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Maybe we need to take another look at the TN Congressional Redistricting Map.
Go take a look at the Congressional redistricting map again. Especially Shelby County, of course. Notice that little ...
sjs1959 01/08/2012 7 6 1 81
Schumer threw Ford under the bus?
Chuck Schumer doesn't play, does he? In a puff piece written about the New York Democrat in this morning's Chicago Sun-Times, written by the Prince of Darkness himself, Robert Novak, out came this ...
sjs1959 11/27/2006 62 7 - 8
Why I'm NOT voting for Harold Ford this year
sjs1959 10/16/2006 282 8 - 39
How are the Ford folks going to spin this one?
sjs1959 05/08/2006 17 1 - 1
So you like Harold Ford Junior, eh? Read this!
sjs1959 08/21/2005 63 8 1 10
What Great Timing....
sjs1959 05/26/2005 2 1 - 2
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