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My 2 cents on tonight's results: how to stop unnecessary losses in the future
I sincerely doubt anything I say will be of any novelty, as they either have been repeated ad nausaeum already or will soon be. Nor do I expect to add any unique insight. Rather these are just the ...
ronin122 11/02/2010 1 - - 67
Bill Kristol nominated for the Nobel in 2010!?
In the midst of all the commotion concerning President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize today, I have a report for you from a very reliable right-wing publication source* that there are already ...
ronin122 10/09/2009 31 13 - 37
It's over folks, pack your bags. Right?
Well as we know, Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius went out and said that the public option was "not the essential element". Therefore the consensus is that we're thrown ...
ronin122 08/16/2009 20 9 - 3
Uruguay beat us on DADT
Yeah we're all pretty disappointed by the waffling by the Obama administration on DADT, especially with regards to Lt. Daniel Choi, and rightfully so. However if you want a little more salt on the ...
ronin122 05/15/2009 10 8 - 1
Financial Fraud: the new Terrorism, and other economic woe stories
"FBI Uses Triage to Shift From Terror to Madoff, Subprime Probes " Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- The ...
ronin122 12/22/2008 13 5 1 1
I Give Up
What more can I say here? I give up. I gave it all a shot but for some reason things are becoming exactly as I had abhored in the first place instead of improving or staying well. Can things change? ...
ronin122 12/18/2008 47 8 - 18
"Dems Give White House Ultimatum on Auto Bailout"
Sorry it's going to be a short diary, haven't seen this posted yet (fairly new that I know of and it is kinda late) and thought it may be relevant to our interests, so have at thee. -----------------
ronin122 12/04/2008 127 13 - 22
Why Richardson should not be named Commerce Secretary tomorrow
Actually I have nothing on this one and am fairly neutral on the pick (as I am on the majority of them), but hey why not join the chorus of either "why so and so shouldn't be such and such without ...
ronin122 12/02/2008 49 4 1 18
Penny Pritzker just announced she will not be Commerce Secretary
Mrs. Pritzker has just announced that she took herself out of the running for the position. Not really much to say in this diary, just making the announcement.
ronin122 11/20/2008 64 11 - 2
My idea for a horror movie: Tuesday the 18th
A man woke up on a chilly Tuesday morning in November. The sun has yet to rise, so he laid there in bed staring at the ceiling. "Ugh, today is going to suck" he thought to himself. Suddenly his ...
ronin122 11/17/2008 4 1 - 15
Public Apology plus diary idea
Yeah not going to be a long diary. Sorry, those of you like DemocraticLuntz. But figured something like this doesn't really belong in an open thread. As some may or may not know I wrote an ...
ronin122 11/09/2008 39 14 - 1
Well it was fun while it lasted, now I need to be talked down
I surely hate saying this, but as Rachel Maddow says nightly (paraphrased): "please talk me down". I am honestly at wit's end on the infighting here.
ronin122 11/07/2008 18 8 - 1
Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate a (likely) Obama Victory
Okay I'm bored and up late so I thought of making a top ten list of reasons why anyone--though namely myself--should be glad for an Obama victory. Yes I am assuming Obama wins, I see absolutely no ...
ronin122 11/03/2008 4 2 - 1
ATTN College Students: Driver's License may NOT be adequate ID!
I am a college student myself registered to vote where I go to school (originally from Chicago, school is downstate so I am definitely out of my home district). I am planning on doing early voting ...
ronin122 10/23/2008 8 27 - 2
Non-Diary to end all non-diaries for the next 24 hours
Hey kiddies! Uncle Ronin is here out of boredom to write a non-diary for you. Since we are starting to get inundated with lots of non-diaries, and I sadly have little else to contribute, I thought I ...
ronin122 10/22/2008 10 3 - -
Sorry for repeat: Female Obama canvasser assaulted
Sorry it's a short diary, it's a slightly older story but I didn't see it at all on here the last few days. Apparently a woman from Chicago was canvassing in Wisconsin and said she was assaulted by ...
ronin122 10/20/2008 35 23 1 36
Obama: Hand-wringers are... Right!?
Hey everyone. Not a large diary but thought I thought this may be good since today is our bi-weekly freak-out day. Yeah we saw the four point drop in today's R2K poll (Thursday numbers, not the three-
ronin122 10/17/2008 33 8 - -
Straight man's thoughts on friends on National Coming Out Day
This probably won't be a long diary, so apologies in advance if it's less than substantial. I have been reading all of the coming out stories on here throughout the day and it reminded me of my ...
ronin122 10/11/2008 85 9 1 11
I made my school paper's editorial page for slamming their Obama criticism
If anyone read my diary a few days ago about me starting to get involved in the campaign, you may have came across one of my comments in there about my school paper. If not, here's a synopsis of the ...
ronin122 09/10/2008 7 14 - -
Screaming Armageddon, or just overall concerned? Then let me ask you this....
Disclaimer time: the diary is ranting, yes I am aware. My point is that you can use your frustrations to something more positive, and I imagine there has to be SOMETHING you can do. If you ...
ronin122 09/07/2008 14 3 - -
After the RNC, I made my decision, but need a little help
Hello everyone. This diary probably won't be the most substantive (not like most are on Fridays, esp. while Palin is part of the news-cycle, right?) but as a newbie to the whole election thing what ...
ronin122 09/05/2008 52 20 1 7
MyBo and FISA: why I left
(Quick return from the temporary leave of absence to make this announcement with my reasons, will be kept short.) Like many of you, I joined the FISA group MyBo (I don't need to show the link, do I?)
ronin122 07/03/2008 36 20 1 27
The number 16. Or, I'll see you after the convention
Yeah I suppose this is a temporary GBCW diary or whatever it's called. But don't worry, I'll leave a tip jar so you can flog it as you wish, no sense in you having to go out of your way to find one ...
ronin122 07/01/2008 8 5 - 3
The candidate is responsible, but so is the base
This is sort of a response to this diary which, while making some good points, is in my opinion riddled with fallacies and ...
ronin122 06/30/2008 5 1 - -
George Carlin's will for what to do upon his death
Not going to be a big diary but thought it was worth posting up on here. On the late George Carlin's personal website someone posted basically the part of his will that dictates what to do with his ...
ronin122 06/29/2008 31 29 - 116
Put your FISA/Obama rants/"open letters"/threats here! Otherwise, Open Thread.
Hey ladies and gentlemen. This is going to be a short and frankly non-substantial diary for you all. What's the point in even making a diary of something substantial like I've been wanting to on ...
ronin122 06/26/2008 62 4 - -
A more realistic view of Obama, our nominee
Let me be clear on this one thing before I get to my thesis: while the recent events on here with regards to the FISA bill are the primary motivation for this diary, it really is more about the ...
ronin122 06/24/2008 17 11 2 -
Wingnut "logic" and Stupidity: The Game
Hey kiddies! Well this is one of those diaries that I thought we can make into a game since I've nothing of interest or even substance to contribute (and it's Sunday so nothing new is going to be ...
ronin122 06/22/2008 3 1 - -
Obama no longer has my support, but not for what you're thinking
Yup you heard it, I no longer support him. Not going to donate another dime, not waste another moment of time, who knows I may even decide to throw my vote away and not even make a mark on the ballot.
ronin122 06/21/2008 208 26 2 17
Article 1, Section 9: Our Constitution
Well we're so used to Bush's constitutional abuses that at this point I'm almost unmoved by this FISA bill being halfway through being passed and signed in his majesty's crayon. The things he's done ...
ronin122 06/20/2008 4 4 - -
Quit looking to Obama like a God, call your own Congresspersons!
Okay in the last 6 hours since I logged onto here today I've basically seen the discourse be focused almost squarely on the FISA issue. Fair enough, it's a very important issue. I personally hope ...
ronin122 06/19/2008 10 9 - -
Huge "gaffe": inexcusable, INCOMPETENT, arrogant, bigoted. WHY BARACK, WHY!?
ronin122 06/18/2008 26 9 - -
1 + 1 = 10, 1 + 1 = 1? Both are correct, here's why! Part 1 of 2
Hello everyone. This is going to be one of my first technical diaries I plan on posting for kicks and stuff. Today's topic is going to be about the seemingly simple math problem that we grew up with,
ronin122 06/16/2008 68 18 1 19
Why are we liberals?
Just sitting here thinking to myself about random stuff as always, and one thing that often reaches my mind is: how is it that so many different people converge into a similar political mindset, yet ...
ronin122 06/14/2008 83 1 1 27
A young man's plea for no more racial/sexual polarization, for unity
As a 21 year old white male, I am clearly not the person who should be talking about either topic, or at least that is what I am led to believe by most women and non-whites on the streets if nowhere ...
ronin122 06/12/2008 5 3 - 1
Serial diary proposals, asking for input
I pretty much am a newbie here and only have two kinda rant diaries to my belt and rather be known for something better. The desire is to contribute something substantive yet something no one else ...
ronin122 06/10/2008 10 - - 4
Ignore them, move on, grow up, let the unity be real
Just letting everyone know right off the bat that this is going to be half rant and half practical suggestion. You can feel free to agree or disagree on this but I am going to hold adamantly to my ...
ronin122 06/08/2008 5 4 - -
Suggestions for civility and unity: give them time, already!
Note: DO NOT RESPOND unless you read what I had to say, from a few respondees it's clear they aren't seeing my point here, and yes there is time, I am only asking 10 days of what is only 10% of ...
ronin122 06/07/2008 19 - - 7
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