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New Dole RoboCall....
I came home Sunday and found a RoboCall from Senate candidate Elizabeth Dole on my answering machine. I am sure that during this election cycle this is not an unusual event except for one simple fact.
rosestar77 11/02/2008 9 6 - 25
Email from Rick Davis, "The State of the Campaign".
I have a email address that I use to fuck with wing nuts. I have signed up with the McCain/Pailin email campaign alerts and I just got this one. It is meant to energize the, "Base", for ...
rosestar77 10/31/2008 94 18 1 40
Daisy Ad meets 3:00AM Phone Call (Video)
It still seems to me that the 800lb gorilla in the room, that is being brushed over in the media, is the fact that in 8 days we may end up putting a 72 year old cancer survivor, with admitted, "...
rosestar77 10/27/2008 9 2 1 4
McCain Just can' t get his story right.
John McCain just can't keep his story straight and keeps making up his economic stance as he goes along.
rosestar77 09/19/2008 14 1 - 1
Gee Whiz Mr. President...
If you ever thought of voting republican, just some words of advice...
rosestar77 02/01/2008 3 - - -
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