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Declare War Against ISIS? (with poll)
Since the US is "apparently" at war with ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), should we have a formal Congressional Declaration of War (DAW) against the group, as allowed in the Constitution? ...
sandbox 12/04/2014 12 1 - -
Should ISIS Supporters be Deported? (with poll)
It sounds like a no-brainer, right? It's like should Al Queda members and supporters be deported. But they are here-see video below from the Netherlands. Those flags are ISIS flags. How is this ...
sandbox 08/11/2014 194 6 1 -
Follow Up: Italy expels Imam accused of violent antisemitic comments
Yesterday I wrote a Diary about an Italian Imam who advocated killing all the Jews. You can see the you-tube of these hateful remarks in my Diary--link below:
sandbox 08/05/2014 59 9 - -
Fri. Sermon at Italian Mosque: Kill the Jews to the Very Last One
In the Hamas/Israel war diaries here, some posters have questioned me when I've asserted that the radical islamists--like Hamas--want to eliminate the Jews. Videos like this one say otherwise. I ...
sandbox 08/04/2014 91 6 - -
What Motivates Hamas?
Yes the Palestinian Arabs have nationalistic aspirations and I acknowledge that is one important reason for the current Israel/Hamas war. However, as I've been posting here, Hamas primary ...
sandbox 07/31/2014 60 5 - -
Ban Public Mask Wearing/UK Riots
A while ago I wrote a diary Ban the Veil in which I proposed that all public mask wearing--not just the veil-- should be banned. The diary got alot of comments and discussion--and ...
sandbox 08/09/2011 28 - - 145
Ban the Veil  / with poll
Yesterday French President Nicholas Sarkozy proposed that France ban the Burka for women in public: Sarkozy ...
sandbox 06/23/2009 225 7 - 63
Create Gitmo Halfway House
In President Obama's 60 Minutes interview today, he said that some of the people released from the facility in Cuba have rejoined terrorist groups. He also says U.S. officials have not ...
sandbox 03/22/2009 11 1 - 25
Let's NOT Send More Troops to Afghanistan-Try Containment
During the presidential campaign Barak Obama said he would deploy more troops to win the war in Afghanistan, while decreasing troop levels in Iraq. Following the 911 jihad attacks, I supported the ...
sandbox 02/24/2009 24 4 1 34
Geert Wilders and Free Speech in Holland
Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parlament, is being prosecuted for "insulting" and "spreading hate" against Muslims, or hate speech. In the NY Times of 1/30/2009, Ian Buruma discussed the case:
sandbox 02/14/2009 93 5 - 54
Is There A War on Terror? w/poll
Yesterday David Miliband, The British Foreign Secretary questioned the use of the term "war on terror" to describe the many attacks since ...
sandbox 01/15/2009 59 3 - 4
An Alternative To Benny Morris and Ilan Pappe. I/P
I have ready numerous diaries and posts where Israel is villified because of the displacement on the Palestinians arabs in 1948 during the first Israel/Palestinian War. The details usually rely on ...
sandbox 01/11/2009 30 3 - 4
Hamas Video--In Their Own Words
What does Hamas really advocate? We have seen the Hamas Charter. here In addition we have videos, statements, and websites ...
sandbox 01/10/2009 136 2 - 19
What Motivates Hamas?
There has been debate on the Diaries about what motivates Hamas. They are willing to die for their cause, to keep shooting missiles into Israel until Israeli military comes in on the ground and ...
sandbox 01/06/2009 212 10 1 17
Hamas Supports Darfur Genocide
Why would anyone expect less? There is an on-going debate on Dkos whether Hamas' religious and political views ought to matter in assessing the two sides of the Israel/Hamas War. Diarists and ...
sandbox 01/04/2009 264 20 1 24
What Next for Gaza?
Now that the ceasefire between Hamas-controlled Gaza and Israel has expired, the military situation is about to heat up again.
sandbox 12/25/2008 96 1 - 29
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