/2013 4 2 - -
Expediting delicate and persuasive political solutions can be tortuous.
I look at Obama on the one hand letting Bush and Cheney get away with kidnapping torture and murder, and on the other trying to deal with Syria. In Syria we have Asad using chemical weapons on his ...
rktect 08/28/2013 1 - - -
Mike Michaud is officially in
Polling shows Michaud doing much better than expected against both LePage and Cutler as well as an unenrolled Steve Woods running in the Democratic primary. I'm in. I am running to be your next ...
rktect 08/15/2013 10 7 - -
Bradley Manning
A [ verdict] from the judge in the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning will be announced Today at 1 p.m. ET. The verdict ...
rktect 07/30/2013 59 3 - -
a luxury society can no longer afford
In a recent speech Obama said "Instead of strategically applying our power and our principles, too often we set those principles aside as luxuries that we could no longer afford". The phase caught ...
rktect 07/27/2013 22 9 - -
The center of the universe
Science has the premise of a space time continuum in which we think of a big bang as continuing to occur so that its space is expanding within a finite amount of time between the initialization of ...
rktect 07/02/2013 126 13 3 -
Climate Change and "Hubris"
In "Hubris" Rachel Maddow does a wonderful job of pointing out the failure of intelligence not only among politicians but among the media in lying our way into war in Iraq. I can't help but think ...
rktect 05/04/2013 18 15 1 -
Monsanto Exempt from GMO Prosecution
Early this month [ Roy Blunt hid language protecting Monsanto] from judicial ...
rktect 04/26/2013 15 21 - -
global warming
A big part of controlling climate change, rising sea levels, worsening storms, is controlling the emissions that cause the greenhouse effect and warm our planet. [
rktect 04/21/2013 5 5 - -
Shots fired
looks like the situation might be entering a new phase with the suspect on foot. Twelve to twenty shots. With the order to stay inside canceled people came out and right off of Walnut Street, at the ...
rktect 04/19/2013 7 3 - -
The White House CPI
For a week I have watched people who should know better panic and freak out over the idea that Obama is proposing cuts to Social Security and Medicare. What the White House has actually been saying ...
rktect 04/15/2013 92 5 - -
My view of chained CPI at age 67
I don't like to see people so locked into rigid party positions that they are willing to have the net effect hurt the country. I support Obama bending over backward to breakthrough the logjam in ...
rktect 03/17/2013 48 17 - -
Chellie Pingree for Governor
In the last election Maine went pretty Blue with Marriage Equality and Marijuana passing easily but we still sent (I) Angus King to the Senate. He may caucus with the Democrats but he will never be ...
rktect 01/29/2013 8 3 - -
Hundred Trillion Dollar Coin
On "Up with Chris Hayes" this morning it was asked what would happen if we minted a hundred trillion dollar coin, put it in the treasury and used it as a blank check to pay for all the things we ...
rktect 01/12/2013 25 2 - -
Right not to Work
Nobody gets rich working for a living. If the opportunity to become wealthy is indeed a part of the American Dream then there ought to be a right not to work ; to have the leisure to think of a ...
rktect 12/12/2012 9 2 - -
Design for Climate Change
Romney paused for laughter when he said that "President Obama has promised to stop the rise of the oceans". Our knee jerk reaction is to point to recent storms as the consequences of letting fossil ...
rktect 11/03/2012 5 4 - -
Foreign Policy
Its interesting that as an October surprise coming on the eve of the final presidential debate there has apparently been a hostile leak regarding nuclear negotiations with Iran which may not only ...
rktect 10/21/2012 1 - - -
I'm going out canvassing tomorrow so I thought I'd check out the data in the "New New Deal". I haven't read the book yet but its apparently about how the $840 Billion dollars of the American ...
rktect 08/21/2012 3 3 - 21
Predator Drones in use in the US
Fargo will no longer be famous just for its wood chippers. I was surprised to learn this morning that a Predator drone was in use in the ...
rktect 12/13/2011 62 24 - 203
The Domestication of Humans
The other day I happened to be sitting in the barbershop waiting my turn and perusing a copy of National Geographic with a picture of a Fox on the cover. I have been seeing a red fox visit my ...
rktect 04/29/2011 9 4 - 68
The Knights Fee - Feudalism - noblese oblige - Why the rich should be taxed more
Asking the haves and have mores to pay their fair share is not a new idea. Indeed it has the well established force of a common law found in among other places the Lord's Prayer. "Give us this day ...
rktect 04/20/2011 4 4 1 50
Obama and the art of advantageous losing
Republicans are just beginning to realize how they have been played...
rktect 04/13/2011 28 13 2 172
Paul Ryan's if you ain't got nothing you got nothing to lose Budget Cuts
rktect 04/05/2011 2 3 1 30
Global Warming is real say the Koch Brothers
Global Warming is real say the Koch Brothers. The Climate Change Denier Scientist the Koch Brothers paid to debunk Global Warming has come out and acknowledged that science does indeed show that yes ...
rktect 04/04/2011 4 1 - 49
March Madness
The point at which its time to go get the musket off the mantle and assemble in the town common has arrived.
rktect 04/02/2011 3 1 - 26
Rebels surround Tripoli
Rebels appear to have forces on the western outskirts of Tripoli Zawiyah is on the coast about thirty miles west of ...
rktect 03/27/2011 6 2 - 62
What's the point of owning a Ferrari if you can't afford the gas?
Libya is the scene of a battle ground between French oil giant Toto, Italian Eni which has been pumping ...
rktect 03/23/2011 4 1 - 55
Apparently we have been oblivious
We have just not understood what is going on in the courts. Despite two new woman justices on the SCOTUS we were in a condition of having essentially given up hope... but wait ...we just got a ...
rktect 03/21/2011 1 2 - 64
Women and Children first, Stay Calm, Don't Panic, God bless America
Climate change always seems to get bumped out of the headlines by something else.
rktect 03/20/2011 10 7 - 103
Its time to stop worrying about future disasters
The future is already coming down around our ears. In Queensland, Australia we are witnessing Katrina like floods leading to drought, fire, plague, pestilence and crop failures. In North Dakota the ...
rktect 01/18/2011 19 15 - 436
Doomsday Scenarios are Educational
We are in trouble. As I watched Rachel reading a list of previous "unbelievable" episodes of people going postal I wondered what about all the episodes of road rage that don't get counted because ...
rktect 01/11/2011 5 2 - 235
China v. US complaint to foreclose
The crazy people in the house are already rounding up the funding and regulations they intend to hold hostage before agreeing to allow the debt extension vote. I'm not worried about us not calling ...
rktect 01/05/2011 4 1 - 242
Shoveling snow vs shoveliing the shat
The sharpest contrast isn't between Newark Mayor Cory Booker shoveling snow and New York Mayor Bloomberg pontificating or Govenor Christy heading for Disneyland, its between hard pressed state and ...
rktect 01/03/2011 3 - - 54
Republicans get things done while Democrats cave
The party of NO gets things done? Maybe the Nothing nothings because to the teabaggers resistance to the Borg is not ...
rktect 12/11/2010 10 1 - 197
Building infrastructure in Afghanistan
For centuries some regions have been ungovernable because they have none of the infrastructure that enhances communications and control ...
rktect 11/21/2010 23 4 - 43
Fossil water
We are used to the idea of fossil fuels being used up and exhausted, but glaciers of fossil water which provide the major rivers ...
rktect 11/06/2010 22 17 - 86
Negotiating with our new speaker: Let the hostages go and we will send in a pizza
Republicans are focused on keeping tax breaks for the ultra wealthy and holding tax breaks for the middle class, jobs, economic stimulus, healthcare, education, unemployment insurance extensions, ...
rktect 11/04/2010 3 3 - 35
What happens if polling is wrong and Dem's win?
We know that Rassmussen and Gallup are probably skewed toward Republicans because 1.) Their forecasts model a "wave" election where there is an enthusiasm gap. 2.) They are doing cheap robo polls ...
rktect 11/02/2010 82 17 - 67
Is Obamas approach to leaving Afghanistan like his approach to DADT?
NATO on board with peace talks This is now breaking for ...
rktect 10/15/2010 13 7 - 39
Update: Petraeus talking about Taliban Reconcilliation
This is now breaking for discussion in the MSM I began this diary August 15th and since then have been tracking rumours that Petraeus has ...
rktect 09/28/2010 19 6 - 81
Fired Up and Ready to Go
FIRED UP AND READY TO GO. A rally a day keeps the message in play Rahm going going...gone (look out Chicago) Elizabeth Warren head of Consumer Protection (strong hints, nuff said) Combat troops ...
rktect 09/10/2010 12 8 - 37
When will 2006 EIA Peak Oil Estimate get Revised down?
At the latest 2009 update still show the 2006 EIA estimate at 95 MBO/day was last revised down to 90 MBO/day in 2008 whereas ...
rktect 09/03/2010 6 5 - 46
Godzilla destroying Tokyo as we speak
Godzilla, the Japanese term for rising sea levels, is threatening to destroy port cities around the world. With ...
rktect 08/14/2010 24 9 - 58
Would you be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich were President
I think thats a good question. Most of us probably wouldn't be. We are the Mr. Moore's of the Democratic Party, we are never satisfied; but I can tell you that having a cabinet with Dennis Kucinich, ...
rktect 08/11/2010 115 5 - 51
The difference between repairing and replacing something old
Lets allow our government is like an old barn, its been around a couple of hundred years, its foundations are crumbling, its corner posts are eaten away by corporate carpenter ants and lobbiests, ...
rktect 08/09/2010 11 4 - 10
I read the news today Obama bans abortions
Every day I get deluged with email from the ACLU, and over thirty other groups requesting political action. Most address issues I expect I'm familiar with because of the amount of time I spend here ...
rktect 07/17/2010 154 9 - 55
Daily Kos constantly crashing
I had something I wanted to say with regard to the Camden Conference on Afghanistan and General McChrystal. I tried all last night and this morning to view the comments and put one up but this ...
rktect 06/23/2010 31 4 - 36
Daily Kos diaries that are interesting and informative
Recently there has been an awful lot of Meta on Dkos. I come to this site to get information that is interesting and informative. Generally, well referenced diaries adressing the specifics of an ...
rktect 06/17/2010 30 9 - 44
The rule of law
There is a difference between how we measure the absolute power of the law, how we evaluate what is right and proper and how we agree on what is necessary. The standard of measure of the rule of law ...
rktect 06/08/2010 2 4 2 163
A Time of Consequences
Consequences are what you get when you do things in the wrong order or with the wrong priorities. Most peoples number one priority would be the pursuit of happiness, but somehow things keep "...
rktect 05/29/2010 2 6 - 29
Global Warming, Earthquakes and Volcanoes are linked
Recent diaries by fishoutofwater , and earthfire referenced below ...
rktect 04/25/2010 47 8 1 49
The Costs of Global Warming
We all know money doesn't grow on trees, but if we have to choose between the two, maybe we should rethink our cost benefit analysis. Some scientists are beginning to try to put a dollar value on ...
rktect 04/09/2010 27 23 - 221
no state shall deprive any person of life, liberty or property without due process of law
The 14th ammendments due process clause is about to make 76 year old Otis MacDonald, Antonio Scalia and the NRA come out in support of civil rights to include a woman's right to chose, marriage ...
rktect 03/01/2010 11 3 - 90
My three days in a room with the CIA
Sometimes the decision making process of the powers that be comes up with a problem so difficult it has to reach outside Washington to find solutions. In this case to a room full of very smart ...
rktect 02/20/2010 49 23 2 197
Somebody say it isn't so
I'm reading an increasing number of journalists who are concerned about a special executive branch mercenary contractor privatization and now expansion of our off the books covert military ...
rktect 02/18/2010 10 6 - 17
Is Obama more Machiavellian than Chris Mathews?
Does Obama seem weak, slow to react, vulnerable ready to be taken down if the right rushes at him all at once? ...I'm not so sure. Every great campaign loses a few battles but prevailing in the ...
rktect 01/22/2010 25 8 - 11
Don't get mad - get even
Like some other recent posters I'm pissed off at the subversion of our interests that takes place in our Congress. The wheeling and dealing, that says never you mind, take what we give you and shut ...
rktect 01/09/2010 14 6 - 14
Antarctica is melting
What a Happy New Year we are in for. Toward the end of the last millenia, in the nineteen nineties, sea level rise by the end of the century was estimated to be a matter of some inches.
rktect 01/02/2010 423 179 5 185
Liberty Men and Great Proprietors
The recent discussions among progressives about what has been gained and what has been lost over the course of the last year and recent embraces of common cause with some of the worst of the ...
rktect 12/26/2009 5 - - 133
Passing Healthcare as an Economic Stimulus
Adding 30 some odd million people to the healthcare rolls means adding the new infrastructure to see and diagnose them and the doctors and nurses to serve them and the equipment the providers need ...
rktect 12/20/2009 18 3 - 27
Sometimes you go into combat and you get hammered, ambushed, and everything you've got for backup gets shot full of holes. Meanwhile there are other objectives that have to be taken at the same time ...
rktect 12/16/2009 2 1 - 51
Did somebody make Lieberman an offer he coundn't refuse?
I'm watching him trying to explain what he's for and against public option, medicare buy in, healthcare reform, Now Collins is talking saying she would like to see a healthcare bill, but not the ...
rktect 12/15/2009 7 1 - 9
Pine Island Glacier
I'm gonna take it slow here, the pace is about 1 foot an hour, at that rate the PIG could sneak right up on ya and you would never even know it until it was too late.
rktect 12/08/2009 21 20 - 64
Right makes Might
I see this speech to the West Point cadets as framing a new mission which focuses on diplomacy, working with other nations and the UN to bring economic aid and stability to heal all the sore places ...
rktect 12/01/2009 8 4 1 25
Dubai, home of XE Services (AKA Blackwater) can't pay its $58 Billion debt
I'm mostly interested in Dubai because it lives its fantasies and makes them real. Dubai has a history going back to the Jemdet Nasr c 2600 BC as the home of some of the worlds richest pirates. ...
rktect 11/27/2009 17 11 1 84
East Antarctica, long stable, now losing ice
When Eastern Antarctica's ice finishes melting completely it will flood the Eastern United States as far Inland as the Appalachian trail. Despite the claims of Global Warming Deniers to the ...
rktect 11/26/2009 103 33 2 97
Suppose Progressives don't vote for Defense
Conservatives are apparently very concerned about the deficit. As they frame it they don't like spending 80 billion a year on Healthcare. OK, lets run with that. In the past no one in Congress has ...
rktect 11/09/2009 21 9 - 57
Killing everybody in the room to make a point
Most of us probably think of killing as pointless. We don't like predator drones, wanted dead or alive posters, capital punishment, dropping white phosphorus or incendiaries or nukes on cities, and ...
rktect 11/06/2009 44 7 - 27
State of the Union
Are we stalled or still slowly and laboriously moving forward? The way I read it the healthcare debate has sucked the wind out of everything else since July. What we may eventually get out of this ...
rktect 11/02/2009 3 1 - 63
This is not the right time for nation building
I have read that Obama is considering a redefinition of the mission of our troops to be that of fighting Al Qaeda rather than the Taliban or any of the tribal warlords in Afghanistan. I wonder ...
rktect 10/08/2009 16 5 1 20
High Crimes and Misdeameanors - Polanski or Bush Cheney et al
Why should prominent figures be exempt from the consequnces of horrible, brutal, unthinkable crimes like, rape, kidnapping, torture, and murder. Isn't America all about equal justice under the law?
rktect 10/01/2009 35 2 - 51
Senators for the Public Option
I hate to say this but we don't really have a majority of "Democrats" in the Senate. There are a number of Dino's who hurt more than help. So far as I know there remain too many Senators who have ...
rktect 09/16/2009 17 8 - 1
Theres a first time for everything
Beyond a certain point the things we take for granted happen to everybody probably don't. There's the first time we ride a bike, go swimming in water over our head, see a wild animal, go to ...
rktect 09/12/2009 2 3 - 2
Do we exclude this planet from its right to healthcare?
The oxygen provided Earths atmosphere by its oceans and rainforests is akin to what the species living in them get from their gills and lungs. Kill the oceans and the rainforests and most of the ...
rktect 08/31/2009 3 - - 2
Throwing the first punch at the bully
Democrats are not big on the idea of premptive strikes, but as KO mentioned tonight many of us learn in the fourth grade or thereabouts that the bully is probably going to beat you up and take your ...
rktect 08/17/2009 5 6 - 10
What's healthcare that extends a life worth?
We should look at the costs of healthcare in terms of what we think our lives are worth because what we are paying for is a chance to extend them. The same thing applies to the costs of ...
rktect 08/11/2009 3 - - 4
Getting things done
I'm no mechanic, just an old bodger who's making do with a bunch of old equipment that's twenty years past the point where its too worn down to function. One of the things I like about puttering ...
rktect 08/01/2009 6 4 - 20
Solar Fuel: 20,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year
Exxon Mobile has been selling off its depleted oil fields to the Chinese and going into Algae production expecting a yield of about 2000 gallons per acre per year. To produce enough oil to satisfy ...
rktect 07/28/2009 21 6 1 31
Unfinished Business
I know its hard to focus on everything at once. There's Healthcare but also the economy, we still have a couple of wars going on, theres that global warming thing, actually getting the clean coal ...
rktect 07/24/2009 7 3 - 33
How much money is a lot of money
I keep hearing about the price tag for healthcare, the economic stimulus, education, advancing alternative energy, mediating global warming, saving the oceans and the rainforests, preserving the ...
rktect 07/20/2009 9 2 - 28
Fire Sale for Real
While we were watching Michael Jackson's funeral... Cyber Warriors apparently began to imitate ...
rktect 07/09/2009 10 4 - 25
Congress should Legislate and our President follow the Law
Recent Presidents seem to have interperted their role as the execution of the law (Execute: as in to kill by lethal injection). Rather than seeing their role as to preserve, protect, and defend the ...
rktect 06/28/2009 1 3 - 24
Presumed Guilt - Indefinite Detention Without Trial
Back on May 22, 2009 The Washington Post reported that President Obama allowed that some ...
rktect 06/26/2009 26 7 - 29
The pump don't work cause the vandals stole the handles
Iran and the Divine Rights of Supreme Leaders There comes a time when people grow up and rebel against patriarchal authority taking upon themselves the responsibility to do what is right and ...
rktect 06/19/2009 4 3 - 74
In order to form a more perfect union
I have read that Justice Ginsberg and her good buddy justice Scalia don't agree about much but they do agree that the purpose of the Constitution is to help us all form a more perfect union. I ...
rktect 06/11/2009 8 4 - -
Universal Comprehensive Single Payer Health Care
In some ways those are mutually exclusive concepts. People often point out that there is little Healthcare in the United States mostly only sickness care. We take sick people and put them in ...
rktect 05/07/2009 32 17 - 23
the legalization of torture
Those who prefer their power unrestrained by wisdom are using pushback. They are advocating the legalization of torture as a sort of eye for an eye response to the liberal destruction of their ...
rktect 04/26/2009 8 4 - 1
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