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Updated Lobbying Firm Turkey Day Memo Warns of OWS "altering the political ground for years to come"
Chris Hayes has uncovered a memo laying out strategies to stop OWS. Why? Republicans may turn on big banks, at least in public, altering the political ground for years to come. It is ...
shantysue 11/18/2011 189 327 9 1778
Happy Palindrome Day - 11022011
Today is actually an extra special palindrome day. First, there will only be 12 eight-digit palindromes this entire century. Second, the number 11022011 equals 7 x 7 x 11 x 11 x 11 x 13 x 13. ...
shantysue 11/02/2011 20 8 - 69
Obama Kicked Booty Tonight
While MSM covered Cain winning the Florida straw poll (spit take), a real speech took place tonight. In case you missed it, President Obama spoke at the Congressional Black Caucus Annual Awards ...
shantysue 09/24/2011 698 262 6 2367
I'm so stupid and yes to boycott
I thought the new rules were going to help with the cause. I was so excited to finally be able to speak my true voice about President Obama without fear of being hr'd out of here. Imagine my shock ...
shantysue 09/11/2011 7 30 1 120
Anti-Capitalist Meet-Up: Transnational Corporations and the Toxic Zombie Vampiric Blob
This diary consists of three parts: (1) transnationals; (2) transnationals on steroids aka the Super Entity; and (3) solutions/questions/lessons to learn. If you already know all about ...
shantysue 09/11/2011 58 21 3 106
31 Days of Inspirational August
8/1 - Gabrielle Giffords Returns to ...
shantysue 09/01/2011 12 6 - 31
The "Super Entity"
Who Runs the World? The "Super Entity." The first analysis of the "Super Entity" has been conducted in very careful detail (links below the divide). The "Entity" consists of the "Global 147."
shantysue 08/30/2011 8 2 - 52
A Space of Our Own: Celebrating Some Favorite Women
This is a series of ongoing women’s consciousness raising sessions. This is how it works: We are inviting women from diverse cultures, races, sexual orientation, and all who self-...
shantysue 08/23/2011 43 18 - 111
Global Cyber Attack--Operation Shady Rat--Unprecedented
I'm not going to say much, except uh oh. This makes yesterday's news look so yesterday, a sunny walk in the park compared to this. Get ready for a bumpy ride people. Operation Shady Rat (Remote ...
shantysue 08/03/2011 42 31 1 305
A Space of Our Own--A Woman's Perspective: Lara Logan Wasn’t Raped, but It’s Her Fault
This is a series of ongoing women’s consciousness raising sessions. This is how it works: We are inviting women from diverse cultures, races, sexual orientation, and all who self-...
shantysue 08/02/2011 109 35 2 255
Boehner walked away from talks. Added the video of President Obama's speech to my transcript of it
John Boehner will give his speech in a few minutes I've heard. Maybe he will discuss why he walked out?
shantysue 07/22/2011 9 5 1 113
Lulzsec Hacks The Sun and News of the World
Two sources linked below claim that Lulzec hacked The Sun and News of the World. I will update this diary momentarily, but wanted to give you the links first. Here you go:
shantysue 07/18/2011 103 38 - 343
Nuclear Weapons: A Visual Timeline (res ipsa loquitur)
shantysue 07/03/2011 15 5 - 50
The Sounds of Pi and Tau
I like math, so in honor of Tau Day, which fell on 6/28 (the approximation of 6.28), here is the sound of Tau.
shantysue 07/01/2011 38 21 - 148
Who Can We Push to Replace Morning Joe?
Wouldn't Markos be such a fitting choice? Oh well, Markos is taken. But really, we're coming upon an election year and we need to push whatever powers that might be left at MSNBC to put on a real ...
shantysue 06/30/2011 47 3 - 104
Lulzsec Calls It Quits
50 Days of Lulz statement from their site: Friends around the globe, We are Lulz Security, and this is our final release, as today marks something meaningful to us. 50 days ago, we set ...
shantysue 06/25/2011 63 10 1 386
Jay Inslee in for Gov
Here's the email he sent this morning: We have some important news to share on Monday, but as one of my closest supporters, I wanted to let you know first: On Monday morning, I will ...
shantysue 06/24/2011 27 9 1 80
Breaking: LULZ Hacked and Published Arizona Law Enforcement
Directly from: Chinga La Migra Bulletin #1: We are releasing hundreds of private intelligence bulletins, ...
shantysue 06/23/2011 41 13 - 229
If You've Had Enough, Grab the Power
As part of Anonymous dKos, I intend to spread the word. Newest video from Anonymous What Is the Plan (and really empowering I might add) is below the fold. Today I hear the democrats are joining ...
shantysue 06/17/2011 18 11 1 106
LULZ hacked CIA
Just more Lulz stuff, so just pass it by if it doesn't interest you. I'll link to the articles/sites that I think are pertinent below the fold. So far, LULZ is grey-hat hacking. I must admit to ...
shantysue 06/15/2011 35 5 - 164
Breaking? Lulz Hacked Senate
Per Reuters: The Senate's website was hacked over the weekend, leading to a review of all of its websites, in the latest embarrassing breach of security to hit a major U.S.-based institution. Here'...
shantysue 06/13/2011 8 1 - 297
Hummingbird or Urban Robot Spy Drone?
Have you heard of this? I hadn't. I guess I need to change my sig line to Hummingbirds are Urban Flying Spy Drones.
shantysue 06/11/2011 30 9 - 122
Snippets of Upbeat News (One Bittersweet)
An Apple a Day . On this day in 1977, Apple Computer shipped its first Apple II personal computer. Oh, What Tangled Webs We Weave . “Web 2.0” became the ...
shantysue 06/11/2011 26 13 - 68
First AIDS Cure on 30th Anniv
An apparent immunity gene cured a Bay area man of HIV and Leukemia. They're calling him The Berlin Patient. The process doesn't seem viable for many, but this is such great news because of the ...
shantysue 06/05/2011 22 10 - 130
Why I Love My President
I don’t remember President Eisenhower, although he was President for the first five years of my life, but oh how I remember My President. I remember vividly. My family didn’t like the Kennedys ...
shantysue 05/04/2011 36 14 - 160
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