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On Romney Debating Himself
First, the video itself. Then, point-by-point deconstruction: "Look, the right course for America's government, we were talking about the role of ...
robbryant 10/16/2012 1 - - -
The Question That Must Be Asked...
As I sit here in my home, I wonder a few things. Firstly I must mention, for those that haven't met me on Kos before, I am a conservative. I'm a conservative, not in the sense of a blue dog or what-...
robbryant 08/18/2012 194 - - 453
Of Libertarian Media Slant
I had no thought to present this posting of mine to the Kos community a day ago. I see this as only a menial portion of the fight on the right, which, therefore, this business isn't to be had from ...
robbryant 02/17/2012 9 2 - 85
On Conservative and Liberal Brain Wiring
When I asked people to put forward some stereotypes of conservatives that they found to be true, one of the notions put forward wasn't really a stereotype, but a general wondering about the way the ...
robbryant 02/05/2012 39 3 1 219
Sorry About the Delay DKos, but I am a Dad Again
I recently had one of them thar diary things that said I was going to debate some of the stereotypes liberals held against conservatives. I still plan on that happening, but I've been super ultra ...
robbryant 01/22/2012 39 17 - 162
... in Which I Say to DKos, "Ask a Conservative"
I've been sitting here for at least a week, probably more. I'm unsure of what I would like to debate with everyone at Kos next. It's not that I'm unsure of my positions or any such. The problem is ...
robbryant 01/07/2012 110 10 - 360
Off-Topic: Old School Video Games
So I'm sitting here, commenting on a few posts and what-not. Something occurs to me... are there any retro gaming enthusiasts that hang out at the Daily Kos? Retro gaming, as it is right now, ...
robbryant 12/28/2011 32 5 - 117
Plan B - Wrapping Up My End of the Debate
I want to thank everyone that commented on my first post about Plan B for their input and civil debate. For the most part, everyone was awesome. Disagreements? For sure. Hostility? Not much. Anywho, ...
robbryant 12/26/2011 7 - - 86
Merry Christmas from a Conservative
I didn't see an overall thread on the main page to place a comment on, so I thought I'd make a quick post to say Merry Christmas everyone. Not everyone may celebrate it, but I think it's a good time ...
robbryant 12/25/2011 36 12 - 246
When Plan B Becomes Plan A
I caught some grief over the fact that I thought Sebelius made the correct judgment call to make Plan B available to minors only if they have a prescription. Here, I intend to defend my stance.
robbryant 12/18/2011 96 - - 328
Introduction to The Daily Kos
First of all, I want to mention that I'm a Conservative. If that disqualifies me from having discussion with you, the person reading this, then maybe you should go ahead and close the tab that you ...
robbryant 12/17/2011 64 6 1 296
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