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Fiscal Responsibiity For Thee But Not For Me: Marco Rubio Edition
Could this be Marco Rubio's John Edwards haircut moment?
sgwhiteinfla 02/25/2010 1 - - 14
Hey Olbermann, What About Pat Buchanan?!
Tonight Keith Olbermann, whom I am normally a fan of, examined former President Jimmy Carter's statement that much of the outraged aimed at President Obama is rooted in racism. He and Melissa Harris-
sgwhiteinfla 09/17/2009 43 24 - 48
Change The Conversation
For any liberals or progressives who have the honor of being on TV whether as a member of Congress or a Democratic strategist or a DFH blogger, there is one way to help change the conversation that ...
sgwhiteinfla 09/07/2009 2 1 - 32
Ali Soufan Calls Out Dick Cheney And The Rest Of The Torture Advocates
Former FBI interrogator, Ali Soufan, is back with another op ed in the New York Times. This ...
sgwhiteinfla 09/06/2009 7 19 - 37
Let's Turn ALL Of Our Attention On Harry Reid
Imagine if we pooled all of our substantial resources and instead of attacking rank and file ConservaDems who oppose health care reform either with a public option or just in general and instead ...
sgwhiteinfla 08/29/2009 18 11 - 5
Keep In Mind What This Is Really All About
With all of the din around health care reform I think its important we remember why corporate interests are vehemently against it. Its the politics stupid!
sgwhiteinfla 08/12/2009 3 3 - 36
Big Government Is A Boogie Man No More!
There is a new CNN/Opinion Research poll out today. A lot of people will be posting about it all over the net as it relates to the townhall disruptions. But there is another startling, dare I say ...
sgwhiteinfla 08/05/2009 16 10 - 11
Glenn Beck = Orson Welles
A light bulb just came on in my head. Since Richard Polawski murdered three police officers over the weekend and it became apparent ...
sgwhiteinfla 04/08/2009 36 7 - 36
Did The NYTimes Get Rick Rolled By "Jake DeSantis"?
I don't know if I am the only one but I have been searching the net for any information on this beleagued AIGFP Executive VP by the name of Jake DeSantis who penned that woeful resignation letter to ...
sgwhiteinfla 03/25/2009 82 25 - 41
Should Harry Reid Try To Turn Arlen Specter?
President Obama set out a very ambitious agenda Tuesday night about the direction he would like to take this nation. Its great to have such a wonderful speech but now its time for Congress to roll ...
sgwhiteinfla 02/26/2009 59 8 - 38
YouTube Diss Tracks For Democrats
I have been pretty pissed off by the disparity between GOP and Democratic officials on the talking head shows of late. ...
sgwhiteinfla 02/15/2009 5 4 - -
The Perfect Solution
crossposted at Smooth Like Remy The AP has an interesting ...
sgwhiteinfla 01/31/2009 2 2 - 19
60 Minutes On The Oil Price Bubble
For most of the past two years our nation experienced unprecedented jumps in the price of oil. Because so much of our economy is driven literally and figuratively by oil, the impact was profound. ...
sgwhiteinfla 01/12/2009 56 37 2 56
Army War College Report On I/P Conflict
I am not going to get into who is right or wrong in the I/P conflict. I have my own views on the whole thing but I have found that most of the people who actually believe either side is right or ...
sgwhiteinfla 01/05/2009 63 42 5 26
Eugene Robinson, This Is The NEW Playbook! Updated.
Eugene Robinson is just the latest journalist to reveal their hacktackular side this morning in his column entitled "A Playbook to Change". Now being as how Mr. Robinson is a frequent guest on "...
sgwhiteinfla 12/12/2008 80 5 1 23
"Blago-Gate Nonsense" or "Where's the Pool Reports"?
I have been watching Morning Joe and have been posting on Swampland at TIME this morning and I just want to know, where are the pool reports. You see the WingNut tools of destruction (...
sgwhiteinfla 12/10/2008 19 10 - 57
Campbell Brown's WEAK SAUCE
At what point did Campbell Brown jump the shark to become the typical political hack? I guess its too much to expect that someone who starts off telling it like it is will continue to do so once ...
sgwhiteinfla 12/07/2008 80 16 - 21
Somebody PLEASE make this ad!
So I have been thinking this over ever since I saw the Lee Atwater biography on PBS a few days after the election. It just hit me how all of the bull that they were throwing at Obama this year was ...
sgwhiteinfla 12/04/2008 5 2 - 18
Keith Olbermann, I have a candidate for Worst Person!
This is an open letter of sorts to Keith Olbermann. I don't know him but I have seen him post here in the past. I am a HUGE fan of his show though. In particular I enjoy the "Worst Person in the ...
sgwhiteinfla 12/01/2008 13 8 - 11
D.C. Education Chancellor Michelle Rhee, Visionary or Fraud?
Ok so for anyone who followed the Presidential election this year the name Michelle Rhee is at least somewhat familiar. In the last Presidential debate it seemed that both candidates Barack Obama ...
sgwhiteinfla 11/28/2008 94 14 1 150
The "Center-Right " Meme And How To Use It Against Them .
I have been dismayed by the Right Wing's mindless attempt to sell to anyone willing to listen, the meme that no matter what happened on Election day two weeks ago America, remains a "center-right" ...
sgwhiteinfla 11/22/2008 32 23 1 32
Lieberman unplugged: The day after...
I saw Liebeman's interview on Katie Couric and I read the article on Politico and I had to actually really laugh out loud. So many people were saying "just trust Obama" or "its all about 60 votes" ...
sgwhiteinfla 11/20/2008 43 14 1 59
Being Taken Seriously: The New Strawman
This started off as a comment on a "we will never be taken seriously" thread on the recd list. I'll bet by the end of the week we will have heard every possible reason in the book as to why we ...
sgwhiteinfla 11/19/2008 41 6 - 23
Are We Just Sheep?
Here is my question. Are we just sheep who blindly support the Democratic party or are we true progressives and liberals with brains of our own? I ask this question in light of the Joe Lieberman ...
sgwhiteinfla 11/18/2008 121 19 - 48
Is Reverend Wright an anti Semite?
I am going to make this short and sweet. I am sure many of us saw the exchange earlier today between Rick Sanchez and Micheal Goldfarb. Goldfarb was of course trying to smear Barack Obama with his ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/30/2008 91 - - 12
Why I Vote
I have been meaning to write this diary for some time. I don't fancy myself a motivational writer nor an inspirational figure. As a matter of fact the story I am going to tell is not mine. ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/27/2008 1 1 - 23
What/Who is anti-American?
By now I would say most of us have seen the comments of one Michele Bachmann, House Representative from Minnesota and John McCain surrogate, yesterday on "Hardball with Chris Matthews". Just about ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/18/2008 15 3 - 2
John McCain: POW, Senator, Smear Merchant.
This is going to be short and to the point. The GREAT guys over at have a video up of an interview with the little old lady who called Barack Obama an Arab terrorists a few ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/13/2008 2 4 1 -
Its Not About Cocaine or Terrorists!
Yesterday a prominent Co-chair of John McCain's presidential campaign brought up Barack Obama's past cocaine use on the Dennis Miller radio show. He implied that Obama has not been honest about his ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/10/2008 3 2 - 16
Politifact backed down/Thanks
This is a very quick Diary and I know I am going to catch hell for it but I just wanted to thank any of the readers of my blog ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/06/2008 9 18 1 1
It Is Time To Destroy This Be Yatch!/ G. Gordon Liddy
Sarah Palin has stepped across the line one time too many. Its what they would call on the "Chappelle Show" habitual line stepping. Its time for Debbie Wasserman Shultz or Claire McCaskill or ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/05/2008 16 9 - 8 won't print a correction on Joe Biden's statement
I am a pretty low key person but I think that people should admit when they are wrong. I think its especially true when that person or entity is seen as an authority on the subject they are wrong ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/04/2008 7 9 - 3
Random thoughts....Hold your seats
I have a lot on my mind about the debate in particular and the presidential race in general. Instead of using quote and links I am going to try a new tact and just post what comes to mind with no ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/03/2008 4 5 - 9
Joe Biden's fool proof strategy
From almost the moment Sarah Palin was announced as John McCain's VP candidate there has been an excitement about the prospect of the VP debates. There are a whole lot of people, myself included ...
sgwhiteinfla 10/01/2008 44 26 - 24
Sarah Palin is the Anvil.
James Carville once famously said "If you see your opponent drowning, throw the son of a bitch an anvil!"
sgwhiteinfla 10/01/2008 20 8 1 29
Lets set the record straight/ New talking point rebuttals
I believe that Barack Obama and his team are running one of the most, if not the most, masterful campaigns in U.S. history. One aspect that I feel Democrats have finally caught up with Republicans ...
sgwhiteinfla 09/28/2008 4 - 1 1
The Realist and the Realest View of the Debate
I hate Bill O'Reilly but tonight this truly will be a no spin zone. The Debate tonight was a contrast in styles, beliefs, and approach. In my personal opinion at best I would say it was a tie. At ...
sgwhiteinfla 09/26/2008 17 4 - 6
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