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Attkisson's hack video? Made Eleven Months AFTER the hack.
Apologies for the post and run but I'm out the door. Saw this on Crooks and Liars this morning. Apparently that cell phone video of Sharon Attkisson's computer being hacked was made in September 16,
shades at midnite 11/01/2014 12 6 - -
A Second Helping of Common Law Grand Jury Schadenfreude.
A while back I submitted a diary detailing the shenanigans of one Terry Trussell of Cross City Florida, who was recently arrested for ten felony counts including impersonating a public officer, ...
shades at midnite 10/10/2014 22 10 - -
Now For a Little Common Law Grand Jury Schadenfreude.
If anyone has been following the antics of the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) of late, you know they've started a common law grand jury movement by which they plan to take over the government, ...
shades at midnite 09/07/2014 34 105 1 -
Busta Troll Lives!!! (Operation American Spring)
This will be short and oh so sweet. I've been doing diaries on the OAS shenanigans over the past few weeks but they're down to about 10 people and it's all but dead. This, however, is too good to ...
shades at midnite 06/06/2014 16 30 1 -
Operation American Spring – What May 16 demonstration?
As you probably guessed, very little is happening on the OAS front. They have maybe 20 people at Camp Liberty these days. Col. Riley has gone home to take care of his sick wife and turned the ...
shades at midnite 06/02/2014 11 11 - -
Operation American Spring: It's over. NO WAIT, they're doing it again Sep. 20.
First a quick note. I had this diary almost ready to post, when this caught my eye. Having conceded OAS was a Major FAIL, this patriot is planning another march on DC for Sep 20. This one is ...
shades at midnite 05/26/2014 83 81 - -
Operation American Spring: Waiting For The Bikers UPDATE: Now with Moar Goat
Update: Somebody hacked the page for Operation American Spring III It must have happened within the last hour or so. I checked this page several times a day to see what the crazies were saying ...
shades at midnite 05/22/2014 68 86 - -
Operation American Spring -- Still winning (short update)
Just a quick update if anyone's still paying attention. Apparently Col. Riley has gone home to rest until the weekend, contrary to other posts saying his schedule was packed with meetings with ...
shades at midnite 05/21/2014 19 16 - -
Operation American Spring Day 4 - They still think they're winning
Just in case you were wondering. I know most of you blew these OAS idiots off days ago. We all had a big laugh on Friday, a few chuckles on Saturday and forgot about it by Sunday. I'm off work ...
shades at midnite 05/19/2014 140 245 - -
Advice for a Funeral?
I'm helping a friend plan a memorial service for her loved one. Time is short and neither of us has ever had to do this before. They don't want the traditional funeral service/funeral home/church ...
shades at midnite 04/11/2014 43 6 - -
Facebook, Friends and Politics
I'm one of those annoying members whose posts are over 50% political, probably closer to 75%, with a few LOL cats sprinkled in to defuse the tension. Only my most radical like-minded friends dare ...
shades at midnite 02/06/2014 6 4 - -
Update - It's the comma. What is this thehealthsherpa?
I figured it out. I'm entering 40K as 40,000. It should be entered at 40000. I'll ask the people I was talking to if they used commas. Thanks to everyone for their feedback. Today a friend was ...
shades at midnite 11/10/2013 43 7 - -
GOOD NEWS for spouses re: ACA
Update: In response to North Madison's comment I called back and spelled out the subsidy question very specifically. I was put on hold for about five minutes. When she came back, she gave me a ...
shades at midnite 10/02/2013 15 30 - -
Issa Calls Lerner Back After Limbaugh Protests.
Sorry this is short. I'm not a lawyer but would like for lawyers and others with knowledge of these things to comment. Apparently after Lerner's short statement and invoking the fifth amendment, ...
shades at midnite 05/22/2013 29 10 - -
Can my employer make me do this?
My (sorta) new job has recently implemented a new PTO policy. You earn so many hours per pay period depending on seniority. I've only been there six months so will barely earn enough for a trip ...
shades at midnite 04/30/2013 46 12 - -
Anybody heard this CT (and how do I respond)?
I'm not pushing any conspiracy theory here. It's one that hubby's crazy republican friend sent me in an e-mail. I wrote him back to send me some links on it because I'd never heard of such a thing ...
shades at midnite 11/22/2012 64 8 1 -
Have you gotten this email yet?
A conservative friend of my husband sent me this email today. The subject line read "Funny but true for some . . . " Here it is in total.
shades at midnite 07/24/2012 18 35 3 309
The 1%(ers) on Gilligan's Island
First, let me say kudos to Ben Franklin and his public library system. And thanks to our socialist Mid Continent Public Library System here in the KC area, I gave up Dish Network a year ago and ...
shades at midnite 10/26/2011 11 2 - 66
"I Don't Care What Some Economist Says About The Debt Ceiling."
"Mike" is my husband's best friend. We've known him for decades. I used to think him a pretty smart guy. So what the hell happened? He's become a total tea party, Fox News, ditto head. We've been ...
shades at midnite 07/22/2011 25 13 - 164
They know everything.  
Okay guys, I'm spilling the beans. Whether you'll admit it out loud or not, we all know we're no match for Limbaugh, Beck, Fox News and the genius at Gateway Pundit. I was reading a post by Jim ...
shades at midnite 01/17/2011 22 6 - 86
Does anyone else struggle with this
Or is it just me? I'm about as liberal as they come. I believe we should look after each other and that sometimes people just need a hand to get through the rough spots. In conversations with like-...
shades at midnite 01/16/2011 85 9 - 65
Kicking my Obama Co-Dependency Problem
I have been a hard-core Obama supporter. When others were complaining about his timidity, I was strongly defending him, a typical co-dependent, (but he HAD to compromise yada yada yada) forever ...
shades at midnite 12/08/2010 11 7 - 19
Captcha not a Palin Fan
I hope this will qualify as a diary. It's just too funny to pass up and will probably be fixed soon. I read this story at Wonkette (a daily must-read for me): Captcha Gods Playing Cruel Joke On ...
shades at midnite 07/19/2010 11 7 - 29
Didja hear the one about the screwed-over employees?
No, not that one. Not that one either. Ok, here is it and maybe I'm naive but it's a new one to me. We all know how lots of employers trump up some charge to fire an employee to avoid paying ...
shades at midnite 12/05/2009 354 246 5 138
Town Hall Sat w/ Rep on Health Care LS MO - HELP!!
I live in Lees Summit, Missouri, a mostly republican suburb of KC. Early Saturday morning (Aug 8) there is a meeting at a local coffee shop,with Emanuel Cleaver, our rep, with the focus on health ...
shades at midnite 08/06/2009 15 12 - 1
Okay, somebody talk me down.
I'm getting nervous about this health insurance reform thing. Really nervous. My husband and I were counting on the public option or single payer plan happening. I'm healthy for my age (early 50s)
shades at midnite 08/03/2009 34 10 - 16
Obligatory spouse smooch after debates
I hadn't noticed anyone commenting on this. Here's my two cents. I always watch the part after the debate where the wives come on stage for the hug, kiss and wave to the crowd. When I see the ...
shades at midnite 10/16/2008 20 6 - 4
When did Wall Street turn into my 26-year-old son?
Yea, I'm one of those moms. Now two of my three kids turned out great but my middle kid was a slacker. Got fired, lost his apartment, moved back in and slept on my couch in the den. Couldn't save ...
shades at midnite 10/09/2008 15 7 - -
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