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Wisconsin courts recognize adoption by same-sex married couples
At least our local courts here get it and are finally recognizing joint adoptions by married same-sex couples. Straight married couples take that right for granted. Dane County judges have begun ...
skrekk 09/11/2014 2 13 - -
9th Circuit gets best possible panel for marriage equality
Today the 9th Circuit court of appeals named its panel of judges to review several marriage equality cases at 1pm PDT on Tuesday September 8th, and civil rights hit the jackpot again just like it ...
skrekk 09/01/2014 45 21 - -
Nevada is revising its anti-gay arguments
This is interesting - in response to a ruling earlier this week in the 9th Circuit which analyzed the Windsor v US ruling and found that it implies heightened scrutiny in regards to sexual ...
skrekk 01/24/2014 9 4 - -
Gay Catholic fired
I'm utterly disgusted, yet not sure how I feel about this: an openly gay music director at a local Catholic church was recently fired due to ...
skrekk 09/18/2008 35 11 - 1
FISA: Yes We Can
OK, maybe we can't do much to stop a bad bill from passing, but there are a few things we can do as a grassroots movement, both inside and outside of the political process. Don't blame Obama; as a ...
skrekk 06/20/2008 27 14 1 1
Pentagon retribution is effective
Air Force Colonel Morris Davis, former chief prosecutor at Gitmo, was denied the Defense Meritorious Service Medal , ...
skrekk 05/29/2008 9 13 - 4
Tortured editorials
I hadn't seen this diaried yet, so my apologies if it has been (also for the extensive article quotes). Nothing will be new here for those of you concerned about this issue, but I want to direct ...
skrekk 03/18/2008 5 4 - 3
UN harboring WMD; Bush attacks
Today the United Nations was found to be sequestering vast amounts of nerve gas and other WMD, presumably for a planned invasion of the United ...
skrekk 08/30/2007 4 2 - -
MSM vs nationalism & censorship
An excellent article on April 10th at by Gary Kamiya about media self-censorship from 9/11 to the war ...
skrekk 04/12/2007 9 2 - 2
Ethics of a Libby Pardon: updated w/poll
In the more conservative of the two local daily papers (count them - two! ...and owned by the same parent company) in Madison, WI, there was a ...
skrekk 03/09/2007 25 4 - 2
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