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DRA Status: NJ, RI, MT, AK, OR
Yes, I'm still at it! On Sunday I sent off a data set for 2008 New Jersey presidential figures to replace the one currently on Dave's Redistricting App . I also sent off a file with presidential ...
roguemapper 03/17/2014 16 7 - -
Arkansas ready for DRA
I finally have an Arkansas data set ready for Dave's Redistricting App . To put it mildly, sorting out the 2008 election data for the state was a nightmare. In any event, I'll be forwarding it to ...
roguemapper 07/19/2013 34 5 - -
Help get Oregon election data on DRA
Hi everyone. After a long hiatus I'm once again prepping election data for Dave's Redistricting App . Right now I'm wrapping up Arkansas with just two counties left to sort out (Garland & Phillips). ...
roguemapper 07/05/2013 24 3 - -
DRA Latest
Hi everyone. Here we go with another update on what I've been working on for DRA and what I plan to do next. Before I get to that, a quick comment about 'found votes' in my DRA fixes. I've had ...
roguemapper 09/27/2012 38 6 - 299
DRA Update
The long-awaited update is finally uploaded to Dave's Redistricting App. In summary, these are the states with revisions. 2008 presidential data has been added for Kentucky , Massachusetts , and ...
roguemapper 09/06/2012 38 8 - 266
New 8-0 Maryland
Here's my second attempt at an 8-0 Maryland map. My goal was to account for most, if not all, of the problems that were pointed out on my first attempt. So, I'm obviously interested in views on why ...
roguemapper 09/30/2011 61 10 - 395
An 8-0 Maryland Attempt
Maryland maps have obviously been popular here lately, so I figured I'd try my hand at an 8-0 map. I have little doubt that I've either committed some parochial faux pas (but at least I didn't split ...
roguemapper 09/28/2011 24 4 - 183
The New North Carolina Political Landscape - Updated
Due to several requests I am adding this notice. Permission to Use: Anyone is more than welcome to use, reproduce, and distribute this document or any portion ...
roguemapper 08/15/2011 61 58 4 906
The illegality of the proposed North Carolina map
Promoted from the diaries. Roguemapper will be delivering a presentation on the first half of this post at a public hearing on redistricting at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College this ...
roguemapper 07/02/2011 89 38 1 932
CA Election Data for DRA - Update w/Poll
Earlier today I forwarded a data file for upload to Dave's Redistricting App that features 2008 & 2010 election data by block group as compiled by the California Statewide Database at UC Berkeley. ...
roguemapper 06/22/2011 19 11 1 188
The Real O.C.
So, just out of curiosity, I decided to see what the election stats would look like in Orange County after Loretta Sanchez's district is restored to an effective Latino majority. Note, for the record,
roguemapper 06/11/2011 21 10 - 247
Election Data Poll!
As many of you know I've been working on preparing election data for upload to Dave's App. So far I've completed Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, and also Idaho by request (which is not yet ...
roguemapper 05/13/2011 12 3 - 208
'Short' Guide to the VRA
As requested, I've put together a guide to the main principles and key legal decisions governing the application of the Voting Rights Act in matters of redistricting. A few opening remarks are in ...
roguemapper 05/05/2011 28 31 9 475
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