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Robinson plain speaking the Crimea
I've followed Ukraine pretty obsessively and on cnn and fox predictably the intellectual exercise is can be summed up with should Obama seem more tough? Should we be more threatening? ...
shaketheworld 03/10/2014 4 4 - -
Hey Congress: Pass Taxes Now For Your Shiny New 3 Trillion Dollar Iran War Boondoggle!
So how can this sanctions, rubber stamp war bill be stopped? With a full realization that my heart is against the war due to the reasons outlined by Dr. King below, the best attack on the ...
shaketheworld 01/25/2014 10 7 - -
"Please tell me, Mr President, why a US drone assassinated my mother"
I've thought drones were an abomination for years now, my first diary was about them, and I'm appalled that their use goes on and on. The rationalizations for me continue to be slick versions ...
shaketheworld 10/29/2013 117 27 - -
Thanks Dkos! Finally a Trusted User
I'm finally a trusted user! With a pretty high mojo too!! I'd like to say it didn't mean much to me but I was a little jealous of all the folks with trusted user status and higher mojo. I will ...
shaketheworld 09/22/2013 25 10 - -
Hagel definately causing ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!
Mccain was one of the most respected Republican senators not long ago. Now he lies about his position only hours after making it. No filibuster of Hagel then a few hours later, ohh maybe ...
shaketheworld 02/16/2013 9 4 - -
gist of Rahm Emmanuel:".... Israel has screwed itself"
The idea of risking an HR and being ostracized or banned really does give me pause, DK community has grown on me a bit. Note the above is the reported gist of what Rahm reportedly said, not an ...
shaketheworld 12/04/2012 340 125 3 -
50 secret McCain questions
1. Who authorized the scrubbing of al queda related groups from the declassified talking points. 2. Were political administration people behind changes to talking points. 3. Did Obama steal the ...
shaketheworld 11/28/2012 13 6 - -
Twilight of the GOP
I love science. Growing up I also loved Star Trek, even higher quality shows like Buck Rogers and Battle Star Galactica. Through it all sometimes a small voice inside me, the skeptical ...
shaketheworld 11/18/2012 3 2 - -
congress, drones, fracking, etc
I am super happy Obama won, I mean it is so awesome that that worm tongued Mitt can go crawl under somewhere and comfort himself with his .1% lifestyle. That said, I want to use my sleep deprived ...
shaketheworld 11/07/2012 1 - - -
McCain jumps the shark and gives hacks everywhere a bad name
morning joe, McCain suggesting an investigation into Bengazi "Just like watergate" the day before the election. Undercutting Colin Powell's endorsement too with the incredibly duplicitous argument ...
shaketheworld 11/05/2012 10 3 - -
Dinesh D'Souza full o crap and a coward.
Well, I respect kos readers to not be totally surprised by this but I was listening to Dinesh on book tv and I was like wow! what a load of crap!! I only caught the last few minutes of it, ...
shaketheworld 09/08/2012 17 3 - 205
war with Iran, feel it where it hurts, at the pump!! Ouch!!
I continue to be against war with Iran, and I thank the brave members of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS), for providing some push back on the drum beat of war. Nice little ...
shaketheworld 08/26/2012 9 1 - 53
guns guns guns
I've followed daily kos just close enough to know that pro and against guns posts have recently come and gone, and probably the space is mostly done with it. But my god the specious ...
shaketheworld 07/23/2012 30 1 - 129
austin powers retroactively unpurchases
so mitt romney either did bad at bain or delegated his authority to bad people who did bad. He's either a crummy leader or a crappy leader who delegates authority. Do presidents need to delegate ...
shaketheworld 07/15/2012 3 2 - 37
Robert Creamer new hpost: Republicans Attempt to Actively Sabotage U.S. Economy to Win Fall Election
This is a really well written description of the cynical crap the republicans are pulling, it's so well written, it's really hard to edit out a succulent morsel to draw you folks in. I'll do my best:
shaketheworld 06/18/2012 7 25 1 221
goin to NN 2012!
So I hemmed and hawed internally, I supposed I could watch some of it on the internet, but I really began to feel that the daily kos has some of the best writing, writing that makes me feel sane ...
shaketheworld 05/30/2012 2 1 - 34
Rachel Maddow takes on Florida voter suppression
Rachel takes on voter suppression If I was a better blogger I'd get it direct from msnbc.. gotta start somewhere link to Rachel ...
shaketheworld 05/30/2012 3 2 1 73
Mom Vs TSA
So my mom is in her 70s and she told me this story when she came back from Florida: "We were going to the airport and you know, we like getting to the airport a few hours early for flight so there'
shaketheworld 05/21/2012 6 8 - 167
dandelions, mouse in the house
So I went ahead and got over to my parents house and looked at about a hundred dandelions and grabbed one, it looked pretty nice, and here is where it becomes obvious that I'm a little particular, I ...
shaketheworld 04/15/2012 7 3 - 95
dandelions destroying america!
Walking home from main street with my puppy and my wife. We noticed one lawn with a healthy supply of dandelions, and I muttered, dandelions destroying america. My puppy was happily running ...
shaketheworld 04/14/2012 38 27 - 217
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