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Why is the American media so broken?
The Japanese Daily Yomiuri I got in my mailbox this morning included last weekend's Outlook section from the Washington Post as a package deal, and I could only marvel at how different the ...
shii 10/26/2010 42 16 - 56
Hard-Hitting Journalism From The New Republic
It seems like Politico has established a new standard for what political journalism means. I mean, TNR hasn't been a quality establishment in a long time, but before today I'd have at least ...
shii 06/29/2010 6 2 - 77
Comedy Gold: The Republican Base Reacts to Palin
Let's start with the old favorite: FreeRepublic Do any of these clowns realize that the political rule book is about to be torn up? Her supporters don’t care if ...
shii 07/03/2009 354 229 7 64
Got an idea for how to make government transparent and open? Obama wants your help!
Obama is finally getting off the ground a grand project that should have happened a long time ago: making the federal government communicative, open, and transparent, bringing the White House into ...
shii 05/21/2009 6 4 1 4
RedState blogger ruins town council
Erick Erickson is the editor-in-chief of RedState. Erick Erickson is the model Republican blogger to serve in political office. Erick Erickson is shaming the entire city council of Macon, Georgia.
shii 05/05/2009 37 13 - 93
Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan endorse crypto-Ku Klux Klan
Remember when Tom Tancredo (R-CO) was included in the GOP debates for President of the United States? Even after he posted videos on YouTube ...
shii 04/13/2009 36 25 - 16
Matt Taibbi vs. Barack Obama: Got the Message, What's the Answer?
After reading Matt Taibbi's article on the scope of the recession and the very real government acquiescence ...
shii 03/21/2009 11 10 - 72
Rick Warren? You are not being kidded. Cut it out.
Please, STOP IT! Why are so many on both sides so hot about this? As a gay man, I was very disappointed at first to learn of this. Then it hit me. It’s not that Warren’s ...
shii 12/18/2008 84 8 - 16
"Young, Black Adolf Hitler". Nice joke, huh?
Election clerks are always getting up to such crazy antics! Even before they count the votes.
shii 10/23/2008 24 5 1 1
News media are concluding Barack Obama is about to choose Joe Biden for VP. Great news for McCain! McCain was a POW in Vietnam, and the combined military experience of Obama and Biden is zero. ...
shii 08/22/2008 51 33 1 25
Republicans Reject GOP Leadership on House Floor Today
I'm an intern in Barney Frank's DC office. Below the jump is a post from my blog ...
shii 07/24/2008 26 43 1 33
My dad and I think Lindsey Graham is preying on ignorance
Yesterday, Lindsey Graham, who wants a constitutional amendment to remove habeas corpus from people on American soil,
shii 06/14/2008 6 8 - -
$250,000 Clinton bundler posts to HILLARYIS44, admits to illegal contributions
Remember How could you forget, with posts like this? curiosityhasme Says: [ May 11th, 2008 at 6:47 pm ] While BHO is working toward one-size-fits-all Burkas,
shii 05/16/2008 96 38 - 24
The Assault on Reason Continues
I watched the Daily Show and Colbert Report tonight, filmed at 5PM in the midst of the New Hampshire brouhaha, and in light of the results we've now seen, I was cringing at the sheer ...
shii 01/08/2008 6 10 - 1
An Open Letter to Readers by Ann Coulter
A big surprise on Ann Coulter's website today! (although the site might be hard to reach right now) ...
shii 10/16/2007 21 11 - 11
Do you know what happened in Iraq today?
So guys, in case you didn't know we are apparently occupying some sort of foreign country, in the Middle East or thereabouts. Today a story popped up on al-Jazeera that I couldn't make any sense of. ...
shii 10/14/2007 12 14 - 1
Freeper confusion after Dearborn Republican debate
A two hour Republican debate in Dearborn, MI finished just now. I have about an hour to kill so I'm going to go through the ...
shii 10/09/2007 57 26 - 2
Who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?
shii 10/05/2007 2 3 - 74
CNN got bored with Gonzales almost the minute he resigned
The minute I got the news about Gonzales, I went to CNN to see their take. How am I not surprised?
shii 08/27/2007 37 6 - -
Shii's Amazing Election 2008 Pop Quiz!
2008 is still an open playing field and I'm betting even DKos readers might not know as much about the candidates as they think they do. So: quiz time ! Checking Wikipedia is cheating! 1. ...
shii 05/01/2007 14 2 - -
From an Angry Soldier
The following anonymous message was posted to craigslist by a soldier and widow in San Francisco. One thing people have noted ...
shii 04/23/2007 222 188 4 7
Who do YOU need to support for 2008? The Republican, Ron Paul!
Dear Daily Kos: I have never made a political contribution in my life. Sure, I've done things like tell my parents to vote for Kucinich for me when I was 17 (they obliged), but I haven't seen any ...
shii 04/18/2007 63 5 - 15
NYT front page: Oh, those "Nasty Blogs"!
Is it too late to bring civility to the Web? The conversational free-for-all on the Internet known as the blogosphere can be a prickly and unpleasant place. Now, a few high-profile ...
shii 04/09/2007 36 18 - 34
How far we've come. (A belated Gerald Ford eulogy)
The Internet and my life are moving so fast these days that this seems like old news, but Ford's funeral was only yesterday. I was heading to Minnesota for my second semester of school, coming back ...
shii 01/03/2007 8 8 - -
Barney Frank wrote back to me personally
shii 08/05/2006 20 7 - 2
U.S. threatens Sweden with trade sanctions over The Pirate Bay
shii 06/22/2006 6 7 - -
Tony Snow-- the first Freeper in the executive branch?
shii 04/26/2006 12 13 - 1
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