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Wake up and smell the coffee - It's not a financial overhaul!
Matt Taibbi spells it out for all to see: Obama is in bed with the corporate fatcats who blew up the economy.
samc1959 12/12/2009 72 7 - 190
Obama Sells Out
Yeah, we all drank the Kook Aid - now we're all getting the heartburn...
samc1959 12/01/2009 107 13 - 135
Intransigence (or, how to win the politcal battle and lose America)
republicans seem so intent on 'winning' that they're willing to kill our economy.
samc1959 02/09/2009 - 1 - 1
An Inauguration Poem
I was going to take my kids to the inauguration, and proudly cheer Obama on... but that was before Rick Warren.
samc1959 01/11/2009 9 - 1 4
Revoke the Mormon Church's Tax-Exempt Status
In lobbying hard and spending millions of dollars to defeat gay marriage in California, the Church of Latter Day Saints has gone too far.
samc1959 11/07/2008 39 28 1 33
A dream delayed...
When it comes to gay rights, Obama's victory is fraught with irony.
samc1959 11/06/2008 6 1 - 14
I am so proud of my country
Anyone who says they're 'always proud of America' is a liar or a fool. But today, I am terribly proud.
samc1959 11/03/2008 3 7 - -
My Old Friend Karl
An uber-conservative country doctor from the heartland says we need ...
samc1959 10/14/2008 21 47 4 175
Amos & Sarah
White Person's Shuck and ...
samc1959 10/05/2008 5 1 - -
History 101
Recently, I received a specious and nasty bit of work via email. It was entitled ‘History 101’ and was full of snarky Republican ‘facts’ that ‘proved’ that all ...
samc1959 10/03/2008 1 2 - -
The Knee Jerk Left
The right is right, and I hate when that happens!
samc1959 10/02/2008 80 - - -
Civility and its discontents.
Funny how an internet 'community' that prides itself on being 'progressive' and 'evolved' so often descends into vile acrimnious name-calling...
samc1959 06/17/2008 5 1 - -
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