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Cutting through the B.S.: The REAL Laffer Curve
Right wing economics today occupies an uncomfortable place in our national life. Uncomfortable for us, the normal majority, who realize it's emphasis on austerity, punishment, and prayer for a ...
satrap 05/05/2014 2 8 - -
On the very day of Cheerios Tweet Meltdown
and the SHOCKED SHOCKED response by the "rightwing" (read: GOP), the Drudge report- official right wing press Wurlitzer/town crier/whiner- comes through with a picture of their absolute racial and ...
satrap 01/30/2014 8 1 - -
A Fiscal "Cliff" Doozy from Roll Call
This is probably to be expected- Roll Call, as the self-proclaimed "source for news on Capitol Hill"- is going to publish opinion pieces that reflect a viewpoint diametrically opposite from the way ...
satrap 12/10/2012 11 13 - -
Yahoo! Willard now sounding like an average 'Pub voter predicting Obama's victory
Nobody can say, with a straight face and non-Fauxified brain, that Rmoney is a gifted speaker. Or knows how to really pump up a crowd of sane people. Or is anything better than the best of an ...
satrap 09/06/2012 10 16 - 338
Our National Madness: A Snapshot
Sometimes- no often- we dwell in our personal worlds and, with the hectic nature of our lives, along with the hectic nature of the information bombarded at us through print, voice, or electronic ...
satrap 09/01/2012 1 3 - 35
Non-whites: Birth certificate emphasis a warning
I probably could have buried this diary in a million other ones today, as a mere comment, but it just makes me feel better to say this as a stand-alone diary. The birth certificate issue has gone,
satrap 08/24/2012 11 17 - 157
Scott Walker Interviewed on Limbaugh Show
WI Gov. Scott Walker interviewed today, 1:06 PM CDT, by "long-time friend", Limbaugh fill-in Guest Host Mark Belling (Wisconsin based radio host): Loose transcript based on my notes: B:Governor, ...
satrap 08/24/2011 12 7 - 124
Right-wing viewpoints show up in strange places
Subtitled: Well, I'll be damned! . One of the first things you get used to as a politically aware, non-Christian, non-conservative person is that conventional 'homespun' (i.e. fit ...
satrap 08/03/2011 5 2 - 104
WH Presser 7/19: Obama Updates
President Obama's debt ceiling update, begins at approx. 12:32 CDT, all paraphrased with no exact quotes Last weekend I was in conact with the players in the process, there was some progress. ...
satrap 07/19/2011 9 2 - 120
Barack Hoover or Barack Delano Obama?
Reading brooklynbadboy's diary of today here reminded me of something I've (...
satrap 06/14/2011 65 10 2 206
National Review Watch 12/26/10
Today, I'll provide a quick Kos-perspective analysis of an article about the recently completed US Congressional 'lame-duck' session from the the neonest of the neoconservatives, Charles Krauthammer:
satrap 12/26/2010 12 5 - 57
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