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Children As DATA....and Other Failures of Imagination
I am horrified by yesterday's tragedy in Connecticut. This shit is getting to be too common place. What the hell is going on? When education and learning experiences are micro managed by ...
semioticjim 12/14/2012 7 4 - -
What's going on in U.S. Ed. Policy?
semioticjim 12/09/2012 20 10 1 -
The Hidden Costs of High Stakes Standardized Education
I have some questions for the big wigs who pour billions of dollars into advocating, legislating and implementing the sham that is high stakes test driven standardized education here in the U.S.:
semioticjim 07/20/2012 63 16 4 277
The Theft of Public Education
California public education advocate Kathleen Carroll describes the corporate subterfuge and political graft taking place in the halls of government throughout much of the country that is ...
semioticjim 03/11/2012 5 4 - 82
Looking for campaign help again from this teacher? Don't bother...
I am a teacher from Indiana with 29 years of classroom experience working with heterogeneous groups of young learners in urban and suburban public school settings. This is a short diary that in no ...
semioticjim 03/04/2012 84 13 - 332
Why Preserving Fine Arts Programs in Our Schools Matters
Preserving and sustaining fine arts programs in our schools during this period of economic crisis will be critical for many children across the United States. The economic recession we are ...
semioticjim 01/29/2009 50 34 3 297
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