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Desperately need short-term LOAN to stave off eviction
My fellow Kossacks, after months of desperately trying, I have exhausted all other avenues for raising the funds I need to satisfy my landlady and stay off eviction. I'm desperately in need of a ...
scamperdo 04/27/2015 32 31 1 -
Madness= $6,310.12 for ER visit that cost $2,217.12!
This story is an example of the ER and insurance system gone mad. I've known for years our health care system been a broken mess. And, I thought I had seen the worst of the bureaucratic ...
scamperdo 07/29/2013 33 25 1 -
Here's to the unsung heroes of dKos, the community fundraisers!
Amid all the political battlegrounds drawn here lately and the sadly growing cynicism, I wanted to pay tribute to some real unsung heroes of dKos, the community fundraisers, those who take it upon ...
scamperdo 07/28/2013 24 45 - -
Cold and Scared, Fearing Eviction-GOAL MET!!!
Dear Kossacks, Back in June, I was drowning in debt after a very difficult two years helping care for my beloved dying Papi and then helping my mom relocate after his passing in February. But I ...
scamperdo 12/10/2012 114 80 2 -
Biden destroys Ryan on Taxes, Iran, Afghan & Abortion!
My scorecard: Biden did not have a good start on Lybia. He was oddly smirking at times and it didn't work in his favor. He had no real answer for the intel screw up and Obama will need to do much ...
scamperdo 10/11/2012 2 5 - -
Kossacks, why this is an amazing community! Plus free grocery coupons!
Kossacks, I haven't been online much the last month as I had limited internet access while waiting on a refurbished Gateway motherboard replacement . While I was gone, apparently a lot of chaos ...
scamperdo 07/21/2012 19 19 1 152
Do you ever feel like you're drowning? And hate to ask for help?
Do you ever feel like you're drowning? And hate to ask for help? Hi, As Nurse Kelley's urging, I am finally putting aside my pride here and asking for help from the dKos community. Here is my story.
scamperdo 06/12/2012 57 52 5 305
The Villification of Lucia Whalen
The media and blogs have discussed in depth the effects on Gates and Crowley but NOT Lucia Whalen. How bad has it gotten for Lucia Whalen, the 911 caller in the Gates case?
scamperdo 07/28/2009 60 20 - 56
Obama pivoting, NO August recess until health care reform!?
This week Obama has been PIVOTING to reframe message to a President & People wanting health care reform fighting vs Congress/Washington Insiders. Here in Boston a very interesting tidbit came out ...
scamperdo 07/18/2009 287 348 7 119
Obama can't fight CIA and military, are we screwed?
Richard Wolfe says Obama can't fight both CIA & Military... Was surprised no one here posted about Richard Wolfe's rather nonchalant yet insightful commentary last night on Countdown that Obama can'...
scamperdo 05/14/2009 36 11 - 19
Campaign didn't change him, he CHANGED us!
Campaign didn't change him, he CHANGED us! Okay, I sobbed b/c it hit me watching him tonight, he's the same inspiring HOPEMONGER who when he won IOWA pronounced they said this day would never come..
scamperdo 11/04/2008 - 1 1 1
How Obama is fueling GOP civil war
The GOP civil war has started and Obama will continue to fuel it. Aided and abetted each and every step of the way by likes of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.
scamperdo 10/30/2008 76 71 4 35
Forget McBush, he was McCheney tonight!
A friend from nearby Nashua NH, emailed her reaction and what struck her was the body language at very end. Michelle and Barack snuggling on stage, obvious deep love and affection vs McCains ...
scamperdo 09/27/2008 30 6 2 1
Are YOU voting FOR Obama or AGAINST Republicans?
First time diary but felt compelled to come out and outright ask... Are YOU voting FOR Obama or AGAINST Republicans? Love it or hate it, Americans vote more on (perceived) ...
scamperdo 09/12/2008 128 14 - 22
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