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College the New High School?
Long ago, American society decided that high school graduation represented the minimum amount of education to get a decent job. It used to be a person could graduate from high school and make a ...
sgoya 04/29/2010 39 4 - 23
Does teacher professional development work?
[Apparently not]. So concludes a pair of studies, one focused on [middle school ...
sgoya 04/22/2010 56 8 - 40
Smart Phones, Or Why Teachers Resent Education Research
It is not that teachers resent all research. But an extended advertisement posing as research? Or administrators mandating teachers implement new “researched-based” practices? Or ...
sgoya 04/15/2010 26 5 - 23
Lake Wobegone of the Future
What would happen if some popular policies of today were taken to their logical conclusion? If all the children are above average, would they not be “re-centered” like SAT tests? I do ...
sgoya 02/28/2010 6 1 - 13
Education Professors: Blind Leading the Blind?
I don't know about you, but my education students have often groused about what they perceive is the lack of teaching experience among those tasked to teach them how to teach. Every term, after my ...
sgoya 02/19/2010 34 6 - 22
Characteristics of Japanese Textbooks
It is the chicken and egg puzzle. Which came first, the teaching philosophy or the textbook? Do teaching methods and philosophy determine textbook content, or does textbook content drive subject ...
sgoya 02/12/2010 24 7 - 24
The Tragedy of Disheartened Teachers
There are three kinds of teachers: disheartened, content and idealistic, according to a new study released by [Public Agenda]. Disheartened ...
sgoya 02/07/2010 17 7 1 27
Expensive Useless Education Technology
While preparing a post on state-of-the-art language labs in schools, I came across this piece about [interactive white boards (IWB)
sgoya 01/31/2010 35 14 1 29
Book Review: The Language of God by Dr. Francis Collins
Book Review: Francis S. Collins [The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief
sgoya 01/24/2010 192 9 1 22
Science for Preschoolers?
I am shocked, I tell you, shocked. The change in Mr. Hoff’s room, and in a handful of other classrooms like it around the country, stems from growing interest among academic ...
sgoya 01/22/2010 13 10 - -
Calculator Research in the Earliest Grades
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has gone on record recommending use of calculators in the earliest grades, thereby precipitating a debate on such use within the academic ...
sgoya 01/12/2010 17 4 - 33
Discovery Good, Lecture Good, Too
Lecture doesn't have to be a dirty 7-letter word. One of the things we are learning about education is that we do not know what we think we know. See the new ...
sgoya 01/07/2010 5 2 1 28
Review of Rosetta Stone
There are any number of online reviews of the popular language learning program, Rosetta Stone. Reviews are mixed. Some reviewers love the product, other loathe it. At around $500, nearly ...
sgoya 12/22/2009 61 5 - 196
No Evidence for Learning Style Optimization. Educational Apocalypse?
Cognitive scientists* reviewed over [a thousand studies], but first, they thought it necessary to give the reading public a primer on ...
sgoya 12/18/2009 66 5 - 41
Teachers with Masters Degrees Not Worth Their Pay?
Schools are having trouble paying the bills. The extra pay teachers get for having a Masters degree costs schools nearly $9 billion per year. One college of education, the University of Washington,
sgoya 12/16/2009 65 5 1 125
Stand and Deliver? No, Sit Down and Shut Up
The movie, Stand and Deliver, told the inspirational story of one teacher's success in using Advanced Placement (AP) calculus with his demoralized students. The students complained, worked hard, ...
sgoya 12/09/2009 4 4 - 132
Algebra in 2nd Grade?
Back in February, a teacher in Montana made [EdWeek headlines
sgoya 12/03/2009 68 9 - 82
Up or Down, the Market Makers Profit
The market makers profit in any market, whether up or down. The market makers understand human psychology very well, and use it to set bid and ask prices. The bigger the news, the more they make. ...
sgoya 11/27/2009 5 4 1 43
Dissing the Gifted
For too long, the nation’s education system has neglected the needs of its high-potential students. [Ann Robinson,
sgoya 11/25/2009 132 16 1 74
Don't Blame the Schools of Education.
They are just doing the best they can with what they've got, says [Pedro Noguera]. First ...
sgoya 11/20/2009 14 3 - 105
Selling Grades
Chocolate didn't work. Presumably gift wrap, cookie dough, flower bulbs, toffee peanuts didn't work either. I wouldn't be surprised. It seemed like for a while there, almost every day somebody's ...
sgoya 11/17/2009 15 4 1 94
Confounding Teacher Recruitment by Discouraging the Best
Good teachers matter. The data on that are clear. If we want more talented people in the classroom, a first step toward encouraging them would be to stop discouraging them. ...
sgoya 11/06/2009 41 5 - 53
4 Difficult Students and How to Handle Them
Have you ever noticed that it seems the harder you push back against difficult students, the more resolute they become? As strange as it may seem, resisting difficult students strengthens their ...
sgoya 10/18/2009 53 6 - 44
Closing the Achievement Gap: One Modest Story
If you are an American overseas with a family, apart from homeschooling, there are generally three ways you can see to your kids' education. One, The Department of Defense Dependent Schools (DODDS) ...
sgoya 10/12/2009 12 1 - 33
5 Reasons Why Education Reforms Fail
Veteran teachers have been there, done that, seen multiple attempts at educational reform turn out to be just another failed fad. Worse, superintendents and principals sometimes order teachers ...
sgoya 10/05/2009 37 13 1 29
“Learning Science vs. Doing Science”
In March 2009 Texas adopted [new standards for science education]. High school students are expected to In all ...
sgoya 09/27/2009 6 5 - 36
$133/Month Health Insurance Premiums?
The [Truth-O-Meter] found that Keith Olbermann had told a “half-truth.&...
sgoya 09/20/2009 61 3 - 8
What's an Argument?
When I was in high school, there was an active debate club that competed with all the area high schools. If successful, our team could compete at regional, state and even nation events. At the time,
sgoya 09/15/2009 6 1 - 20
All Politics---and Education—is Local. Well, Maybe.
According to [a commentary] in the September 10, 2009 online issue of EdWeek, U.S. Rep. John ...
sgoya 09/12/2009 3 2 - 22
Place Value Part 5: Applications of Place Value
So far we have completed three parts of the place value series: Part 1: [The Chocolate Factory]. Part 2: [Base Ten ...
sgoya 09/07/2009 1 1 1 25
When a President Speaks: 6 Reasons to Object to Objectors
I remember President Kennedy urging us kids to be physically fit. Anybody else out there earn a [Presidential Fitness Award]
sgoya 09/05/2009 6 2 - 8
Place Value Part 4: Geometry of Place Value
If you've missed any part of the series, here's what we've covered so far: Part 1: [The Chocolate Factory] which ...
sgoya 08/30/2009 3 2 2 22
The Candle Problem: How to Damage Motivation
Herbert Kohl says we are missing the boat, motivation wise, in an [open letter] to Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education. Now ...
sgoya 08/28/2009 12 5 - 22
Western Education has the Wrong Mindset
Science educators know full well that school textbooks lag at least a generation behind the times. Teachers who do not take the initiative to independently keep up and supplement the textbook with ...
sgoya 08/27/2009 7 6 - 14
I Love Eureka! Physics
Here is a [complete episode guide]. It is pretty expensive to purchase the entire series. Here is [one source]. Here ...
sgoya 08/26/2009 8 6 1 37
The New School House Rock
Give a listen to Georgia teacher, Crystal Huau Mills, her students and friends performing their version of Grammar: the Musical, entitled [Grammar Jammer], available on DVD.
sgoya 08/24/2009 8 4 1 16
The New School Year: My Top Ten To-do
Getting right to it: Number 10. Go through your closet and get your own school clothes ready to go. Update or accessorize your outfits. I know I did not like wasting time trying to figure ...
sgoya 08/23/2009 6 3 - 15
“Do Teachers Need Education Degrees?”
That's today's question on the New York Time's [Room for Debate] feature. The debate suffers from a conflation ...
sgoya 08/18/2009 120 11 1 22
Place Value Part 3: The Bake Sale
Place value is such a fundamental concept that we ensure the students recognize place value and its significance wherever it occurs. In Part 1, [The Chocolate Factory http://schoolcrossing.blogspot.
sgoya 08/16/2009 1 - - 21
So I Received This Health Care Call To Action Today
Since I actually care about people who sent me this email, I have left out all identifying references. .... The U. S. senators and representatives who were elected to serve us are on ...
sgoya 08/14/2009 7 4 - 3
Place Value Part 2: Base Ten for Young Students
One of the most fundamental mathematical concepts, yet one of the most poorly understood, is place value. The [typical primary school lesson presents
sgoya 08/11/2009 5 6 1 19
Lesson Plan: The Chocolate Factory or Place Value in Algebraic Thinking
Even good math students often begin studying of algebra with misunderstanding of place value. The following activity offers middle school students concrete, hands-on experience with the concept of ...
sgoya 08/09/2009 5 2 - 32
Whole-System Reform
Yeah, that's what we need for education in America—whole system reform. But it sounds daunting and overwhelming. Is whole system reform even possible?Opposing ideologies argue themselves ...
sgoya 08/07/2009 3 - - 24
An Alternate Theory of Human Evolution?
[Elaine Morgan] hypothesizes that [humans evolved from a water primate] and laments the ...
sgoya 07/31/2009 47 10 1 44
Cellphones the New Calculators?
Dear ---, As I understand your research proposal, it sounds like you are collecting an anthology of ways to use the IPhone as an instructional instrument. The current [cell-phone-as-tool-of-...
sgoya 07/30/2009 49 2 - 27
The Ugly Flip Side of Meritocracy
(paraphrased) If you believe in meritocracy, then those with the potential and work hard will reach the top, and those who deserve to be at the bottom will be at the bottom. Failure ...
sgoya 07/29/2009 11 6 - 26
The Foolishness of Educational Ethnocentrism
Anytime the Japanese education system, and the advisability of adopting some of its features, comes up, most certainly voices will arise in dissent. Americans have heard somewhere that Japanese ...
sgoya 07/19/2009 24 2 1 228
“Education... From Cradle Through a Career”
I appreciate that the [President talks so often about the importance of education], ...
sgoya 07/18/2009 24 12 - 161
Incidental Oversight or Deliberate Social Engineering
sgoya 07/17/2009 13 2 - 43
The Education Train May Have Left the Station
The education train may have left the station, leaving traditional educators still groping their way blindly to the platform. New, innovative, non-educators are poised to blaze the new education ...
sgoya 07/06/2009 6 1 - 29
Scapegoating Teachers?
Does Jonathan Alter at Newsweek really know what he wants? His recent article, [Peanut-Butter Politics], rightly pinpoints teacher effectiveness as a crucial ...
sgoya 07/02/2009 78 11 1 72
Math Gaps
Three weeks ago [educators wondered[FNJAaRwpY1bOzpCze4MkuIf99sRr2YPbe] if conclusions from the Response to Intervention (RTI) ...
sgoya 06/28/2009 15 6 - 124
Is Quality Education a Lost Cause?
I love reading old stuff. Did some expert pundit's analysis and future projections come to pass or not. A quarter century ago, there were lots of articles wondering what we would do with all our ...
sgoya 06/21/2009 25 8 1 36
Teachers are Widgets
So President Obama wants to [get rid of the bad teachers]. "We need to make sure our students have the teacher ...
sgoya 06/11/2009 74 13 - 103
Good Question about Math Education
How does the math covered in the highest-ranking American state stack up against that of a top-scoring international performer? International comparison studies typically focus on the comparing the ...
sgoya 06/01/2009 22 4 - 17
“What are we really testing here?”
The most basic characteristic of any test is [validity], that is, whether the test actually tests what it purports to test. Everyone, ...
sgoya 05/10/2009 6 6 - 23
NOW They Notice
[Report Foresees Mass Teacher Retirements]. No kidding. Back ...
sgoya 05/08/2009 3 5 - 33
The Limits of Educational Software
So if you control for the variables you know help students achieve, your study of (fill in the blank) shows no significant gain due to (fill in the blank). In this case the blank is filled by the ...
sgoya 04/28/2009 11 - 1 17
Charter School Misconceptions
A post about charter schools is sure to scare up the usual litany of misconceptions. As long as ideology drives the debate, then nothing anybody says matters. Each ideologue cherishes their own ...
sgoya 04/24/2009 30 12 - 21
Charter School Good News, Bad News
A new [study] of charter schools will vindicate some and disappoint others. In the last seventeen years since ...
sgoya 04/07/2009 8 3 - 55
No Surprise There
[“Algebra-for-All Policy Found to Raise Rates Of Failure in Chicago”] Math ...
sgoya 03/30/2009 5 1 - 20
“The future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens.”
President Obama gave another [stirring speech about education]. Can we help ...
sgoya 03/27/2009 39 7 1 19
Money Makes Things Too Easy
People who have a lot of money do not have to think too hard about problems. They just throw a few dollars at the problems. They may complain the whole time they are pitching the dollars, but they ...
sgoya 03/20/2009 - 2 - 25
The Curse of the Market Makers
If you are like me, perhaps nagging questions keep you awake at night. If the average 401(k) has lost 40% of its value, where did the money go? Was it all fantasy money? How is it that a ...
sgoya 03/19/2009 30 1 - 22
Teachers Misbehaving
Purveyors of teachers professional development don't like it much when the teachers they are supposed to be teaching [misbehave
sgoya 03/18/2009 59 8 1 31
If Researchers Say It...
Will That Make [It] True? None of the plethora of programs for increasing the supply ...
sgoya 03/17/2009 13 4 - 2
Good News for Education?
Maybe you are thinking I am going to write about [Obama's recent remarks on education
sgoya 02/27/2009 9 7 - 29
What does Education Reform Look Like?
Do any of us know? [This education forum] wonders if the reformers know what they are doing. Politicians and politicians' appointees like clockwork propose improving ...
sgoya 02/24/2009 22 3 1 29
Alternative Certification No Better No Worse
Oh no, [Ed Week,] Say it ain't so. Students who have teachers certified through alternative-training ...
sgoya 02/20/2009 6 3 - 15
Louisiana Fed Up with Unruly Students?
Gov. Bobby Jindal will [push legislation] to give teachers more authority to remove troublesome ...
sgoya 02/17/2009 26 6 1 -
Bill Gates: “How do You Make a Teacher Great?”
[Bill Gates] says we are not making teachers great. The top 20% of students who get a good education are the ones with the opportunities for ...
sgoya 02/10/2009 77 14 - 19
Teachers Teach Too Much?
Do teachers teach too much? That is the question under consideration at [Teacher Magazine
sgoya 02/05/2009 22 17 - 24
Classical Liberal Education and Economic Meltdown
On January 30, 2009, Bill Moyers summarized the financial [state of education in America:] BILL MOYERS: All across the ...
sgoya 01/31/2009 36 13 1 28
I Love Math Manipulatives...But
I love math manipulatives. I really do. Manipulatives allow students to physically model mathematics concepts. But manipulatives are no panacea. Manipulatives have limitations. The first ...
sgoya 01/29/2009 25 7 1 19
Stuck in a Rut
The biggest obstacle to education reform is preconceptions. As President Obama said in [his inaugural address], “The question we ask today is ...
sgoya 01/22/2009 16 2 - 18
School an Unhappy Place
Students Unhappy at School. Not exactly a breaking headline, but California takes it seriously with their [Healthy Kids Survey]. The California ...
sgoya 01/19/2009 15 8 - 19
Money Makes No Difference
Money does not buy happiness; money also does not buy academic achievement. The [Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),3343,...
sgoya 12/30/2008 11 4 - 38
What's a “Neovoucher?”
That's what Kevin G. Welner, the director of the Education and the Public Interest Center at the University of Colorado, calls [tax credits to individuals or businesses
sgoya 12/24/2008 8 4 - -
Look Who Else is Obstructing Education.
Would you believe education researchers? Grover J. “Russ” Whitehurst, had intended a sort of [“Consumer Reports”] model when he ...
sgoya 12/19/2008 2 5 1 16
There is Always a Reason
Usually the reason has something to do with perceived benefit. People do things because they expect to get something out of it. The possible benefit may elude reasonable people like you or me, but ...
sgoya 12/12/2008 2 2 - -
This Professional Development Model Works
In one room, one of our own high school math teachers was helping colleagues learn to use [The Algebra Lab
sgoya 12/07/2008 7 7 1 3
The Lost Class of 1959 Prepares for Their Fiftieth Reunion
Over the last couple months I have been trying to engage the readership in an exploration of the many agents of education obstructionism in society. One reader asked me to address the strange case ...
sgoya 11/30/2008 12 26 2 242
Who are the Education Obstructionists?
[Carl Wieman], 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics winner, wants to [fix science education
sgoya 11/09/2008 30 7 - 8
A Parable for School Budgets
Henry Petroski, author of To Engineer is Human , tells how he introduces the concept of structural fatigue to engineering students. I bring a box of paper clips to class. In front ...
sgoya 10/07/2008 8 2 - 1
Can You Believe Palin Said This?
Palin never fails to deliver entertainment. Letterman produced a highly recommended [mash-up of Palin quotes]. I produced my own Palin mash-
sgoya 10/06/2008 17 7 - -
Below the  Radar
People love lists. I lifted a list from [this diary]: It took ten years to raise the minimum rage a buck forty. And ...
sgoya 10/04/2008 1 4 - -
Bill in Portland, Maine: Shouldn’t we be, like, revolting?
Dateline: [Today] I mean, really. What does it take for Americans to turn out into the streets and scare the crap out of the ...
sgoya 10/01/2008 20 7 - 11
Are We Angry Enough Yet?
(Although I frown on asking for recommendations as self-serving, I will be asking this time for reasons that should be apparent by the end of the post). I'm not talking about the Great ...
sgoya 09/29/2008 7 7 - -
It's Not Bad News; It's Redemption Time
(Although I frown on asking for recommendations as self-serving, I will be asking this time for reasons that should be apparent by the end of the post). Let's take inventory: 1. ...
sgoya 09/28/2008 7 4 - -
What Career-Change Teachers Want
Surveys regularly tells us that career-changers are attracted to teaching. The [latest survey] is no exception, finding that 42 ...
sgoya 09/19/2008 52 5 - -
"The Teachers Baby Us"
Even "A" students find themselves placed in remedial courses at college. Nationwide it is estimated that one-third of college students need remedial English and math courses, according to a new ...
sgoya 09/18/2008 58 10 - 2
We Need to Start Talking Seriously about Education Now!
According to [Ed Week], it is pretty unusual for candidates to talk about education this close to an election. That is ...
sgoya 09/17/2008 31 2 - -
Education: McCain and Obama Compared
Two days ago I printed out both the [McCain] and [Obama] information ...
sgoya 09/12/2008 9 10 1 -
U.S. High School Graduation Rates 19th in World
On Sept 9, 2008, NBC Nightly News reported that the US rank 19th, just ahead of Mexico, in percentage of students graduating high school. In a well-cited article, [Economist's View http://...
sgoya 09/10/2008 7 8 - 12
World-Class Education A Moral Obligation
That's what [Obama said] and he is right. America's economy depends on it. America, now is not the time for small plans. ...
sgoya 08/31/2008 6 2 - -
Education in Denver 2008: An Interactive Diary
Mark Warner, speaking at the Democratic convention, connected education with the economy. You, too, can participate in this [Great Schools forum
sgoya 08/28/2008 - 1 - -
Obama Better For Education
The results of two recent polls complement each other. [One,] from Education Next and the Program on Education Policy and Governance (PEPG) ...
sgoya 08/22/2008 3 2 - -
Algebra For All Eighth Graders
Here we go again. Another example of [education reform by fiat]. Another example of education reform without ...
sgoya 08/14/2008 168 16 - 20
Gifted Smifted
TAG (Talented and Gifted, or GAT, Gifted and Talented, or GATE, or just GT, depending on the school) teacher, Tamara Fisher, corrects common misunderstandings in her lengthy and [detailed ...
sgoya 08/07/2008 29 9 1 -
“Some States Said to Share 'Core' Standards”
So concluded an analysis by [Achieve], an organization dedicated to raising “academic standards and achievement so that all students graduate ready for college, careers,
sgoya 08/06/2008 14 3 1 -
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