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Unpatriotic and Immoral: Right-wing and Chicago Bid
The right-wing media's last minute opposition to the bid was unprecedented. They could oppose the bid because getting the Olympics isn't important to the United States or American politics. They ...
sheldon101 10/08/2009 5 3 - 33
Something Good from WSJ Best of the Web Trash of NHS
Something good might come from yet another ridiculous attempt by James Taranto's Wall Street Journal's Daily Best of the Web newsletter and web page to trash the British National Health ...
sheldon101 09/17/2009 2 - - 64
Misreading of First Amendment
I've been following the disruption of Town Hall meetings on health care reform, primarily by those opposed to it. I think the problem is that those disrupting the meetings aren't reading the Bill ...
sheldon101 08/31/2009 8 - - 1
Fox's Goldberg Has His Revelations Wrong
It's just unbelievable. From that shining beacon on the hill,, we're treated to another story of the liberal bias in the mainstream media. Here the ...
sheldon101 08/26/2009 21 7 - 34
Flu Shots and the Single Payer
Not all single payer systems provide free flu shots--- but its a lot easier for them.
sheldon101 08/25/2009 7 3 1 31
Not a Death Panel Smoking Gun
Death panels are a big, vicious and effective lie. The Republican members of Congress who have subscribed to this lie are scum. However, Amy Sullivan is wrong. ...
sheldon101 08/14/2009 12 1 - 6
Stupid, Ignorant bin Laden Doesn't Know He's Helping Bush
sheldon101 10/30/2004 14 - - -
President Cheney?
sheldon101 10/17/2004 11 4 - 33
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