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Why the Separation of Church and State is No More
How Corporate America Invented Christian America Many of us on the Progressive left have been seriously upset and concerned about the ongoing Christian creep distorting the democracy in the U.S ...
roseeriter 04/25/2015 15 9 - -
SONY hack an inside job. Not NK
No wonder they were called Idiots. Seems the FBI have discovered a fired decade Sony employee was behind it. I'll let the media take it from here. I heard it on the tv local news station.
roseeriter 12/30/2014 28 4 - -
FYI CSPAN 1 having Ebola Hearing Live
Happening right now, for anyone interested.
roseeriter 10/16/2014 4 2 - -
Google Earth Caught me walking..
Well, you can run but you cannot hide, or so I discovered this morning while playing with google earth. There's a feaure that allows one to actually 'drive' on roads you google earth. And what do ...
roseeriter 07/24/2014 81 62 - -
Aw, Geez. Big Pharma's having some financial issues
Did you know that Once booming companies are now seeking mergers commensurate with the Wall Street aphorism that in boom times companies spin off and in bust times they merge. I thought it was ...
roseeriter 07/04/2014 5 1 - -
Oh My God, the Pope Did It Again!!
He declared something else I agree with!! Pope Francis: 'Inequality Is The Root Of Social Evil' As Unreligious as I am, he occasionally tingles my heart and soul:) And that pleases me.
roseeriter 04/29/2014 145 118 3 -
“Progress is impossible without change..."
“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” by George Bernard Shaw That is how I see being a Progressive; constantly moving forward;
roseeriter 04/18/2014 7 5 - -
So I woke up this morning to find I'm a Rebel without a Kos??
Yikes!! HRC supporters were treated like crap in 2008 and now HRC supporters only in 2016 (if she runs) want everyone else to leave here??? Will wonders never cease..
roseeriter 03/15/2014 78 12 - -
Are there any destroy guns businesses?
I ask, because we just had a family tragedy where a family member blew his brains out. He was an avid gun collector and the question came up as to what to do with his collection? No one in the ...
roseeriter 02/27/2014 61 14 - -
WTF?? No RIP Shirley Temple diaries??
Gosh, she was the first childhood star that was a total joy in my life and generation, not to mention a pretty good role model in comparison of many of today's child stars. Just saying...Actually ...
roseeriter 02/11/2014 71 37 - -
Too Much Funny Money in NYC
Geepers. I have always had money issues-never enough, barely enough, but maybe this is an answer.... Millions Of Dollars In Fake $100 Bills Coming Into New York City An international ...
roseeriter 01/31/2014 6 - - -
I've been waiting for this! Pope Denounces Sexual Abuse
Finally. I hope this stays in the Media Fore-Front for awhile!! And hope the Pope really Cleans House of the Holy Vermin creeps!!! Pope Francis Denounces Sexual Abuse, 'The Shame Of The Church'
roseeriter 01/17/2014 51 18 - -
Let there be Peace on Earth and
let it begin with me:) Wishing all human beings a peaceful season greeting.
roseeriter 12/25/2013 2 4 - -
YES! YES! YES!! Pope Francis trashes the ‘prosperity gospel’
This guy gets it. And man, he has the floor :) Pope Francis trashes the ‘prosperity gospel’: Pompous Christians are ugly pagans Pope calls them ugly pagans, I call them phony xtians, but pretty ...
roseeriter 12/19/2013 422 349 7 -
Thanks to Snoopy Technology I learned that NH has lots of Swearers
One cannot help but marvel at the technology these days. We all have a Big Brother watching and listening to almost everything we do and say and buy. It's suppose to make us feel safer from those ...
roseeriter 12/05/2013 15 8 - -
The GOP Have Officially Dumbed Down America!
The GOP and their xtian followers who put their God and beliefs above all else didn't even listen to their old President Bush-Leave No Child Behind missive! Our kids are not smarter now! Like the ...
roseeriter 12/04/2013 9 4 - -
"Cooking attracts roaches."
This is one of the best descriptions of a poor American woman's life I've ever read. I related to this on so many levels, it scared me. I seldom considered myself poor, even though my monthly income ...
roseeriter 11/23/2013 137 271 9 -
'How the philosophers of selfishness came to use Christianity as their cover story. '
Many of us on the left have noticed that the lines between Separation of Church and State have blurred, if not been erased, over the past decade or so. Many congress reps spout biblical quotes ...
roseeriter 11/15/2013 261 248 13 -
A White Supremist is Learning 'we're all connected'
Oh god, I love these kind of stories! Talk show host delivers DNA test results to white supremacist town founder: ‘You have a little black in you’ Will this information change this wing-nut ...
roseeriter 11/12/2013 23 36 - -
DARPA or Sci-Fi? Brain Button Implant
DARPA- The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency The DARPA website is a very interesting place to stay on top of, aware and alerted of NEW (scary) things in the works for our 'Protection' '...
roseeriter 10/29/2013 13 7 - -
Justice slow dances after the Big Banks' "Hustle"
It's just a matter of time, takes time, but some Justice is happening! At least Better Friggin' Late than Never! Because we seldom get real news anymore so many Major Concerns get forgotten, tossed ...
roseeriter 10/24/2013 7 5 - -
OMG! Pope says ‘ideological Christians’ as a ‘serious illness’ within the Church
Lordy, Lordy!! Is this Pope for real??? Pope Francis describes ‘ideological Christians’ as a ‘serious illness’ within the Church “And when a Christian becomes a disciple of the ideology, ...
roseeriter 10/22/2013 369 404 2 -
Good Gawd Y'All- Biblical Medicine- Coming to a Hospital Near You..
What would Jesus do you ask? Apparently we are all about to find out. Religious owned Hospitals will Minister to the most important Health needs of women, poor, elderly and the dying... It's The ...
roseeriter 05/26/2013 206 164 - -
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! "Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul"
And That's the end of the story.. This headline is PRECIOUS! Gosh if Beck saw the Light, maybe other Foxers will too! Oh My! Glenn Beck: I left Fox to save my soul According to, Beck ...
roseeriter 04/28/2013 12 8 - -
So, It Does Take Thousands of Good Men with Guns
to catch a bad 19 year old boy with a gun. That is NRA Impressive! Proof Positive. I don't understand why some Victims of crazy people are more important than other Victims of crazy people..
roseeriter 04/20/2013 40 8 - -
My dad passed yesterday...
The details aren't important but I was honored to be with him when he peacefully and painlessly passed at home. He was one of the best,honest, solid, stable, loving, good human being who never lied ...
roseeriter 03/12/2013 38 79 - -
Big Pharma Apparently Wants All of us to Be Mentally Ill
Your Physical Illness May Now Be Labeled a Mental Illness If you Think you are Physically Ill years before you get Proper Diagnosis, You can now be Labelled Mentally Ill with: Somatic Symptom ...
roseeriter 02/13/2013 104 86 1 -
Citizens United Ruining Congress
Since "Corporations are People Too" came to the forefront and became Law, Congress has slowly become less and less effective. Congress was once where representation for the people by the people was ...
roseeriter 02/02/2013 22 7 - -
Billionaire Bullies Fight!! "He's like the crybaby in the schoolyard"
WAH!! Watching Billionaires Fight Is PRECIOUS!! The Video I guess even the Competition for Money Changes Everything. Billionaires Icahn, Ackman hurl insults on CNBC Jim Cramer, host of "Fast ...
roseeriter 01/26/2013 7 15 - -
“Gun violence demeans human life and tears communities apart."
The Catholic Church is Calling Out GOP PRO-LIFERS to Smarten up about their support of NRA! Stand Up To The NRA! Catholic leaders call on ‘pro-life’ lawmakers to ‘stand up to the NRA’ ...
roseeriter 01/24/2013 5 7 - -
More GOP Money Hypocrisy Under BushCo Being Exposed
This is precious! Coming from the GOPs so worried about Government WASTE! Interior Secretary's $222,000 Bathroom The renovation was done in 2007 under President George W. Bush's Interior Secretary ...
roseeriter 01/17/2013 13 2 - -
Wow! Watching Insanity in Action on Cspan!
Congress is reading the Constitution Again!! Are you kidding me? It didn't do anything the first time. Second time same as the first! THEY do not Practice what THEY Preach and they get paid for ...
roseeriter 01/15/2013 20 8 - -
Ha! Yeah Karma! GOP Congress Splitting!
Love the way a little bit of Karma, Mother Nature vs. GOP Callous Greed makes for great entertainment on the House Floor! *Note to elected GOPpers: (Don't shit where you eat...) To the Regular ...
roseeriter 01/03/2013 17 7 - -
"If there were fewer women and more “male aggression”
This is SO sick and Disturbing!!! Top Conservative Publication: Shooting Occurred Because Women Ran The School If there were fewer women and more “male aggression” in Sandy Hook Elementary ...
roseeriter 12/21/2012 35 11 - -
For Those Who LOVE Reminders-Enjoy
Reminders always seem to present themselves to me when I am in my 'Seeking, Needing' mode. Here's a great one from TED that I received via email from an 'estranged' old friend. Some friendships ...
roseeriter 11/26/2012 3 1 - -
Please! Any one..Which way is Forward?
Right or Left, Up or Down? Seriously, which way is Forward? This pondering has been bothering me for some time. I haven't found the answer in Religion or Politics. Religion says up or down and ...
roseeriter 11/22/2012 16 4 - -
People Power defeated Money Power
We must remember THIS. We have the power! 99% is WAY more powerful than the Rich 1%. One of my guru's really does talk to the Divine of Everyone:) BIG MONEY AND IGNORANCE LOSES by Neale Donald ...
roseeriter 11/08/2012 5 6 - -
YEAH! HEY, GOP- This is God's Will !!!!!
Bravo President Obama! Elizabeth Warren won in MA! NH voted in an all women win! Tammy, Claire, and etc., who beat the woman haters, BRAVA! And a thank you to Hillary for cracking that ceiling!!
roseeriter 11/07/2012 9 10 - -
‘You can’t be a Christian if you don’t own a gun’
What next from the far reaches of the Right?? Don't they know that 'Guns Don't Kill, People Do?' Is he saying that only the right kind of christian has to carry a gun? Former Republican official: ��
roseeriter 10/26/2012 35 13 - -
Please Send Your Positive Energy To Malala
This little girl's life, message, tragedy and recovery will do more good than all the Military troops and weapons at stopping the endless wars over 'there', IMHO. Malala Yousufzai Shooting: British ...
roseeriter 10/19/2012 9 26 - -
Great Night! The Earth Shook and Obama Roared!
New Hampshire was rocked by a 4.6 earth-shake. Biggest movement I ever experienced! And President Obama Won the Debate! Mitt did what he always does-Lied. The wives wore Pink! (my favorite color:))
roseeriter 10/17/2012 18 8 - -
Love the Sound of 'Global Noise'!
What is Global Noise you ask? It's the People of the World's version of Occupy Wallstreet. And you thought the movement died.. or rather our SHAMEFUL Corporate No Real News for Americans Media has ...
roseeriter 10/15/2012 10 13 - -
Catholic church to lose historic property tax exemption in Italy
Brava! Now I understand better why so many Catholic U.S. Bishops are overstepping into our constitution of Separation of Church and State, now more than, maybe, ever before. The writing is on the ...
roseeriter 10/14/2012 72 176 2 -
They Don't Need To Arrest Her 'Because She's A Republican'
I call it the Trickle Down GOP Rule of Law Belief Mind-Set, or just eat, drink and be merry maybe. Gosh, I can almost see the new GOP congress HR Bill- The Republican Excuse Law, coming down the road.
roseeriter 10/13/2012 18 3 - -
I Liked President Obama's 1st Debate Performance
After reading many diaries here and listening to the Media's Talking Idiots on both sides response to the 1st POTUS debate between a Chronic LIAR (whose religion DOES encourage lying, as do most-...
roseeriter 10/09/2012 47 21 - 189
Another Secret Military Experiment Exposed
Trickle Down Truth works a lot like Trickle Down Economics After I read The Shock Doctrine, my whole belief system about America changed. Reality truths do shock those who wake up from decades of ...
roseeriter 10/05/2012 37 12 - 190
Big Pharma Psycho Department Creates Another Disease!
A new Brain disease called Internet-Use Disorder!! Bring on more anti-depressants!! We are all Potential New Patients Now (if you're not one already). I've admitted to my addiction to Daily Kos (...
roseeriter 10/03/2012 36 5 - 141
Female GOP Politicians Look More Feminine! (or Sex Sells?)
OY! Politics 101 just gets funnier and more absurd. So much Wasted Money for Bizarre Grants. Ya can't make this crap up! Republican Women: Female GOP Politicians Look More Feminine, Congressional ...
roseeriter 09/30/2012 46 10 1 208
BIG BROTHER says Don't Smile!
Damn. This article made me LOL, spit coffee on my keyboard, vomit a little in my mouth and all those other computer-user things we do when we see or read something out- rageous on the Internet. New ...
roseeriter 09/25/2012 11 12 - 124
Does Mitt Know His VP Pick is a Mooch?
If I am not mistaken the US taxes/tax payers pay Rep. Paul Ryan and all the other congress critters, staff etc. Not to mention taxes benefit them with GREAT Healthcare, Pensions and who knows what ...
roseeriter 09/19/2012 8 3 - 75
EUREKA! The Reason Mitt is So OUT-OF-TOUCH!
His Mormon Church Condemns Touching Self! If you can't love yourself.. I knew there had to be a good reason for his offness: his perfect appearance; his mechanical movements and wishy washy stances.
roseeriter 09/18/2012 11 6 - 130
Todd Akin did not mis-speak! He got TOO excited!
The white male xtian GOP politician who apparently speaks for many white xtian GOP men, got ahead of himself. He's tasting potential victory and thinks he sees the white, I mean light, at the end of ...
roseeriter 08/24/2012 22 7 - 113
Bank Fraud Gets you Hanged in Iran
Whew! Justice to the extreme. Now this is a Shock Doctrine. Iran Bank Fraud Scandal: 4 Sentenced To Death DUBAI, July 30 (Reuters) - An Iranian court has sentenced four people to death for a ...
roseeriter 07/31/2012 7 3 - 65
How much Physical Space does it take to Hoard/HIDE 32 trillion dollars?
Seriously? Are the Caymen Islands big enough? I cannot even imagine a trillion dollars (let alone a million dollars). I have enough problems just hanging on to my 12k a year from those who want a ...
roseeriter 07/23/2012 45 13 1 195
Dem Rep. Hastings quotes Alice!
Alice in Wonderland on the house floor! "This is the stupidest 'tea party' I've ever been too." I haven't enjoyed cspan 1 so much in ages!! Congress is 'discussing' The transportation, student ...
roseeriter 06/29/2012 5 6 - 92
Justice Heals the Soul
Had Sandusky not been found guilty my soul would have broke.. There has been way to little Justice in the world these days and in my opinion, a main reason so many are struggling with life in ...
roseeriter 06/23/2012 4 6 - 45
Too Many Out-of-Control Control Freaks
doing the most damage to EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! (Even especially here.) That's my conclusion! The whole world seems out of control and too many of us are trying to control what little personal ...
roseeriter 06/08/2012 12 1 - 134
OMG! I'll be 60 on Sunday!
I beat the odds! Several doctors said I'd be dead years ago from Scleroderma. HA! So I'm going to CELEBRATE MY LIFE BY MYSELF in a small mountain cabin ALONE!! I'm all packed and leave tomorrow ...
roseeriter 05/25/2012 62 19 - 151
'..a Philadelphia priest joked about how hard it was to have sex with three boys in one week.'
Yeah, that's real funny. Yet the Catholic Hierarchy still tries to keep these 'events' undercover. A few cases come to light now and then and when they do they never cease to stab the hell out of ...
roseeriter 04/29/2012 95 174 2 1276
Hey! You RightWing Rich Corporatists! You also Die
just like the rest of us eventually. But man, one can sure feel the PANIC in the air these days, thanks to old rich guys like the Koch Brothers, the Pope, Cheney, Trump, Romney etc., etc. I think ...
roseeriter 04/27/2012 12 5 - 80
'And the hospitals enjoy a perk worth millions each year: They pay no income, property or sales tax'
Makes one wonder if Hospitals are the new Churches.. “They want to be more and more attractive to the private payers. That’s why they want marble lobbies. I joke with my students that when you ...
roseeriter 04/25/2012 28 25 - 187
GOP Senator 'Proves' ALEC more important than Coca Cola
Wah! No more Free Coke (Koch), Senator?? “U might think abt not drinking Coca Cola since company sucombed to pressure fr Leftist not to support ALEC [sic],” the conservative senator wrote on ...
roseeriter 04/23/2012 12 14 1 120
Have you heard the latest NRA joke?
"What do Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, and Barack Obama have in common?" Think about it. Did you get it?? The answer's below: Guns, Paranoia and Obama Assassination Jokes: Inside the NRA's ...
roseeriter 04/20/2012 270 369 2 2711
Catholic Bishop Says Obama is 'following the Hitler Path'
This Catholic Bishop has truly shown his true colors. Disgusting!! Catholic Bishop Claims Obama Is ‘Following a Similar Path’ To Hitler "The Church will survive the entrenched corruption and ...
roseeriter 04/18/2012 52 19 - 231
'I wanna hold your hand' but Not in Tennessee
For sure the Beatles would be banned by the GOP Taliban in today's sexually tainted xtian republican politics and soon to be Do Not United States or suffer jail or other consequences. I feel like ...
roseeriter 04/14/2012 28 10 - 174
The TUG of WAR between Left and Right Politics
and why WE MUST KEEP PULLING LEFT! "Behind the Left’s commitment to equality is a passion for emancipation from entrenched forms of oppression. Criticizing forms of domination that liberals ...
roseeriter 04/10/2012 1 5 - 39
American people are victims of the American empire.
I never wanted to live in an Empire. I use to be quite content living in America, the land of the free.. When I think of an Empire I think of old stuff; kings and queens, dictators, Lots of Rules, ...
roseeriter 04/09/2012 9 9 - 102
BREAKING: Shootings in Tulsa
shootings in Tulsa, Okla.; 3 killed All five victims are black, and black community leaders met Friday evening in an effort to calm unrest and promote safety. NAACP Tulsa president, the Rev. Warren ...
roseeriter 04/07/2012 413 413 3 3641
'My Body is My Temple' is no more, Thanks to the GOP SICKO POLITICO
History shows that the use of forced nudity by a state that is descending into fascism is powerfully effective in controlling and subduing populations. Thanks to the Bush Regime's SHOCK and AWE and ...
roseeriter 04/06/2012 18 23 - 202
This is what Lock-Step Looks Like!
Move over people. The New World is Here! Enjoy :)
roseeriter 04/04/2012 17 7 - 201
Oil Barons Making History Repeat Itself
Up until 1950, the United States was the world’s leading oil producer, the Saudi Arabia of its day. I didn't know that, but after reading this article, everything the GOP has been doing, ...
roseeriter 04/02/2012 7 9 - 67
Apparently It's still All About The Oil, Stupid
The GOP Corporate Personhood war on America's 99% is being led by Big Oil. Naively, I use to think it was just America against the Middle-East Oil fields' dictators, Shieks and Shahs. I've been ...
roseeriter 04/01/2012 6 5 - 51
Well, It's True!
If you don't play ya don't win. You'd think I'd get that by now...OY! I read that some guy spent $10,000.00 on tickets. He must feel a lot worse than me this morning. Whenever I find myself ...
roseeriter 03/31/2012 10 1 - 46
Back in the USSR or Time Warp-Where the Hell Are We?
Where the Hell are we going?? The GOP Corporate Theocrat Opus Dei Taliban sure are doing their best to push us back into the 50s and 60s. Back when white men and white bread was the only game in ...
roseeriter 03/29/2012 5 3 - 53
Pres. Obama Visited My Dad Last Night
in a dream! I don't often see my 81 yr old dad excited, but he sure was this morning. I'm sitting at my computer as I do most mornings, when out of the blue my dad, standing at my bedroom door, ...
roseeriter 03/28/2012 40 14 - 249
LMAO!! UGH! Too Funny, too Desperate, Oh, Newt!
Gingrich criticizes Obama, charges attendees $50 per photo Monday’s event, held in a state that doesn’t vote for another three weeks, also seemed to signal a new phase in the campaign. Event ...
roseeriter 03/27/2012 11 5 - 127
Are GOP Women 'Men With Breasts'?
State Rep. Babette Joesephs (D-Philadelphia) attending a rally in Harrisburg on Monday opposing the ultrasound bill said so: GOP Women 'Men With Breasts' "I don't believe they're really women," she ...
roseeriter 03/27/2012 33 2 - 152
Thinking out loud about the Republican Taliban Movement
Some people believe that 'there are no coincidences' which got me wondering why the Religious Right Christian Republicans Feel so CREEPY. Some of us on the left, jokingly have started calling the ...
roseeriter 03/26/2012 15 7 - 127
The use of Faith as a Political Weapon
The GOP needs to be thanked for all the EXPOSURES of their Political strategies. Using people's faith in a religion as a way to gain votes to politically fight against FREEDOM has been high-lighted ...
roseeriter 03/24/2012 4 5 - 58
WHY GOP Congress and Catholic 'panty-sniffing moralizers' want to control healthcare
especially women's healthcare for their Corporate benefactors is becoming clearer and scarier. It is a PLOT for more Control and the TOTAL destruction of democracy. And with so many religious ...
roseeriter 03/23/2012 18 20 - 191
The United States has become Fortress America
or will be if the "Gated Intellectuals" in the GOP and extreme right neoliberal crowd get their way. Whatever one calls this negative, narrow-minded, control-freakers, anti-humane group, this ...
roseeriter 03/21/2012 13 11 - 115
Has The New Civil War of 2012 begun?
Scholars investigating the cause of civil war are attracted by two opposing theories, greed versus grievance. A civil war is a war between organized groups within the same nation state or republic,[...
roseeriter 03/20/2012 42 9 - 232
A GOP Man is Known by the Company He Keeps
The GOP for POTUS election cycle of 2012 has been the most HIDEOUS evil clown show I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. The blatant EXPOSURE of the bad behavior and words, danger of ending the ...
roseeriter 03/19/2012 13 11 - 149
‘Call now with your $900 offering and receive God's debt cancellation!'"
I didn't know god could wipe out one's financial debt?! For only $900.00! WOW! What a concept! Damn, it cost me over a thousand dollars to file bankruptcy years ago using a lawyer doing it the old ...
roseeriter 03/17/2012 24 7 - 184
AH..The Pope has a new Smell
Maybe he's trying to cover up all the recent Stink-Think of the Corporate Theocratic Catholic Leaders in the news lately...Trying to cover-up all the child abuse, and tired of being the 'whipping boy'
roseeriter 03/15/2012 27 16 - 147
OMG! Rev. Camping is SORRY! Rapture Prediction Was 'Incorrect And Sinful'
Halleluia! Shout it to the highest hills! A Minister says he's sorry for his predicitions! Jesus cancelled his big come back! Harold Camping Says May 21 Rapture Prediction Was 'Incorrect And Sinful'
roseeriter 03/14/2012 23 12 1 246
GOP men must Think: "If they can’t keep women in line, it’s all over"
Apparently the fundamentalist GOP MEN of Santorum, Rush and Newt's ilk are desperate men because they know "If they can’t keep women in line, it’s all over" for them. (A woman can only hope!) ...
roseeriter 03/12/2012 16 21 - 241
The U.S. is 78th in the No. of Women in Government
Congress or Parliament! 78th! Think about that and the part that GOP politics and religion has played in the Suppression of women in the United States! Check out the link for ranking and list, ...
roseeriter 03/10/2012 7 10 - 38
A Female Rush Fan Bashes Bashir
First, One must wonder what kind of woman would even listen to hateful men like Rush. Second, Why do right-wing women hate themselves? Martin Bashir on MSNBC is a super spokes person for the left ...
roseeriter 03/09/2012 21 19 - 269
America's Four Fundamentalisms
This article is beyond disturbing and almost crushes my spirit to the core. The Scorched-Earth Politics of America's Four Fundamentalisms United States has more in common with authoritarian regimes ...
roseeriter 03/07/2012 28 20 1 160
Santorum Claims: 'US 'equality' comes from Judeo-Christian ethic'
Thanks Rick, for providing a Perfect example of Not Practicing what one Preaches. What equality, Rick, are you talking about: The War on Women? The war on homosexuals? The war on the Poor? The war ...
roseeriter 03/04/2012 29 7 - 156
'egg person' and each 'sperm person' should be deemed equal in the eyes of the government
in Delaware!! Whoot! Soon Corporation Personhood will have to share RIGHTS with eggs and sperms! Wilmington City Council Passes Resolution Urging 'Personhood' Rights For Sperm The Wilmington City ...
roseeriter 03/03/2012 8 9 - 86
Has dkos been hacked?
I'm noticing all kinds of weird words linked, not only in my diary today but on others that are in the recent diary list?
roseeriter 03/01/2012 30 2 - 495
Is a Theocracy on America's Door Steps?
You bet it is! The Christian Coalition who has undergone many name changes for the past few decades still has many of the same familiar players-Ralph Reed, Jerry Falwell, Oliver North, Rick Perry, ...
roseeriter 03/01/2012 29 21 - 180
'There Be Dragons' the roots of Opus Dei
A few days ago I got the There Be Dragons movie from my Netflix queue. I don't know when I put it in my queue but the coincidence of learning about Opus Dei thanks to Rick Santurum's bizarre ...
roseeriter 02/28/2012 25 14 1 193
God: The Most Powerful Republican Swing Voter
God is a Politician Wannabe! Who knew?? The Republicans KNEW, that's who! Gosh, the god is a busy guy. And man he sure talks to the wrong people or the only ones who listen to him are just ...
roseeriter 02/27/2012 12 7 - 59
“First, move the party to K Street. Then move the government there, too.”
Oh my! The xtian pandering Theocrat Santorum and Pledge or else GOP strategist Grover Norquist joined together at the Corruption Evil-Hip. The Sordid K Street Past of Rick Santorum Since losing ...
roseeriter 02/26/2012 9 10 1 87
GOP Wants to Ditch the Constitution?!
Say What? GOP is Enemy of the State, the constitution, and America?? Is there such a thing as Treason any more? Who is calling who an alien in America? The GOP Clown Act has been the Biggest Eye ...
roseeriter 02/25/2012 17 16 - 184
You Don't Own Me and I Have Always Questioned Authority
Do you? Seems the decrease of those who question authority is part of today's societal downfall. Are you a victim of Authority Control? The FEAR MONGERS are in CONTROL right now. "So authoritarians ...
roseeriter 02/24/2012 157 109 2 710
In Celebration of LENT, share your funny give up stories
It's crazy Thursday and the beginning of the Lent season in the now notorious lives of exposed extreme catholics thanks to POTUS GOP candidates Santorum and Newt. Man, are they doing the world a ...
roseeriter 02/23/2012 27 6 - 98
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