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3-week CR for Homeland Security fails
HA HA. In a remarkable show of unity, the Democrats stuck to their guns and forced Boehner to come up with Republican votes to pass their 3-week CR. He couldn't do it. The clown car is now full ...
shaso 02/27/2015 13 8 - -
Michael Sam released
He had a good preseason, but got caught in a number crunch and doesn't appear to be based on anything other than football ability. Still could very well be picked up on waivers by another team. I ...
shaso 08/30/2014 41 18 - -
Books to TV reviews - Outlander/Longmire
It seems like in the last decade their have been a lot of adaptions of books to the small screen just as there have to the big screen. Some have been more successful than others. The granddaddy of ...
shaso 08/05/2014 10 13 - -
Noel Canning out - recess appointments upheld, except this one time
Quick diary. The Supreme Court released Noel Canning this morning. In a 5-4 decision the liberal wing largely upheld recess appointments, but said that 3 days was too short of a recess so ruled ...
shaso 06/26/2014 7 1 - -
Traditional media rules bloggers not journalists, denies scotusblog's Lyle press credential
Surprise, Surprise. In an act that can only be described as jealously guarding its own turf, the Standing Committee of Correspondents ruled yesterday that scotusblog 's Lyle Denniston couldn't have ...
shaso 06/24/2014 21 44 2 -
USA victory celebration thread
The one arena left where naked nationalism is still acceptable, indeed encouraged: international sporting competitions. The USA played its first World Cup game tonight; they beat Ghana 2-1. They ...
shaso 06/16/2014 44 12 - -
POM Wonderful can sue Coca-Cola per SCOTUS
SCOTUS has ruled this morning that POM Wonderful can proceed with their suit against Coca-Cola under the Lanham Act which allows competitors to sue over misleading descriptions of products. Coca-...
shaso 06/12/2014 19 6 - -
Twentieth century
So I was driving in my car listening to the news on the radio, and they were talking about the Irish Church dead baby scandal. They referred to it as happening in the 20th century. Not the 1920s ...
shaso 06/10/2014 1 1 - -
SCOTUS grants Little Sisters stay on contraceptive mandate
As reported by scotusblog , the Supreme Court unanimously granted the Little Sisters, catholic nuns, a stay on the contraception mandate of the ACA. Oh wait, did I say the contraception mandate; I ...
shaso 01/24/2014 8 10 1 -
Arpaio puts prisoners on bread and water
Our favorite sheriff, Joe Arpaio, is at it again. Putting prisoners on bread and water, which I can't imagine is healthy for you, even if for only 7 days. And their horrible offense that ...
shaso 01/24/2014 34 37 1 -
Arizona utility commission rules, connection fee only $4.90/month
The Arizona Corporation Commission ruled yesterday that the connection fee that houses with solar panels would have to pay to be connected to the grid was $4.90 a month. There was a highly ...
shaso 11/16/2013 57 24 - -
Initial unemployment claims drop below 300k
The weekly numbers for initial unemployment claims were released this morning. The seasonally adjusted weekly number for the week ending 9/7 was 292,000. For the record, the more reliable but less ...
shaso 09/12/2013 10 3 - -
Newsroom season premiere
The second season of The Newsroom premiered last night on HBO. Now, despite the mixed reactions to the Game of Thrones and Madmen FP diaries, I wouldn't pretend to think that every show on ...
shaso 07/14/2013 16 7 - -
A solution to VRA mess -- Bailing in
So I was curious what jurisidictions the Supreme Court ruling actually affected and noticed something interesting. Bailing in . In essence, if you lose a lawsuit or decide to plead guilty/enter a ...
shaso 06/25/2013 9 3 - -
Robbie Rogers decides to continue career
Robbie Rogers decides to continue his career in soccer as an openly gay athlete by joining the LA Galaxy. The MLS season started in the beginning of March and is roughly 1/3 of the way through so ...
shaso 05/25/2013 3 2 - -
Scotus schedules marriage equality
Scotus Blog is reporting that the Supreme Court has announced dates for oral arguments on marriage equality. Prop 8 will be heard 3/26 and DOMA will be heard 3/27. This is roughly what people ...
shaso 01/07/2013 14 13 - -
roundup of senate committees
The big news seemed to be Senator Warren's appointment to the Banking Committee, but I've compiled a list of all the committee churn for the Democrats. HELP is Health, Education, Labour, and ...
shaso 12/12/2012 1 5 - -
Romney is 'Not Concerned about the very poor'
In all the broohaha over the leaked tapes, one of the prevailing thoughts seems to be that Romney has been caught saying in private what he wasn't willing to say publicly. But this isn't strictly ...
shaso 09/19/2012 3 2 - 25
Opening Ceremonies and NBC
By now, the opening ceremonies have started. But if you are in the US, there is no way to watch them legally. NBC in their infinite wisdom and despite advertising 100% live online coverage have ...
shaso 07/27/2012 47 18 2 374
PPP poll questions
So I got polled by PPP for the first time, in PA, and most of the questions were fairly straight forward. But then the last two questions were slightly bizarre. The second to last on was my ...
shaso 05/18/2012 4 - - 131
Paying the use tax
So I finally got around to doing my taxes last week. They were very simple so it was purely laziness, but as I wasn't due a refund it was all good. Now for the first time I noticed a line for ...
shaso 04/07/2012 119 23 - 692
Gallup unemployment comes back to earth
Remember last month when Gallup's daily 30-day rolling average tracking poll shot up for unemployment. Hitting a (recent) high of 9.1% on 3/3 and 3/7. Remember how this was used as justification ...
shaso 03/26/2012 16 7 - 272
white man's burden and contraception
There has been something that has always bothered my about this whole contraception debate. Namely the idea that the employer is somehow buying the insurance for the employee. It smacks entirely ...
shaso 02/18/2012 41 58 2 435
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