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Done deal: Nate Silver hired by Disney/ESPN/ABC
From Deadline Hollywood - Nate Silver is moving next month from the NYTimes to ESPN (for sports) and ABC (for politics), including presumably both blog and live work. Disney owns both entities. http:
seanflynn 07/19/2013 19 24 - -
Michael Moore Speaks Out on Zero Dark Thirty
I assume Michael Moore has credibility on this subject as both a proven progressive but also an acclaimed political filmmaker. He has just written on Zero Dark Thirty on Huffington Post, and has ...
seanflynn 01/25/2013 85 14 1 -
Just now on MSNBC: Lieberman breaks w/ McCain over Rice
Minutes ago, on Andrea Mitchell, on the subject of Susan Rice, Joe Lieberman just advised his colleagues to "have a little mercy" on Susan Rice, saying that what she did - repeating the Intelligence ...
seanflynn 11/29/2012 17 7 - -
How Rick Perry wins and changes the US forever
My hope is that this is a feverish nightmare and my fellow Kossacks can convince me that this is silly and will never happen. Still, my mind tends to race to game plan theories and futuristic ...
seanflynn 07/27/2011 52 14 - 230
Stanley Cup will be in Chicago Gay Pride parade
Sorry for the brief diary, but this is too good to pass up. The Chicago Black Hawks and the NHL have announced that they have arranged to fly the Stanley Cup back to Chicago for the upcoming Gay ...
seanflynn 06/22/2010 152 192 2 218
Malawi gay couple pardoned
Sorry for the short diary, but this hasn't been reported here that I see and unlike a lot of stories it has some (somewhat) good news. While checking the BBC for their reports on the attack on ...
seanflynn 05/30/2010 10 10 - 21
NBC censors gay Olympic history (4 UPDATES)
For those of you who watched the Olympics last night, you saw one of the great upsets - Australian Matthew Mitcham winning the gold medal in the men's 10 metre platform. He won on his last dive, ...
seanflynn 08/24/2008 878 853 11 282
UPDATED: Indiana 2nd Obama stop Saturday?
Just in from Marc Ambinder via the Nashville Post - as he says, doesn't mean that Bayh is the choice, but it is interesting:
seanflynn 08/20/2008 69 2 1 10
The big VP timing questions no one asks
On this and all the other blogs I read, on all the cable political shows I watch, in newspapers available to me, I have yet to see any serious discussion of possibly the second most important ...
seanflynn 06/27/2008 72 13 1 14
Huge Afghanistan news: major prison break
Just before the Tim Russert news, MSNBC reported that suicide bombers attacked the main prison in Kandahar, and that this resulted in a mass prison break, with all or nearly all prisoners escaping, ...
seanflynn 06/13/2008 48 52 - 19
Reid's hands likely tied re: Lieberman
The impassioned and angry strong support for punishing Joe Lieberman is getting a full airing on a recommended diary. The desire to take action is totally understandable. The purpose of this ...
seanflynn 06/10/2008 131 13 1 17
Gov Paterson (Clinton del) sees desperation
Just follow the link - Gov David Paterson, who is a Clinton superdelegate, was answering questions from listeners on a NYC radio show - (he is Gov of NY) He is not changing his vote, but he did ...
seanflynn 05/22/2008 17 7 - -
Sen. Kennedy, peacemaker
I submit this diary with care and some trepidation. If the consensus is that it is unseemly and inappropriate, I will delete it. Inspired by the picture of a smiling, vigorous looking Sen. Ted ...
seanflynn 05/21/2008 6 - - -
James Wolcott gets it
As many Kossacks know, the very erudite (and progressive) Vanity Fair writer/blogger has been a marginal Clinton supporter, and has written somewhat about his concerns with how some Obama supporters ...
seanflynn 05/16/2008 11 19 1 20
Gallup 5/4: Obama back to 4 pt lead
Obama back to a lead in Gallup; must have had a real strong Saturday ...
seanflynn 05/04/2008 60 14 1 28
Andrew Sullivan: The case for Obama/Clinton
First, some explanations and background. Andrew Sullivan loathes Hillary Clinton as much as anyone here (he nearly drove me from his site until I realized he was on to something). He is also a ...
seanflynn 05/03/2008 164 14 - 16
We started Operation Chaos
Daily Kos is like my second home, and my admiration for Markos is tremendous. But he is human, and like all of us, makes mistakes. One of them was last January, when a number of posters ...
seanflynn 04/27/2008 35 8 2 13
Gallup now 49-45
Brief note - TPM reports that today's 3 day tracking indicates a narrowing of the Obama lead to 49-45%. This four point shift most likely indicates a combination of two better Clinton days Sun ...
seanflynn 04/01/2008 44 5 - 9
Edwards did NOT endorse anyone
Via TPM, from Greg Sargent: Edwards Didn't Endorse Anyone On Leno Tonight, NBC Flack Confirms By Greg Sargent - March 20, 2008, 9:02PM John Edwards just finished up taping his appearance on Jay ...
seanflynn 03/20/2008 52 17 1 -
1st exit polls (CNN/2:43 PM PDT)
The early pre-candidate vote exit poll results are dribbling out. (They have only teased us with this for more than 90 minutes) For what it's worth, in Mississippi today, only one breakdown ...
seanflynn 03/11/2008 231 5 - 7
Doesn't Clinton need the FL, MI dooevers?
Pardon me if this has been written about. And also upfront - I am as ardent an Obama supporter as anyone here. Also because this was misunderstood, I am rewriting the beginning. Irrespective ...
seanflynn 03/08/2008 91 1 - 7
Petraeus as the GOP nominee?
Just had a thought - with the pygmies running in the GOP race, and Giuliani likely toxic (the recent immigration sanity from him won't help), what are the chances that if there is still a divided ...
seanflynn 09/09/2007 5 1 - -
ACTION ALERT: GOP California mischief
As most of you know, California has a fairly easy proposition process which overrides state law and anything the (overwhelmingly Democratic) Legislature can do. The GOP, clearly led by Karl Rove, ...
seanflynn 08/01/2007 35 19 - 4
If David Vitter resigns
I am not from Louisiana, but have a passing knowledge of its election law and local politics. It would be better for someone from there to greatly supplement what I am writing here. If more ...
seanflynn 07/11/2007 86 9 - 25
Major electoral college reform - how do we feel?
seanflynn 05/31/2006 43 3 - -
Is Bush TRYING to make things worse?
seanflynn 09/04/2005 21 5 - -
Shaming the wingnuts
seanflynn 06/04/2005 9 7 - 18
On Canada/blue states
seanflynn 11/04/2004 6 - - -
Schadenfreude (revised) + POLL
seanflynn 11/01/2004 12 1 - -
seanflynn 10/30/2004 48 2 - 13
A role for Bill Clinton
seanflynn 10/24/2004 11 1 - -
Bush/Kerry speech coverage
seanflynn 10/18/2004 11 3 - -
Election day suggestion
seanflynn 10/16/2004 7 - - -
Flu vaccine opportunities
seanflynn 10/13/2004 2 - - -
Incentive to work in solid blue states
seanflynn 10/12/2004 20 1 - -
Polling places moved from schools?
seanflynn 10/07/2004 2 - - -
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