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Don’t Ask Me What I’m Going to Do About Those “Retarded People”
Don’t ask the front desk how long “those people” are going to be here. People with special needs have the right to use this public space, just like you. Don’t go up to the caretaker and ...
shiobe 05/12/2015 6 26 - -
"What did you do to piss God off so much he killed your child?"
"What did you do to piss god off so much he killed your child?" My mother-in-law carried those words to her grave. Her second child died a few days after birth from a heart defect. That was how her ...
shiobe 09/03/2014 190 404 6 -
My father "disowns" my husband because he was raised on welfare
Welfare. My father considers it a dirty word. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and WIC (Special Supplemental Nutrition Program ...
shiobe 08/06/2013 300 371 5 -
Even JPL Presenters Treat Boys and Girls Differently
It’s an uphill battle for girls who like science. This was expressed too clearly during a JPL presentation at my local library this past Saturday. I and my husband attended the program, mainly ...
shiobe 01/23/2013 267 222 2 -
Of Religion and Public School or Do You Really Think It Doesn't Harm Students?
After reading this diary by Hunter about a state legislator in Texas trying to make it legal for only Hanukah and Christmas scenes in Texas schools, and listening to the arguments this past week ...
shiobe 12/22/2012 30 33 - -
Of Librarians and Dodos
After reading Bobbosphere’s excellent article on teachers and the impact of low wages, increased workloads and ineffective unions, I could not help but ponder my library system’s own turn to full-
shiobe 07/23/2012 13 8 - 55
We were too poor to save my mother
1993. October. My mother phoned me to tell me she had breast cancer. I was devastated. My family was poor, had no insurance and could not afford the $15,000 initial surgery. She had put off ...
shiobe 02/07/2012 96 331 3 1002
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