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Called out for using 'QA' as a verb ~ opinions welcomed
As a software developer and self-proclaimed geek of many years I have seen many words repurposed and mangled to reflect our new technologies and actions. Words like Tweet, which used to be the ...
shivan 12/13/2013 65 10 - -
Perception is Reality
I wrote this as a guest post on another blog. The other blog is about John McAfee and the saga of him being named as a "person of interest" in a murder in Belize and then hiding from the Belize ...
shivan 04/07/2013 2 1 - -
Can we be done with the obesity/fat diaries now?
3 out of the 12 top rec diaries have to do with the obesity issue. Have we discussed this enough so that we can move on? It all started with some doctor who I had never heard of commenting on Chris ...
shivan 02/10/2013 90 30 - -
I'm done with Huffington Post
They are mostly an aggregator of news stories from other sources. Then they add in their own opinion pieces, etc. That was cool because it made it a one stop shop of sorts. I got just enough of ...
shivan 10/27/2012 70 34 - -
Jewish - nationality, religion or ethnicity?
I want to preface this before anyone gets all up in my face... This diary is meant as a real question. Religion: We all know that someone can practice the Jewish faith, Judaism. Going to synagogue,
shivan 09/29/2012 29 5 - 160
Where does one go from here?
OK, I am not an eloquent diarist...nor do I have any nifty clips from news sources to cite or profound analysis of anything. This diary is about me, and the many other Americans like me. You know ...
shivan 11/22/2010 24 16 - 242
Arnold jeered in Santa Rosa
shivan 04/08/2005 12 16 - -
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