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Meanwhile, back at Romney-Ryan campaign headquarters...
siddharthasays 11/06/2012 4 5 - -
Stop Picking on The Romneys!
Her life hasn't been easy, okay. Once, when she and her husband were living off of stock dividends and not going into debt to attend college, she had to eat off a table made from a freaking door, ...
siddharthasays 09/23/2012 36 10 - 207
Photo Diary: Fun with the Romneys
A day late and a meme short. Just some fun times with the Romneys (and a way for me to learn how to post images in diaries). "You and your student loans...what a bunch of moochers."
siddharthasays 09/20/2012 4 2 - 93
Welcome to My Happy Place ~ Quad Skate Love...Updated with comments from HOT STEPPING GRANNY!
Over the course of these 41 years, I’ve tried my hand at any number of hobbies, crafts, and disciplines. A short list might include music lessons (voice, drum and piano), artistic endeavors (...
siddharthasays 09/17/2012 46 31 - 316
the washington effect
gratitude and much respect to all of the people knocking on doors and spreading the truth about the election. you are obama's much vaunted 'ground game,' and i and everyone who shares your ideals ...
siddharthasays 10/15/2008 1 - 1 1
the last time i lost everything
in 2001, i paddled my way deep into the woods of canada. i and a small group of friends were on a 10-day canoe trip in ontario's algonquin provincial park. it was beautiful and wild, full of star-...
siddharthasays 10/14/2008 66 102 9 182
how my sisters outed me on christmas eve
gratitude and much respect to all the folks sharing their coming out stories. i was inspired by [ rserven] and by [
siddharthasays 10/11/2008 29 54 1 67
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