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My 2-Year-Old Explains the Bush Tax Cuts (VIDEO)
Given the economy is where it is, I figured no one would notice if I used child labor so.... In this video from the Movement Vision Lab , my ...
sallykohn 11/11/2010 13 19 - 103
LESS at Stake This Election Than Ever Before (VIDEO)
If Tea Party candidates are elected and slash government, it's we the American people who will bleed. Especially in tough times --- amidst an economic crisis caused by unchecked big business --- we ...
sallykohn 11/01/2010 1 4 - 57
DREAM Act Students Causing a Nightmare
The immigrant rights movement is in a frenzy over a recent ...
sallykohn 10/12/2010 14 - - 201
Make Glenn Beck cry!
I have an op-ed from the Christian Science Monitor that's up on Yahoo News right now. It's about Glenn Beck's attack on "collective salvation" and utter distortion of American history. The fact is,
sallykohn 10/11/2010 5 3 - 74
One Nation March: Sometimes Size Doesn’t Matter
The One Nation Working Together march did not draw as many people to the Washington Mall as Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally a few weeks prior. And that is a good thing.
sallykohn 10/05/2010 51 6 - 93
Thank You, Koran Burners
Now when someone insists Islam is the only religion with fringe whack jobs, we can all reply, "Not true! Look at those Christian whack jobs burning Korans in Florida!"
sallykohn 09/09/2010 4 3 - 20
Republicans Want Our Economy to Fail
You know that saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"? It's particularly convenient if your enemy's enemy has been your friend all along. The enemy of Barack Obama and the Democrats this ...
sallykohn 09/08/2010 16 8 - 63
Sally Kohn Bucks Beck (VIDEO): "Restoring Honor" Rally Special, Episode 2
At Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally this past weekend in Washington, DC, we learned two things:
sallykohn 09/02/2010 5 4 1 30
Bucking Beck, Episode 1: Fascism vs Communism vs What?
Welcome to a brand new series here at the Movement Vision Lab, combining thoughtful (and correct) political education and analysis with good ol' fashion ranting and raving. In this case, I couldn't ...
sallykohn 08/26/2010 6 8 - 27
Three Talking Points On... The Cordoba Islamic Cultural Center
After a recent appearance on Fox News, where I discussed the Cordoba House Islamic Cultural Center being planned in lower Manhattan, a friend asked me for a copy of my talking points to equip ...
sallykohn 08/23/2010 22 16 - 48
Where Was The "Professional Left" A Year Ago?
On May 12, 2009, I attended a briefing at the White House as part of a group of grassroots activists and community artists. ...
sallykohn 08/16/2010 21 13 - 42
Prop 8: Let's Get Rid Of Marriage Instead
Originally published for the Women's Media Center. The recent Federal District ...
sallykohn 08/06/2010 30 8 - 31
Populism, Yes!
I just read Kevin Matton’s thoughtful article in The American Prospect arguing that liberals need to “Forget Populism&
sallykohn 08/05/2010 4 2 - 24
Let Them Eat Paste: Democrats Cut Food Stamps To Fund Education, Health Care
As the saying goes, "With friends like these, who needs enemies?" Sometimes, clich� though it sounds, a clich� is just what's needed to express a sentiment. And so it goes in the ...
sallykohn 08/04/2010 43 15 - 91
Secret Emails Between Breitbart and Beck Revealed
Note: I found these emails on a secret thumb drive that was given to me around the same time that Laura Ingraham apparently got secret copies of the Obama Diaries. The emails below are as ...
sallykohn 07/22/2010 24 11 - 86
Letter to Sarah Palin from a Mama Grizzly
Originally written for the Women's Media Center blog . Dear Ms. Palin, ...
sallykohn 07/20/2010 32 20 - 36
NAACP Tea Party Resolution Could Go Farther
I have a piece up over on Huffington Post . Here's a tease: I was on Fox News this ...
sallykohn 07/14/2010 38 5 - 34
Exclusive Interview with Tea Bag
In my exclusive interview with a Tea Bag, the true story of the Tea Party is revealed.
sallykohn 07/13/2010 1 3 - 32
Force or Fringe: United States Social Forum Vs. Tea Party
I've written a piece over on AlterNet asking why it is that every itty-bitty ...
sallykohn 06/26/2010 16 7 - 47
Foreclosing on America: Edda Lopez vs. Bank of America
When I first arrived at Edda Lopez’s house, I wondered how this elderly woman lives on the second floor of her elevator-less home despite being wheelchair bound. After an hour with Edda, I no ...
sallykohn 06/17/2010 8 11 - 32
The 17th Amendment is Good for America
There’s a movement afoot to repeal the 17th Amendment of the United States Constitution which allows for the two US ...
sallykohn 06/14/2010 15 4 - 88
Secret Tea Party Video Reveals Talk of Treason!
I’ve never been to a tea party. Really. Not even as a little girl. Was never my thing. So when I decided I was going to infiltrate the Tri-State ...
sallykohn 05/26/2010 368 450 7 174
Massachusetts Voters Take Over Sen. Scott Brown's Office
Yesterday, I joined over one hundred grassroots leaders from the Alliance to Develop Power as they stormed the Capitol office of Sen. Scott Brown ...
sallykohn 05/18/2010 22 47 1 48
Elena Kagan -- One Ambivalent Liberal's Love Song
As the White House worries about selling Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan to the Senate, progressives are worried that Kagan may not be as progressive as she seems. On the one hand, we want to ...
sallykohn 05/13/2010 7 5 - 38
They’re Not Illegal Immigrants, They’re Heroes
We need to stop calling undocumented immigrants in the United States “illegal”. A more appropriate term is: New American Heroes. Why are undocumented immigrants heroes?
sallykohn 05/05/2010 212 8 - 62
Arizona Immigration Law: Painful Lessons From Oklahoma
In late 2007, Oklahoma legislators enacted what was then the nation’s toughest anti-immigrant law. Mere months later, state Sen. Harry Coates – the only Republican legislator to vote ...
sallykohn 04/29/2010 4 4 - 23
Why Is 81 Year Old Ms. Wegner Taking On Wall St?
An 81-year-old widow from Des Moines, Iowa, Ferol Wegner wasn't the type of person who would normally go to a protest against the banking industry. But that was before she lost 30 percent of her ...
sallykohn 04/28/2010 3 11 - 27
Coddling Capitalism
Recently, Texas Gov. Rick Perry fired up a group of Tea Party activists by ranting against “big daddy” government. But when we’re facing the worst economic crisis in decades, ...
sallykohn 04/22/2010 6 3 - 18
Video: Parody Love Song for Tea Party
If you haven't seen this, you'll love it. Pass it around!!
sallykohn 04/16/2010 2 6 1 52
Funny Tea Party Love Song for Tax Day: Parody Video
As news media attention and Democratic anxiety turns toward the Tea Party march on Washington today, let's pause to remember that not only did 95% of Americans get a tax CUT under President Obama (...
sallykohn 04/15/2010 9 5 - 66
Miners' Blood on Sarah Palin's Hands
If Sarah Palin were president, there would be more dead miners in America. At a time when Palin, the Tea Partiers and other ultra-conservatives are calling for the destruction of government comes ...
sallykohn 04/13/2010 24 8 - 17
Madoff On The Loose; Impostor In Prison
Reports are surfacing that the man sent to prison for 150 years for defrauding hundreds of investors of $65 billion was not, in fact, mastermind Bernie Madoff but an imposter Madoff hired to take ...
sallykohn 04/06/2010 11 1 - 21
Tea Parties: Brewing Racial Resentment
The quickest way to know you’re onto the truth is when Fox News rushes to argue otherwise. Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly ...
sallykohn 03/31/2010 12 12 - 22
Not A Problem, A Pribble
If you're like me, you often find yourself in a room of supposedly well-meaning liberals who say things from time to time that make you cringe. Often, they're blatantly racist or anti-immigrant ...
sallykohn 03/16/2010 6 2 - 20
Corp. Earmarks: Free Market, Indeed!
In all the partisan jockeying around whether or not to ban some or all Congressional earmarks, a small detail has been overlooked—the fact that Congress gives away ...
sallykohn 03/12/2010 3 3 - 18
Five Lessons on Participatory Democracy
Get ready to applaud, folks. I’ve a new section of the Movement Vision Lab in which, when I read a book that I think is useful for grassroots organizing and movement building, I’m going ...
sallykohn 03/11/2010 3 1 - 8
“We are not only culturally confused, our confusion makes it difficult for us to even imagine our confusion.” — Introduction, The Populist Moment, Lawrence ...
sallykohn 03/09/2010 3 1 - 28
Ideas Are Not Policies
I've had a similar interaction several times recently. It goes something like this: Me: I'm interested in how radical ideas become possible. Them: Oh, you mean like how there weren'...
sallykohn 02/24/2010 9 9 2 176
The Bloody Truth Behind Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric
A week after a white supremacist attacked the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, and on the ...
sallykohn 06/17/2009 5 15 - 248
Health Care From Your Faucet?
What do health care reform and drinking water have in common? Just as we spend more than any nation in the developed world on health care, Americans spend over $15 billion a year on bottled water. ...
sallykohn 06/11/2009 4 2 - 2
Is The Media (And Blogosphere) Killing Immigration Reform?
President Obama has resolutely and repeatedly stated his intention to move immigration reform this year and create a path to citizenship for 12 ...
sallykohn 04/29/2009 8 3 1 6
New Economic Model That ISN'T Socialism
Yesterday, President Obama announced that the United States government is effectively taking over General Motors and Chrysler and considering bankruptcy. But while Japanese automaker Toyota is also ...
sallykohn 03/31/2009 11 7 - -
Blue Dogs? Bring On The Purple Cats!
Am I the only one frustrated that now that we finally have a President who looks out for the greater good of average Americans, his own party won’t join the fight to take the country back from ...
sallykohn 03/20/2009 32 11 - 20
What's In The Stimulus Package, Anyway?
Weren't you wondering? Well, I was, so a colleague and I took to the streets of New York City and asked folks we met to help us explain some of the worthwhile public spending programs in the ...
sallykohn 02/19/2009 3 1 - 16
Senate Republicans: Please Help
The debate over the economic stimulus package is really a debate about economic theory. Conservative Republicans need to give up now...
sallykohn 02/03/2009 1 2 - -
The People's Agenda in Washington: Live Webcast Thurs, Dec 4 3pm EST
Today, I sat in a room while a dozen or so everyday Americans prepared to share the stage with top leaders from the Obama transition team and the new Congress. Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) will be ...
sallykohn 12/03/2008 3 4 - 5
Community Values Vote: Election Day Dispatches from Grassroots
Since community organizers were front-and-center in this election — sometimes celebrated, sometimes mocked — why not hear from community organizers as Election Day unfolds? Check out ...
sallykohn 11/04/2008 - - - 6
Exploiting Poverty Caused The Financial Crisis
Sure, the CEOs and hedge fund managers were greedy. There’s no question that wealth and the pursuit thereof led to the sub-prime fiasco and the decline of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch ...
sallykohn 09/18/2008 13 13 - 7
Defending Community Organizing
Thought folks might be interested in this response to Sarah Pailin's attack last night on community organizing (echoed by Giuliani)
sallykohn 09/04/2008 16 6 1 -
Beyond The Clintons: The Real Unity Democrats (and Republicans) Need
All eyes are on Denver and whether the Democratic party will unify around Barack Obama, healing rifts that remain from the protracted primary fight. But the focus should be on unity of values and ...
sallykohn 08/26/2008 1 3 - -
To Be Even More Provocative on Millennials and Activism...
I really appreciated Georgia10’s thoughtful response ...
sallykohn 07/09/2008 5 10 1 152
Real Change Happens Off-Line
Millennials need to be activists face to face. from the June 30, 2008 edition of the Christian Science ...
sallykohn 06/30/2008 4 2 - 10
Seven Lessons I Learned From Eliot Spitzer
1. Inflation is up, since $80,000 doesn't buy what it used to... 2. Wiretapping is bad. 3. Even ugly men with beautiful partners cheat. 4. When the NY State minimum wage is $7.15 an hour and the ...
sallykohn 03/13/2008 17 12 - 1
Poorism? What Is Inequality Coming To?
It says something about the extremities of inequality in our world when rich people are now paying money to take tours of poor people. An article by Eric Weiner in the travel section of the Sunday ...
sallykohn 03/10/2008 17 13 - -
Candidates, Courage and the Immigration Debate
Thought I'd share this sharp essay on the elections and the immigration debate, by Rich Stolz at the Center for Community Change . We've posted the ...
sallykohn 03/04/2008 5 1 - -
This Year's Oscar Nominations: Fear and Individualism
We've been going to movies about going it alone Published today in the Orange County Register This year's most-honored films mostly are rather bleak. "If a movie-goer manages to ...
sallykohn 02/22/2008 8 3 - -
Can We Love Everyone? A Valentine to the World
I admit it's hard. Every day, several times per day, I stifle mean thoughts about passers-by. The S.U.V. driver taking up two lanes. The teenagers blocking the sidewalk. The person who keeps ...
sallykohn 02/14/2008 11 3 - -
The Immigration Coin Trick
When I was a kid, my dad used to make a quarter appear behind my ear. He’d wave both his hands to distract me while, all along, the coin was hidden up his sleeve. That was the trick. So ...
sallykohn 02/12/2008 15 19 1 134
Gender, Race and the Presidential Election: A Response to Gloria Steinem
Thought I'd post a link to a piece I wrote at the Movement Vision Lab and ...
sallykohn 01/10/2008 4 - 1 -
The Twelve Days of Capitalism (sing-along)
This Christmas season, I’m excited to offer a few thoughts on capitalism, consumption, Christmas and crookedness — while also summing up this week’s posts at ...
sallykohn 12/17/2007 20 1 - 4
Obama Photo Caption Contest: What Did He Say?
sallykohn 12/06/2007 55 5 1 20
Introducing this Election’s Swing Vote
It’s rare that everyday Americans take center stage in the presidential election. News pundits and political consultants are more concerned with the sex lives of the candidates than the real ...
sallykohn 12/04/2007 6 7 - 8
Getting Rid of Whiteness?
Wanted to share this provocative post from the Movement Vision Lab blog ...
sallykohn 11/25/2007 81 5 1 5
Gulf War, NOT Gulf Coast Recovery:  Because of Race?
Let's be honest. The entire history of the United States is built on racial hierarchy and discrimination. In fact, ...
sallykohn 11/19/2007 1 1 - 7
Disproving Monsters Under the Bed: Why The Peace Movement Won't Stop The Occupation of Iraq
In this great post on the Movement Vision Lab blog, grassroots activist Dan Horowitz Garcia argues that if there is a peace movement (and he ...
sallykohn 11/13/2007 12 4 1 21
The Politics of Cell Phones: Something I Never Thought About But...
I love my Treo. And even though I know I only want it because it's cool, I'm dying for an iPhone. But in this great article on the Movement Vision ...
sallykohn 11/12/2007 51 13 - 8
Immigrants Neglected and Abused after San Diego Fires
Remember how when Katrina hit, the government and media cared more about wealthy white folks than low-income people of color? Suprise, suprise it happened again.
sallykohn 11/08/2007 5 18 2 10
Immigration may not be helping the Republicans, but why is it still hurting the Democrats?
What continues to baffle me is that Republicans can continue to use scapegoating as a cattleprod for the electorate (sorry to mix metaphors...) even though the public supposedly objects. So most ...
sallykohn 11/07/2007 13 2 - -
Sick of Obstructionist, Timid Centrists
Could our "liberal" political leaders finally STAND FOR SOMETHING? With Democrats like these, who needs Republicans???
sallykohn 11/06/2007 - - - 3
Welcome to the Movement Vision Lab: What Is An Idea?
The nation is desperate for a new direction. But finding new ideas means challenging our old assumptions.... Movement Vision Lab blog and website launches today!
sallykohn 11/05/2007 1 1 - 2
Tom Tancredo is Officially Nuts
Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has apparently called the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency --- better known as ICE, for the chill they leave in destroyed immigrant communities across the United ...
sallykohn 10/24/2007 16 12 - 18
Whose Values?  
The “Values Voters Summit” kicked off last week in Washington. But whose values were they talking about? Bashing gay people? Denying the basic humanity of immigrants. In what twisted ...
sallykohn 10/21/2007 13 8 - 26
From Here to Junta: Stop Shopping At Wal-Mart, Save The UN And Help Burma
At his speech at the United Nations last week, President Bush denounced the “19-year reign of fear” by the military dictatorship in Burma. About time our president starts denouncing ...
sallykohn 10/03/2007 12 7 - -
Blinded By The White: OJ Simpson vs. The Jena Six
Why is it that mainstream white media and white folks in general are so obsessed (once again) with OJ’s guilt but paying little or no attention to the innocence of the Jena Six?
sallykohn 09/20/2007 19 8 - 8
The War Just Got Personal
Last week, my little cousin was deployed to Iraq.
sallykohn 09/17/2007 152 210 3 29
Larry Craig's Pullout Strategy
Will he or won’t he? Let’s consult the Ouija board of Washington sex-scandals past:
sallykohn 09/07/2007 16 - - -
BREAKING NEWS:  Displaced Residents Storm HUD Office in New Orleans
Residents and community groups in New Orleans demand that St Bernard Parish housing project re-open.
sallykohn 08/31/2007 13 40 - -
Blood Coal, Not “Clean Coal”: Bush Administration relaxes mining regulations today
Today, the Bush Administration is relaxing regulations for strip mining and mountaintop removal, in the shadows of the mining tragedy in Huntington, Utah. Impossible to not call that out...
sallykohn 08/24/2007 6 9 - 89
Reflections on the US Social Forum: Three Cautions for the Future of the Left
Dispatch on the good, bad and ugly from the first-ever gathering of 15,000 progressive activists.
sallykohn 07/18/2007 2 2 2 -
Ding, Dong, Falwell's Dead
Perhaps there’s something tacky about celebrating someone’s death. Perhaps, but I’m doing it anyway.
sallykohn 05/16/2007 20 7 1 23
Scapegoating: A TrageComedy on the 2008 Republican Agenda
Over 18,000 immigrants have been detailed in raids conducted this year. A short play about what the White House is thinking... ACT ONE (based on a true story)
sallykohn 05/01/2007 3 5 1 22
Show Your Support For Immigrant Families in New Bedford, MA
America is for all of us. Stand up to the anti-immigrant raids in New Beford, MA, and take action!!
sallykohn 03/13/2007 7 6 1 2
If I Were Running For President
We need a candidate who inspires idealism of what our country might be, and not just centrist complacency with the country as it is. We need a candidate who preaches that change is possible, that ...
sallykohn 03/08/2007 1 1 - -
A Call For Moral Outrage (The Minimum Wage is Just the Minimum)
Shouldn't any decent employer already being paying their employees more than $7.25 an hour? And if they aren't, shouldn't we all be OUTRAGED?!?!?!?
sallykohn 01/12/2007 19 8 - -
Agenda for the Democrats' SECOND Hundred Hours
Putting some of Gingrich's boldness into Pelosi. A bold agenda for the new Democratic leadership, based on interviews with over 165 progressive leaders across the country. Warning: Actual, ...
sallykohn 01/04/2007 6 8 1 -
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