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The one issue that matters more than all the rest.
Are we nearing a planetary boundary? I find the title of this article kinda hilarious. But only in a dark humor kinda way-- because what is this article about? Only the degradation of our ...
roubs 06/07/2012 20 11 - 123
ACTION: Obama attacks Keystone XL Pipeline; Will Obama listen?
President Obama: But what we can't do - what I won't do - is let this economic crisis be used as an excuse to wipe ...
roubs 09/09/2011 13 7 - 80
Share this Video
Very Short Diary: This is the Republican debate last night in 45 seconds: Please share it with your friends, lists, whatever ...
roubs 09/08/2011 3 3 - 33
Bill Moyers is back!!
This will be a joke* of a diary, but I hadn't seen this mentioned yet here: Bill ...
roubs 08/22/2011 79 235 2 1579
Speaker Palin issues orders to her caucus
The following are Speaker Palin's marching orders to her caucus in the United States House of Representatives. All orders are delivered via Twitter. All my best to you, GOP Freshmen, ...
roubs 07/28/2011 10 6 - 281
Barack Obama abdicates his role as Educator-in-Chief. That sucks. Now what?
This diary is action oriented. Please bear with me :) I just finished listening to Robert Reich on NPR . He leveled the fair ...
roubs 07/27/2011 12 4 - 101
My email to Jim Sensenbrenner
I have to bite my tongue not to hurl invectives at this particular congressman. My congressman. He is odious and a constant threat to the middle class. Yet I emailed him, because he represents me ...
roubs 07/26/2011 18 15 - 66
I was just trying to read a diary when a voice called out to me: What if my smooth and moisturized skin could last twice as long? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Okay I haven'...
roubs 07/22/2011 7 2 - 73
I DEMAND a civil, non confrontational approach!!!
Today's pie fight is an example of how we are talking past each other and wasting our time being unproductive. I speak of the diaries "Ezra Klein Calls President Obama A Moderate Republican" and "...
roubs 04/26/2011 9 1 - 96
10 days, 100,000 pledges to recall Scott Walker
Note: I'm not affiliated with United Wisconsin , just a fan. According to the citizen activist Michael Brown who launched United Wisconsin, he ...
roubs 03/07/2011 8 27 1 175
Building the Snowball: What to tell your friends who are on the fence about protesting
What follows is one humble suggestion on how to keep building the snowball that will flatten the Republican attack on the middle class. The ideas in this diary are meant to be taken off our little ...
roubs 03/02/2011 3 11 - 92
ACTION: Wisconsinites Pledge to Recall Walker. Pass this on.
I only found one diary with 9 comments plugging this website so I think it would be useful to post another and explain why getting a commitment from WI voters now is so important. A concerned ...
roubs 02/23/2011 28 30 - 140
This protest video gave me the shivers
I know many of you saw the first one , so I thought I'd pass on the second.
roubs 02/20/2011 14 23 - 210
President Obama gave the wrong weekly address
Really, President Obama, a weekly address about Intel???? I am generally very supportive of President Obama. Really, a two second check of my illustrious diary history will reveal me congratulating ...
roubs 02/19/2011 91 13 - 173
Senator Kyl, why are you making America less safe?
Senator John Kyl is compromising the safety and security of the United States of America by pushing for a ...
roubs 11/17/2010 18 15 1 92
Action: How Democrats can win the votes of young adults.
I read and rec'ed this diary because as a twenty something I believe this is ...
roubs 09/06/2010 13 4 - 37
Epic Smackdown of Prop 8 proponent's "experts"
Today's prop 8 decision is a smackdown treasure trove. I am gleefully reading examples of bogus arguments put forward by Prop 8 proponents and then torn apart by both Judge Walker and the plaintiff'...
roubs 08/04/2010 20 21 - 40
Candidate Obama would compromise on offshore drilling.
I don't support offshore drilling, but I can already hear the drumbeat of "This is change we can believe in ???!" Well, actually,
roubs 03/31/2010 139 27 - 38
Thanks Blue Dogs, we couldn't have done it without you
You may be forgiven for thinking this diary title is snark, but without 53% of the Blue Dog Coalition's support health care reform would not have passed tonight. That's right, more ...
roubs 11/07/2009 40 24 - 57
No, actually we can criticize HuffPo
and Greenwald, Rahm, Obama and our best friend who should not have picked out those shoes. Huffington Post reported on facts which reflect poorly on the leader and ...
roubs 10/26/2009 62 31 1 70
Everybody Eats: A Whole Foods boycott must be about more than just a boycott of Whole Foods
First of all let me say I am 100% on board with not shopping at Whole Foods Market. To me this is a simple "vote with your feet/wallet" issue and I will not spend another dollar there. I want to ...
roubs 08/14/2009 12 8 - 3
We must end socialized fire fighting now--UPDATED!
I'd like to bring attention to an important problem facing our nation. Many people have a wrong view of how our founding fathers set up this nation. I have a pocket constitution right here and no ...
roubs 08/05/2009 49 27 1 38
PTSD: A Physical Wound
You may have read in Morning Reaction or elsewhere that the Army has denied the Purple Heart to those suffering from PTSD. I'
roubs 01/08/2009 46 14 1 10
John McCain is batshit crazy and must be stopped.
I've already given Barack Obama hundreds of dollars, I've been engaged in trying to help him and Democrats however I can. But the events of the last two days have got me downright scared of the ...
roubs 09/25/2008 31 19 1 18
Dear media, shut up and do your job.
Maybe it's silly for me to rant about gasbags being gasbags, but this nonsense about Barack Obama being "cold" really smacks of another utterly manufactured problem.
roubs 09/10/2008 6 1 1 -
Wellstone Mental Health Parity Act PASSED!
Pardon a break from the candidate diaries... The House has passed the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act ! I'...
roubs 03/05/2008 14 32 - 45
This diary could piss off everyone! w/poll!!!1
Just because we're having a heated primary fight does not mean we need to damage our community. Both sides need to get over their candidate and realize that the other one won't destroy the party/...
roubs 02/07/2008 8 2 - -
Super Tuesday Drinking Game
For anyone who can stand listening to the commentary on CNN/MSNBC, I thought this might make it fun. I'm not even going to touch Fox. Disclaimer: It may not be a good idea to enforce all of the ...
roubs 02/05/2008 29 13 - -
This Diary is a Food Drive
Food Banks, in a Squeeze, Tighten Belts There is a critical shortage in America's food banks, and after reading ...
roubs 11/30/2007 8 6 - 1
Lethal Injection: Cruel and Unusual
How enviable a quiet death by lethal injection. -Antonin Scalia I'd like to take a moment and direct your attention to Elizabeth Weil'...
roubs 02/11/2007 6 3 - 11
Senator Clinton devoured my firstborn! w/poll!
A cookie to whoever's the first to accuse me of being Hillary's paid blogger for posting this, and yes, I'm going to disclaimer it with the fact that I don't support her. At the same time, I find ...
roubs 02/06/2007 83 9 - 6
How to prevent the next George W Bush
I'm sure many of you have read Lies my teacher told me and many could provide more insightful commentary than I, but I'd like to ...
roubs 12/09/2006 23 11 3 6
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