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Obamacare Alternative: BUSHCARE!
The GOP's answer to Obama, Bushcare! Edward Lazear might be a Stanford business school professor, but he has to be the most tone-deaf policy advocate in the country. In ...
sanchez 101 02/19/2014 4 - - -
Why Hillary Clinton (could) be a great Progressive President
This is essentially my argument for why Progressives should welcome Hillary Clinton's candidacy - kinda of a postscript for Kos' post. Basically - sometimes tactics, experience, and execution can ...
sanchez 101 02/17/2014 21 9 - -
Are House Conservative Paper Tigers?
It seems that the opinion of "The Narrative" is basically that John Boehner and Republican House Leadership (and various moderate Republicans) are forced to do the Tea Party's bidding. Because to do ...
sanchez 101 10/12/2013 9 3 - -
Huzzah Harry
I just wanted take a moment to cheer Harry Reid on here. I know many, rightfully, have disputes with the Majority Leader on various issues (really, is he a NRA member!?). But on the shutdown/default ...
sanchez 101 10/12/2013 8 6 - -
"Trust Wall Street," said the Liberals
Wall Street: "Not raising the debt limit would be an economic calamity! The markets would hate it!" Liberals: "Listen to Wall Street, raise the debt limit!" Wall Street: "Cut spending and taxes ...
sanchez 101 10/09/2013 10 - - -
Is Erick Erickson an Idiot or a Fraud?
If you haven't seen enough to know that the Republicans are loosing this badly, check out Erick Erickson, creator of, a leading Conservative website: Yes, I Think This Means the GOP ...
sanchez 101 10/08/2013 32 5 - -
Conservatives don't really want the truth; Do Progressives?
I greatly enjoyed Kos' Conservatives don't really want the truth . But I was wondering - where do we, Progessives, have the same blindspots as the Romney Campaign? We can't be perfect, right? Part ...
sanchez 101 06/27/2013 18 6 - -
Obamacare - WINNING!
This is what winning looks like: So I walk into my aunt's office. My grandfather is there. He watches Fox News nearly all day long. He had me listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was 6. This is just ...
sanchez 101 06/05/2013 8 31 - -
WWJD: Lessons for Christians on Debt and Economic Governance
One of the primary obstacles facing Progressives is the tendency for voters, politicians, and pundits to moralize economic issues: Debt is evil, spending is bad, taxation is theft, government ...
sanchez 101 05/07/2013 81 36 2 -
Here's the thing ...
Not so long ago, in my Constitutional Law classes, my favorite cases to read were opinions revolving around the Rational Basis Review. For those smart enough not to go to law school, Rational Basis ...
sanchez 101 03/27/2013 3 1 - -
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