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Connect! New York
Group to help Connect! Unite! New York Kossacks
Environmental Foodies
For all who eat and are concerned about the environment, food security and food safety, and lots of recipes.
New York City
'The Talk of the Town' because Blue City News is useful in a Purple Nation. Discuss what is in the papers and on the local blogs, the Political news and upcoming elections with elected officials and candidate spotlights. News of upcoming public hearings and reviews after. Parks and recreation events, zoos and botanical gardens. Green Market news and local farming events. Lincoln Center, on and off the Broadway stage, gallery talk and museum news. NYC movie premieres with upcoming shows and conc...
New York State
This is a group dedicated to covering, you guessed it, the Federal, State and local politics of the Empire State.
The definition of SLUT seems now to be ANY WOMAN USING BIRTH CONTROL or ANY ONE CONCERNED AND FIGHTING FOR WOMEN'S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH (according to the GOP) FINE! We are sluts and PROUD OF IT As with "Slut Walks" we will own the word and take the power of the word away.
Sustainable Food and Agriculture
This group addresses food & agricultural issues. Folks in this group dream of a day when agriculture is a way to make the environment cleaner and healthier, promote biodiversity, provide meaningful employment and fair wages to farmers and farmworkers, and provide us with healthy and delicious food.

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