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Time to go on Offense. The Other 34.
The 34 Democrats that voted against historic health care reform are catching a lot of flack today. The calls for primary challenges are a good thing. But it's time to go on offense. There are ...
setb 03/22/2010 14 18 - 30
Memo to the Right: We're Still at War
I've noticed a talking point making its rounds on the right-- "largest peacetime deficit" . Yesterday at the Republican Senate's press conference attacking health care reform, Sen. ...
setb 07/16/2009 12 6 - 8
The Difference Between Us & Them
There's a difference between us & them- and it really came through in the debate last night. By us, I mean involved progressives who have been following the campaign-watch cable news, read the ...
setb 09/27/2008 10 3 - 2
It's Time to Hit Them With This Ad
The meme is being established: McCain/Palin are liars. Now is the time to reinforce the complementary meme: Obama is honest. Here's my ad idea. Done in the style on "man on the street" interviews.
setb 09/13/2008 13 3 1 -
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