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The evolution of gutless irresponsibility on MSN
Shortly before four o'clock this morning MSN carried a headline for a story not in the top heads. It had to do with Sen. Paul's sacrifice of professional integrity in the cause of reckless ...
shagnaski 02/04/2015 7 5 - -
Unhappiness with two Congressmen of whom I expected better
On learning of the support of my own and another Congressman (Don Beyer) whom I’d supported for gutting the Dodd-Frank Act, I called their offices to express my dismay. Then I wrote two friends ...
shagnaski 01/15/2015 9 5 - -
A reasoned, measured response to an anti-Muslim screed.
Yesterday I was gifted with a hateful piece by a patriotic Murican explaining shortly why Muslims were beneath contempt; it was titled: Muslims My Ass...Excellent! Despite my resolve neither to ...
shagnaski 01/08/2015 6 14 - -
Cong. Duckworth deserves...?
The short answer is that I don’t know but that from what I have seen, neither does anyone else. For clarity, she is among the candidates to whom we have provided financial support. In case ...
shagnaski 11/19/2014 10 2 - -
One Pissed Off (and very depressed) Liberal
With apologies to the one whose delightful screen name “One Pissed Off Liberal” I have usurped, I am tired and disgusted at the entreaties for money that come literally by the hundreds every week.
shagnaski 10/23/2014 31 19 - -
Greetings from Canada where they know not of snark…
So while reading da kos today and attempting to follow the link to The Daily Show the following message came up: SORRY, BUT THIS VIDEO IS UNAVAILABLE FROM YOUR LOCATION. IN CASE YOU CAN’T GIVE ...
shagnaski 09/17/2014 8 5 - -
The view of (Ferguson) from Stonekettle
Or he can see Ferguson from his house...This perspective of the outrage in Ferguson, Mo. is as enjoyably provocative as it is excoriating and deserves to be shared:
shagnaski 08/18/2014 9 8 - -
The StoneKettle take on the House Benghazi report
While the House report already has been worked over, nobody has done it nearly so well as Jim Wright (Stonekettle Station). Here's the link, but should it not work go to for a ...
shagnaski 08/04/2014 11 7 - -
Torture, admission, a fantasy…
So the Prez has admitted the reality that we done “tortured some folks.” As one writer makes clear, “torture” is a word of real legal implication. Worse, this acknowledgement is stronger ...
shagnaski 08/02/2014 2 1 - -
Can a woman fly an airliner??!—Doocy
With apologies, there really is far too much of significance for this to be sticking in my craw, and I never watch or care what Steve Doocy does or says except when it’s posted here for ridicule. ...
shagnaski 06/04/2014 31 25 - -
Herring wins Va. state AG race
Mark Herring just e-mailed that the court has declared him the winner of the state AG race by 900 some votes and that Obenshain has called to congratulate him. It's over! The Dems took all three ...
shagnaski 12/18/2013 4 16 - -
An Illness and Reflections on Health Care, the ACA
Having read here and elsewhere of several people suffering chronic pain and illnesses that they are unable to have treated due to lack of health insurance, it seemed appropriate to comment ...
shagnaski 11/17/2013 4 7 - -
Warplane video for Memorial Day
shagnaski 05/26/2013 7 6 - -
"My Little Gun"
Sometime during First Raygun Nancy said that himself had gifted her with “my little gun.” The remark always amused me and seems especially appropriate for a title.
shagnaski 05/11/2013 9 8 - -
World's end nigh with replies
As with everybody else who breathes, I receive a super abundance of financial solicitations advising that the fate of the world will be determined by whether I kick into some org or other some sum ...
shagnaski 03/29/2013 3 - - -
There is NO RIGHT to vote??? “Entitlement???”
Over the years especially recently and only a few days ago here, I’ve heard, seen and paid no attention to the declaration that the Constitution nowhere explicitly creates a right to vote. Enough!
shagnaski 03/03/2013 48 41 1 -
After glow...or sterner stuff
Another PulicanT pundit just wrote feeling her way in the dark, "We are a center right country...and (the election was) to some degree a rejection." The answer to her anguished "WHY???!!!" is to be ...
shagnaski 11/10/2012 1 - - -
Horses, bayonets, throw weights, ad naus.
Whatever the benefits of Woodrow Wilson’s Navy, comparisons should be especially nuanced as the President attempted to illustrate by reference to aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines of which ...
shagnaski 10/23/2012 16 3 - -
Many years ago various blogs requested readers to open Facebook pages and “like” the blogs. I did this and otherwise rarely visit it. On occasion however, I’ve learned to my chagrin that ...
shagnaski 09/23/2012 3 2 1 75
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