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Fear and Loathing in South Dakota
The South Dakota 2015 Legislative session is in full swing. This is my 21st winter in South Dakota, and it still kind of makes my hair stand on end when Pierre gets rolling. This year, Republicans ...
robbinsdale radical 01/31/2015 7 11 - -
First ever Dakotas Equality Summit
(I'm reposting this on behalf of Equality South Dakota. ) Judy and Dennis Shepard, and friends The Black Hills Center for Equality hosted a ...
robbinsdale radical 01/19/2015 1 9 - -
Charity is good, but we can do more
I shared this on FB: A long time family friend, who had a very economically tough upbringing, and now is a conservative Christian who is dedicated to helping those in need, responded: Thank you,
robbinsdale radical 10/11/2013 5 - - -
The non-excepted
A comment supporting the dedicated Capitol Police on Facebook reads: But [the Capitol Police] won't stay home, and those that decided who was "nonessential" know that. They have too strong a sense ...
robbinsdale radical 10/04/2013 5 3 - -
"Let's flood his email box with emails"
I got an email with a VERY long signature list at the end, and just had to write a response with the facts. Was it worth it? Who knows. I'm sure you have seen this, another rehashed internet chain ...
robbinsdale radical 04/27/2013 9 25 1 -
USGS water data under sequester threat
USGS WaterWatch If you are near water, USGS has improved a real-time science service that could get you down to the creek just in time for the best fishing or tubing -- or save your life in an ...
robbinsdale radical 03/17/2013 19 27 1 -
The R label and the damage done to South Dakota
Nationally, the 2012 general election was very encouraging to me. In general, voters came out against the crazy. Apparently, unfettered corporate money and tea-party rhetoric and Republican efforts ...
robbinsdale radical 11/12/2012 8 7 - -
A Friend of the Pe' Sla
The Black Hills local paper of record, the Rapid City Journal, has published a profile of a friend of mine, Mother Linda Kramer, lives in the Heart of the Black Hills and has been working to ...
robbinsdale radical 09/19/2012 8 5 - 86
David Gregory gold...
David Gregory tries to push PM Netanyahu into common on Mittens incendiary Israel comments. If only he would push Mittens like this. GREGORY: But prime minister, with respect, if I may just ...
robbinsdale radical 09/16/2012 7 2 - 485
Tonight I felt history
I did not know what to expect as I drove to Rapid City's Memorial Park Wednesday night. I was there to witness a celebration of "The Return of the Pe' Sla" -- and an update on the breathtaking ...
robbinsdale radical 09/06/2012 3 13 - 82
Sen. Angie Buhl needs your love
If you have a mind to support a state legislative race worth fighting for in the High Plains, I recommend to you South Dakota State Senator Angie Buhl, arguably the most progressive fighter we have ...
robbinsdale radical 09/01/2012 7 17 - 94
A cry for help from Scott Walker to South Dakota
I have landed on a few conservative mailing lists -- I think I signed a petition just so I’d get some of the scoop from time time. At least they waste a stamp on me. So, although I wasn't ...
robbinsdale radical 03/14/2012 13 25 - 210
Trouble with a T for Rush in Our Fair City
Tomorrow, in Rapid City, South Dakota, (yes, really) there will be a rally at our largest radio provider in West River, KOTA broadcasting. They got a permit and everything. KOTA has gone on record, ...
robbinsdale radical 03/08/2012 13 24 - 219
SD Natives have a Tahrir Square moment against TransCanada
Last night saw an inspiring story develop out on the Pine Ridge. On the Last Real Indians blog, Chase Iron Eyes shares the story well: Social networks, telephones, and word of mouth networks were ...
robbinsdale radical 03/06/2012 16 81 3 251
Suppressing The Vote 2012: South Dakota edition
Not only are we keeping Native American South Dakotans from voting early, our county and ...
robbinsdale radical 02/07/2012 8 18 - 74
Welcome to South Dakota Kos
This year one of my resolutions is to return to get blogging again to get the word out about things that I think are worth watching in my home state. To that end, I have been getting set up on ...
robbinsdale radical 01/26/2012 4 5 - 65
The Birth of "The Primitives"
It was obvious ... that something could well be done to cause the emotions of the primitives to flip and flop politically if only the right nerve spots were touched." -T.H. White, ...
robbinsdale radical 01/22/2012 7 2 1 72
Happy Anniversary, Newt!
Today is a great day for Newt Gingrich, as he gets to update his anniversary calendar with happier memories. Newt has two events of Gingrichinana to to promote and one to avoid this weekend. ...
robbinsdale radical 01/21/2012 4 6 - 51
Kristi Noem comes home to South Dakota
Apparently Rep. Kristi Noem has decided she has to start showing up at something in her home state besides closed-door fundraisers...
robbinsdale radical 01/11/2012 3 - - 51
Sen Thune against net neutrality?
Sen. John Thune had a word about "government intervention" in his December newsletter: Shortly before Christmas, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), voted to enact so-called ...
robbinsdale radical 12/31/2010 4 2 - 51
Air Quality Improved during GWB Era!
WTF, I say! This is being linked across the freeposphere. But then I saw the source; it's a study from the American Enterprise Lie Kitchen Institute.
robbinsdale radical 05/20/2009 6 2 - 21
South Dakota dead last in integrity ranking
If you'd like to support a hard-working, together, local party that's on the ropes (our candidates got absolutely hammered this year), please ...
robbinsdale radical 11/10/2008 10 7 1 5
A Tale of Entitlement
This is a story of a first-time candidate, how she got there, and how a meeting with her Republican incumbent opponent reminded her why she's doing this. My dear spouse,
robbinsdale radical 10/04/2008 3 10 - 24
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