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School Shooting in CT
News is breaking of a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The principal has reportedly been shot and killed others injured. Shooter reportedly killed. http://news....
rscopes 12/14/2012 367 31 - -
Lance Armstrong investigation closed
US Attorney Birotte just issued a statement announcing the investigation into doping allegations by Lance Armstrong has been closed.
rscopes 02/03/2012 16 3 - 146
I saw a man die yesterday.
I saw a man die yesterday. It wasn't the first time I saw a life end. Many years ago when I was a new police officer I watched a young man die after he crashed his car into a guard rail on a two ...
rscopes 08/21/2011 44 33 - 213
Mr. President, three things to do right now.
I have been a strong supporter of President Obama since he won the nomination. I was a Hillary supporter but President Obama made me believe we could change politics in America. I was tired of the ...
rscopes 11/03/2010 5 1 - 24
Full Court Press
March madness has begun and I am not talking about basketball tournaments. As many here have stated previously, health care reform hits the critical stage this week. Both sides of the debate are ...
rscopes 03/16/2010 3 - - 14
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