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Obama Looks Drunk At COP15
In a bizarre speech to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Barack Obama, slurring his words and displaying an uncharacteristically squinting, petulant manner, struck a ...
sabo53 12/18/2009 134 2 - 57
Howard Dean is the Soul and Conscience of the Democratic Party.
We don’t know what the Lion of the Senate would be doing today if he were forced to view this Democratic sellout called “Healthcare Reform” – thankfully Teddy has thrown off ...
sabo53 12/17/2009 29 15 - 62
UPDATED. Lieberman: Deny Funding Israel Until It Corrects It’s Socialist Health Care System
***** UPDATED: I got an admin warning that this diary was anti-Semitic and that unless I acknowledged it, I would not be allowed to post. This diary was in no way intended to be anti-...
sabo53 12/16/2009 183 8 1 101
Revoke Lieberman’s Dual Citizenship; He Doesn’t Care About Americans.
It’s time to end Joe Lieberman’s dual citizenship. With his astoundingly callous display of contempt for poor Americans that so desperately need medical coverage with a Medicare ...
sabo53 12/15/2009 91 2 1 120
Mo'nique's Prison Special: Positive Messages of Empowerment
The super-sized sweetheart comedienne Mo'nique has broken yet more boundaries – taking her comedy stylings to The Ohio Reformatory for Women, one of the toughest lockups in the nation, marking ...
sabo53 12/14/2009 4 2 - 27
Tiger Woods Blocks Nude Photos – Not That Any Exist
In the latest installment of the public relations disaster-a-thon that is the Tiger Woods circus, Tiger and his people are again playing the deny-but-try-to-cover-your-ass game.
sabo53 12/11/2009 34 1 - 20
Steven Seagal "Lawman":  Best Show on Television.
Flipping through the cable channels, came across this: Steven Seagal "Lawman." The genius of this show can't be put into words. It's almost as good as Walker, Texas Ranger. No, it's better.
sabo53 12/10/2009 48 2 - 33
Developing Nations Find Out Copenhagen Treaty is a Screw Job.
The Guardian reports that a leaked text of the agreement to be signed next week has the ...
sabo53 12/08/2009 11 3 - 20
Karzai Says Afghan Army Will Need U.S. Until 2024
Uh oh. Looks like our point guy in Afghanistan didn’t get the memo that there’s a hard stop on U.S. troops in Afghanistan in eighteen months.
sabo53 12/08/2009 41 7 - 92
Let’s Have a “Climategate” for Banks and Wall Street.
The stunning “Climategate” embarrassment wasn’t broken on corporate news. No, it was thrust into the light of day by participants closest to climate change study, by scientists ...
sabo53 12/07/2009 9 1 - 63
Here Comes Carbon Derivatives!
Oh no. As if enough pain and catastrophe hasn’t already resulted from smoke-and-mirror derivatives, now ...
sabo53 12/06/2009 31 5 - 41
Secret Bailouts to Wall Street? Ed Show on Auditing the Fed.
In a stunning segment of the Ed Show on Thursday, Ed Schultz and Ron Paul discuss the growing groundswell of support to audit the Federal Reserve – and are on the same page!
sabo53 12/04/2009 7 3 - 71
Hillary Gets The Sh*t Work
Talk about getting the shit job! While Barack Obama waxed poetic at West Point earlier this week on the grim task before us in Afghanistan and the sacrifice demanded of those youngsters before him, ...
sabo53 12/04/2009 70 2 - 206
Tiger and Obama on Golf Digest Cover.  You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!
Holy crap! Talk about one that Barack Obama wishes he had back. The January issue of Golf Digest magazine features Tiger “I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all ...
sabo53 12/03/2009 91 3 - 78
I Am So Proud of Obama and America Tonight.
Barack Obama made a wise choice to deliver his order for escalation in Afghanistan before the martial grey columns of our young warriors at West Point, bringing our total force to 100,000 warriors ...
sabo53 12/01/2009 68 8 1 103
Climatic Research Unit Director Steps Down Pending Investigation
The University of East Anglia announced that the director of its Climatic Research Unit is stepping down pending an investigation into allegations that he overstated the case for man-made climate ...
sabo53 12/01/2009 48 3 - 47
Confirmed: Afghanistan Exit will be Envisioned.  This is Not Vietnam II
To all the haters out there saying that Barack Obama is getting us into another Vietnam with the Afghanistan troop buildup, you’re going to be feeling pretty embarrassed come tomorrow night. ...
sabo53 11/30/2009 61 20 - 74
Tiger Woods, Please Don’t be Another Phil Hartman.
While it’s hard to know specific details about the bizarre Tiger Woods accident three days ago – with Woods apparently getting public relations advice from the Chinese, cancelling ...
sabo53 11/29/2009 77 5 - 54
Large Slob Chris Christie:  No Spending for the Hungry.
Serial lawbreaker and morbidly obese New Jersey governor-elect Chris Christie, the very picture of gluttony and an entitlement attitude when it comes to having his police boy ...
sabo53 11/24/2009 66 11 - 106
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