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KosAbility: Autism Cures, Part the Second
In the first part of this series , I discussed the way my family was sucked into the world of autism biomedical treatments. Now, I'm going to discuss the more "heavy duty" treatments, as well as sum ...
scribblingTiresias 03/23/2014 90 23 - -
KosAbility: Autism "Cures", Part The First
KosAbility is a Sunday 4pm(Pacific time) community series by volunteer diarists, as a gathering for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more ...
scribblingTiresias 03/16/2014 27 28 - -
The Deserving Disabled
In the recent debates on income inequality, the phrase "the deserving poor" has come up a lot. Conservative people tend to believe that only certain poor people deserve help- the ones who aren't "...
scribblingTiresias 02/09/2014 45 52 - -
Casual Ableism and DailyKos- This Needs To Stop
I've noticed a disturbing trend floating around Kos, and it makes me kind of upset. A lot of people in the community engage in really really casual ableism. Ableism is discriminating against ...
scribblingTiresias 12/03/2013 256 92 - -
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