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Scottish Referendum results
Polls are open in Scotland for the referendum on independence. In accordance with standard British practice they are open 7am to 10pm (British Summer Time is in force, one hour ahead of GMT). it ...
saugatojas 09/18/2014 281 195 1 -
The devastated human built environment - an important book
Looking at the destruction after Sandy and thinking about what needs to be rebuilt. An enormously complex ecosystem has been devastated. Not just the natural world but the human-made world, whoever ��
saugatojas 11/01/2012 2 4 1 -
Donald Trump stinks in Britain
While Donald Trump gets ready to do whatever Birther skunks do to foul up decent people’s lives, he has been caught up in a renewed and continuing stink in Britain. The BBC has just broadcast the ...
saugatojas 10/24/2012 90 332 3 -
The very British bits in the Opening Ceremony explored
There are a number of British references in the Olympic opening ceremony that may not be immediately obvious to non-Britons. Perhaps some here might be interested in teasing out the wider connections�
saugatojas 07/28/2012 316 160 1 1498
Hail To The Chief and the KKK
When the assembled bands play ‘Hail To The Chief’ for President Obama on Tuesday, there will be a small cultural irony linking this to the Ku Klux Klan. The music was originally a ...
saugatojas 01/19/2009 - 1 1 -
Across the boundaries in these times
I have a friend who’s uncle was, for many years, a very left-wing Labour MP in Britain. One of the people who would be insulted if you accused them of not being a Socialist. Very much not &...
saugatojas 11/13/2008 14 5 1 3
Singing the Complaints Blues ... happy Thanksgiving
Something completely different to cheer up the Thanksgiving season.... From Helsinki - the Helsingin Valituskuoro (Complaints Choir). With English subtitles in case you don't speak Finnish.
saugatojas 11/21/2006 1 2 1 1
Foreign financial contributions can be legal
saugatojas 10/13/2004 1 - - -
Resources for political bloggers
saugatojas 10/07/2004 - - - -
Foreign Journalists shafted in time for elections
saugatojas 07/08/2004 3 - - -
Script for F 9/11 on the Web
saugatojas 07/07/2004 2 - - 1
Two Cheers For Democracy in this world
saugatojas 04/20/2004 1 - - -
Lexington and Karbala
saugatojas 04/09/2004 2 - - -
Nolan verdict upcoming
saugatojas 12/27/2003 - - - -
the last few days of Ramadan
saugatojas 11/21/2003 - - - -
Bush in UK notes
saugatojas 11/21/2003 5 - - -
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