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Wells Fargo Home Preservation Workshops - next one, St. Paul, MN 2/17/10
I just read the rec listed diary Obamas HAMP Saved My Home . I must start off by saying that I am SO happy for ...
silentreader 01/22/2010 3 3 - 92
Kos, Sarah Palin's kid getting pregnant doesn't make her a lazy mom
I just watched the segment with Markos on with Lawrence O'Donnell and while I agree with the majority of the analysis of Sarah Palin's work ethic, I strongly disagree with the sentiment stated about ...
silentreader 09/18/2009 198 12 2 43
Welcome Back Wishes for Laura Ling, Euna Lee and Diplomacy!
Ok - this is not a "legal" diary I guess, but I didn't see any live blog to express my appreciation for teh AWESOME team of DEM strength that we have. It is so nice to welcome Americans backs home! ...
silentreader 08/05/2009 24 7 2 23
Maybe you forgot - I haven't. Michael Jackson, Thank You!
Maybe you forgot Ryan White, or AIDS in Africa, We Are The World, or Heal The World. Well I HAVE NOT. So all you posting "just another Anna Nicole", or "whatever", or some of the more nasty ...
silentreader 06/25/2009 834 499 9 344
A party CANNOT have Family Values - Can we move on now?
Republicans - with 2 scandals in the course of 2 weeks and more I'm sure in the shadows, I would like to call a truce. I see a way back for you. I would like to propose a solution to the ...
silentreader 06/24/2009 17 3 - 9
Rush Caller gives him the SMACKDOWN!!!!
Well, the windbag himself got served up by one of his own today...and even got called a NAZI! By a Republican - more below the jump.
silentreader 04/07/2009 461 861 25 42
Just an observation on the auto v. financial industry debate
Many have argued that there is a lot of bias in favor of Wall St. over Main St. As a whole, I agree. But I do not believe that I have seen this bias demonstrated by Obama as some here have claimed. ...
silentreader 03/30/2009 6 6 2 25
Jack Welch - read your own damn book!
Yesterday Jack Welch was on Morning Joe spouting off about how the President should only be focusing on the economy right now. It has become the theme of the week from Republicans - that President ...
silentreader 03/10/2009 23 30 - 45
White House Secret Service all smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!
This comes from Fox.... Hopefully everyone had an opportunity to see the spontaneous rally outside of the White House for Obama. More below...
silentreader 11/04/2008 8 10 3 1
Updated:ATF discovered Skinhead plot to Kill Obama and over 100 AA"s
BREAKING on MSNBC ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms)said it has disrupted Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama and kill 102 African-American ...
silentreader 10/27/2008 710 686 18 86
90 year old OHIO woman, facing foreclosure, attempts suicide
Now this sh*t is Un-American! While the Unable/Unstable ticket takes this election for a joke, putting more focus on gimmicks than real solutions, Americans are losing everything. Between Palin and ...
silentreader 10/03/2008 25 16 - 4
BREAKING!! McCain camp flips out backstage after debate!
As the guy from Arizona went up against the dude from Chicago, the winner was clear and the the other side IS NOT HAPPY!!!! Video after the jump....
silentreader 09/26/2008 22 13 - 4
Not the first time McCain has cut and run from Debates!
Well, by now all of America has been fed the line that John McCain wants to delay the debate scheduled for tomorrow because of the current economic crisis. He is being the "maverick" that he has ...
silentreader 09/25/2008 11 20 1 -
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