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Republican Logic and Party Platform Planks, 2016
Put a conservative back in the White House and here is what we will do to take back this country for you, the people. This agenda will restore the proud dignity of our governmental institutions and ...
Wilburhorse 05/06/2015 2
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast: top issues & headlines with Greg Dworkin & Joan McCarter
David Waldman 05/06/2015 4
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
It's Wednesday! That's Joan McCarter day! What more could you ask for? Don't answer that, because I don't have anything else to offer. Let's just say that's plenty, and leave it at that! Though ...
David Waldman 05/06/2015 5
Black Miami Beach Cop who Punched Handcuffed White Woman is Suspended, 2 Years Later
So here we have a woman whose drunken behavior outside of a Miami Beach nightclub condominium was unruly enough sleeping in the lobby caused police to be called and her to be handcuffed and brought ...
Frank Vyan Walton 05/05/2015 30
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast: Fiorina launch; Kinloch follow-up; benefit corp. revolution
Bill in Portland Maine tweets the word "...
David Waldman 05/05/2015 5
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
We'll get back on track with the news after yesterday's "free form" special. Greg will get us started with a grounding in reality, and I'll derail it all with wild tangents into our recurring ...
David Waldman 05/05/2015 0
DKos Radio's KITM podcast: Garland; GunFAIL; where's Rand? B'more fallout; mutual funds & inequality
Fiorina and Carson formally join the 2016 race. Noted crazy ...
David Waldman 05/04/2015 1
Police at Station with #FreddieGray's Limp Body: "We gave him a run for his money"
Now that charges have been filed in the Police Murder of Freddie Gray we've begun to hear the excuses and counter claims that the Prosecutor " Overcharged ", was "Politically Motivated" in ...
Frank Vyan Walton 05/04/2015 232
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
We're pleased to announce that we're the only show embedded with the troops for the federal invasion of Texas! Remember the à la mode! Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here: Click this Link to Listen ...
David Waldman 05/04/2015 0
Elon Musk announces his new Powerwall project - a revolutionary breakthrough or marketing hype?
Renewable energy has been making great strides the past few years, as the supply of photovoltaic solar cells has increased dramatically while the cost of those cells has also dropped considerably.
728huey 05/03/2015 69
Sunday Train: Variable Renewables and Dispatchable Demand
Much of the focus on the Sunday Train is on electrification of transport, ranging from 2,000 mile hauls of electrified freight through to hopping on an e-bike to pick up some groceries. And spending ...
BruceMcF 05/03/2015 10
Reclaiming secularism is the key to protecting religious liberty
Over the past few years, two topics have come to dominate the discourse about religion in America. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and especially the rapid acceptance of marriage ...
Jon Perr 05/03/2015 120
Friday Night Beer Blog - Gimmick Beers
Hi beer fans! Happy Friday. Come share a cold one with FNBB! One of the many strategies for marketing beer (or anything else) is to create tie-ins to events, movies, TV shows and celebrities. How ...
esquimaux 05/01/2015 19
Baltimore Prosecutor Mosby: Not Holding Bad Cops Accountable is a Disservice to Good Cops
After issuing Murder Indictments against the Officers who Killed Freddie Gray just 24 hrs after receiving the case from the Baltimore PD , when talking to CNN's Don Lemon, yeah Don Lemon, Maryland ...
Frank Vyan Walton 05/01/2015 76
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast: Capitol GunFAIL; Bridgegate; TX derp; Sanders; privacy & technology
Capitol GunFAIL! Greg ...
David Waldman 05/01/2015 1
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
Lots more follow-up to yesterday's extended discussion that started in Baltimore, went on to Fourth Amendment theory, and ended up on the zombie "secret hold" in the Senate. All as part of one ...
David Waldman 05/01/2015 0
The Farce Of "Free Trade"
Yes, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a farce. Worse, it is a scandal, even worse; every one in government is committing treason publicly by supporting it and without fear of consequence. Frankly, ...
thepanamarick 04/30/2015 5
DKos Radio's KITM podcast: Baltimore continues; can police power outpace our 'right' to protest?
Greg Dworkin joins us, with Baltimore still dominating the headlines, ...
David Waldman 04/30/2015 1
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
We're clearly not through with Baltimore yet. At the very least, it'll likely be the prism through which we view all the other issues we've got piling up. And there's no end to them. Time to ...
David Waldman 04/30/2015 0
Rand Paul "Disrupting Democracy" in SF. Let's disrupt Rand Paul!
Anyone in the SF Bay Area who is looking for a chance to call Rand Paul to account has a perfect chance this Saturday, May 9. The announcement was made in today's San Francisco Chronicle by ...
Radiowalla 04/29/2015 31
Rand Paul wants to repeal net neutrality
Rand Paul, doing his "bro" thing. It's not really clear who besides the "hate Obama for everything" crowd Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is trying to court with his latest grandstand, which ...
Joan McCarter 04/29/2015 42
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast: Baltimore; SCOTUS; 2016 roundup; budget; Gop's fix-vs-repair puzzle
Apparently, Bill Kristol ...
David Waldman 04/29/2015 1
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
So, hey, Baltimore. Still. But on the other hand, Joan McCarter . No pressure, Joan! Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here: Click this Link to Listen on your iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media ...
David Waldman 04/29/2015 0
Carl Stokes to CNN's Erin Burnett: Thugs? Just call them N#ggers then...
The video title says that Baltimore City Councilman Carl Stokes "Explodes" when CNN's Erins Burnett asked him "Isn't 'Thugs' the right word to describe these [looters and rioters in Baltimore]?" ...
Frank Vyan Walton 04/28/2015 427
Recycled Solar: Double-Glazed Solar Hot Cap Cloche
I was cleaning out my storeroom the other day and came across another recycled solar device that I was fooling with a few years ago. A one liter clear plastic bottle makes a good hot cap or cloche ...
gmoke 04/28/2015 10
The World's First Atheist Orphanage
Okay, so there is this orphanage in Uganda that has captured my imagination. And in my imagination I hope it will capture yours. Billed as the world's first atheist orphanage, BiZoHa has as its ...
Els 04/28/2015 23
Activist schools Blitzer: Broken spines are worse than broken windows
There are times when the media really does their best to sicken us all. This ...
Frank Vyan Walton 04/28/2015 142
DKos Radio's KITM podcast: Baltimore; Tulsa update; gun ownership, anger issues & lead poisoning
Baltimore dominates the morning headlines, so Greg Dworkin points ...
David Waldman 04/28/2015 1
Baltimore Gang-Members Call for Non-Violence and Justice for Freddie Gray
Despite what you may have been told in the media, things in Baltimore are not exactly as they might seem.
Frank Vyan Walton 04/28/2015 3
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
So, hey, Baltimore. Plus, probably some other things. Listen LIVE at 9:00 ET, here: Click this Link to Listen on your iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player Daily Kos Radio's Kagro in the ...
David Waldman 04/28/2015 0
Daily Kos Radio's KITM podcast: Jeb's $ stirs interest; SCOTUS take up marriage; Clinton draws fire
Turns out there's some minor ...
David Waldman 04/27/2015 1
High Impact Posts: April 26, 2015
jotter 04/27/2015 5
Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9 am ET!
We're back for another Monday. We had a pretty strong run of shows last week, if I do say so myself! And there's really no "ifs" about it. I did say it myself! You all saw me! Anyway, we're in ...
David Waldman 04/27/2015 0
Week's High Impact Posts: April 18-24, 2015
jotter 04/26/2015 5
High Impact Posts: April 25, 2015
jotter 04/26/2015 5
Mass Extinctions (part 2): The First Time Life on Earth Almost Perished
485 million years ago the Earth was a very different place. The Earth's climate was mostly warm and wet, with sea levels nearly 2,000 feet above those of today. The area north of the tropics was ...
GregWright 04/26/2015 24
What's For Dinner? v9.39 - Beans
Beans, beans, they're good for your heart... There's more truth in the old grade-school joke than we thought; the health benefits of high-fiber foods weren't well understood then. ----- A genre ...
esquimaux 04/25/2015 34
High Impact Posts: April 24, 2015
jotter 04/25/2015 6
SMGB: A Big Bloom in the Desert Vol. 11.9
Good morning everyone and welcome to SMGB, the Death Valley in Bloom Edition. It's Ed in Montana here, having returned from our second Winter season of campground hosting in Death Valley National ...
Ed in Montana 04/25/2015 182
Breaking: Huge Netroots Victory - Comcast abandons $45B TimeWarner merger!! [poll]
How big is this ?!?: Comcast: Defeated From: Evan from FFTF Date: Today, 12:59:25 PM MDT It's official: Comcast has abandoned their bid to takeover Time Warner. It was supposed to be the largest ...
ivote2004 04/24/2015 14
A nice lady from Gov. Deal's office
called me regarding an email I had sent to the Georgia governor. I said, "Was this the letter where I called Gov. Deal a traitor?" (I had fired off an email after Gov. Deal signed on to that silly (
Mayfly 04/24/2015 10
Happy Openly Secular Day!
Kind of a quick diary, but wanted to put this out there. Today, 4/23 is Openly Secular Day . This is the day all closeted non-believers are encouraged to tell at least one person in their life ...
jusjtim35 04/23/2015 13

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