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Democrats: Stop negotiating with yourselves on guns
As we have learned from Obama’s hard-line approach on the fiscal curb negotiations, it can be very helpful and rewarding to take a stand at the left edge when you know you have the upper hand in ...
simon551 12/17/2012 48 2 - -
Love Rachel. But she's wrong. No to appeasement! (poll)
I'm a huge fan of Dr. Maddow, and I appreciate much of what she is arguing with regard to the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on 5/31, but I disagree. I disagree with two main points of the ...
simon551 05/23/2008 20 4 - -
letter to my Governor
This is my letter to my Governor, the Governor of Oregon who I heard yesterday on NPR talking about how HRC offers the best leadership for Oregon and the Northwest. I didn't much elaborate on my ...
simon551 04/25/2008 2 3 - -
bring back the Wright stuff
The wingers are going to keep bringing up this Wright controversy, and I believe the only way to combat it is to educate people about what he said and the truth and appropriateness of it. I am a ...
simon551 03/22/2008 21 6 - -
am I kicked off the Obama campaign team?
Umm. Okay, so I'm not really "on the campaign" but I am a supporter-I've given some money and I do what I can to tell people about him. I've said many times that 9/11 was brought on by America's ...
simon551 03/14/2008 40 4 - 8
good endorsement, bad message
Short note by an outside observer and (new) supporter of the Obama (GObama!) campaign. Obviously the endorsement of Obama by Ted Kennedy is very good news for the campaign. It's a huge endorsement ...
simon551 01/29/2008 5 1 - -
he talks a good one
I bet you thought you'd open this and read that Barack Obama is all talk with no substance. Sorry, this post is about John Edwards health care plan. John Edwards, the populist who vows to "take on ...
simon551 01/10/2008 9 1 - -
Election Overhaul
simon551 06/13/2006 4 2 - -
Election Overhaul Calls For High-tech Approach
simon551 09/19/2005 8 - - -
Spectacular Terrorism and the Terrorism of the Spectacle
simon551 09/13/2005 5 2 - -
Why don't we all have a recall by Bill Maher
simon551 09/09/2005 18 29 3 10
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