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Scotland: Vote No
I may be an outsider, but that gives me some perspective. For the love of all that is holy, vote No on independence. The separatists are selling you snake oil. Like red states in America, you send ...
slothlax 09/17/2014 157 5 - -
Some random black dude just gave the State of the Union Address
slothlax 02/12/2013 29 3 - -
Hey America: F#ck you!
Yeah, we know you came together and gave Barack Hussein Obama the largest percentage of the vote since 1988, two elections in a row. We know you just said you want a random liberal northern black ...
slothlax 01/29/2013 16 3 - -
This made me smile
I noticed an obsolete tab as I was going through a filing cabinet at my Army reserve unit today: The folder was empty. Progress is a beautiful thing. Thanks boss.
slothlax 01/25/2013 9 25 - -
AWB as a bargaining chip
Barack Obama should offer up the federal assault weapons ban in favor of closing the gun show loophole and better regulation of the interstate gun trade.
slothlax 01/15/2013 12 - 1 -
2014: Lay of the land in the House
Using the New York Times election map, I created a list of House seats where the winner received less than 60% of the vote and the loser received more than 40%. I began my task with the idea that ...
slothlax 01/13/2013 3 5 - -
2016: Dukakis leads the way
I went to one of my favorite sites,, and looked at the elections from 1988 to 2012 to see what the battleground map looks like historically. Follow me to orange infinity and beyond!
slothlax 01/07/2013 123 46 2 -
I didn't realize I am the health care problem
Because it seems like I'm the one asked to pay for it. From what I can tell, the health care mandate means I have to start buying health insurance. This is why I vote for Democrats? So my monthly ...
slothlax 03/31/2012 22 6 - 126
Canada's Liberals adopt pot legalization
Saw this story just now at ...
slothlax 01/19/2012 13 17 - 153
The Bush tax cuts were temporary
That's how they were sold to the American people and that's how the CBO scored them at the time. Why are we not highlighting that?
slothlax 05/05/2011 16 6 - 89
My experience with Daily Kos in Iraq
Five years ago this month, the soldiers, sailors, and airmen that comprised the 403rd Civil Affairs Battalion (your truly included) piled onto a chartered aircraft and embarked for a tour in Iraq. ...
slothlax 04/23/2011 131 236 2 1148
Egypt Repubs taking power! omg!
I have not been following the minute to minute details of the Egyptian uprising, but I am thinking about it a lot, both in global political terms and domestic political terms.
slothlax 02/11/2011 9 1 - 96
Obama "loses" campus vote?
Sorry if this isn't a particularly long or well researched diary, but a thought just came to me that I haven't heard voiced over the last week or so.
slothlax 06/01/2008 30 - - 3
BREAKING: Court tells military to prove gays are bad
Don't have a lot of information, but MSNBC just reported that a decision came down against the policy of dismissing military personnel simply because they are gay. Here's ...
slothlax 05/22/2008 28 33 2 17
So moderate Muslims are pussys, eh?
I know Benazir Bhutto's assassination has been covered here extensively, but I would like to add my two cents. A frequent cry from conservatives is "Where are the moderate Muslim voices? Why aren'...
slothlax 12/28/2007 35 6 - 2
Alright HRC fans, win over this voter
I want to give Hillary backers the chance to make their case. I've seen a lot of horse race stuff, campaign tactics stuff, but very little about what Hillary has actually accomplished in her career.
slothlax 12/15/2007 84 4 - 2
Minorities and the GOP
I've thought about this before, but for some reason it has resurfaced in my mind recently. For all the contemptible ways this Administration has behaved over the years, the diversity of the Cabinet ...
slothlax 12/14/2007 30 2 - 2
America is way better than Iraq, trust me
So I spent a year in Iraq, during which I read, posted, or diaried on DailyKos several times a week, if not several times a day, depending on my work schedule. I took a month off when I got home ...
slothlax 06/03/2007 21 26 1 139
Cleaning up Iraqis' shit: An analogy
As one comes to expect in the army, the day I anticipated was not the day I experienced yesterday. To begin with, I showed up for duty an hour late because, unbeknownst to me, we had "sprung forward"
slothlax 04/03/2007 19 5 - 2
Mmm, pasgetti
Most army folks don't have to cook their own meals. There's army cooks or a mess hall to take care of that wherever you go. But now I'm living away from the base and the enormous chow hall, with ...
slothlax 02/28/2007 46 18 - 11
Tribute to a fallen hero
Captain Brian Freeman was not your stereotypical military hero. He didn't sigle handedly destroy a rifle platoon while saving three comrades' lives and losing his left leg and right arm. He will ...
slothlax 02/16/2007 13 24 1 155
Breaking-KDP Mosul headquarters attacked
The KDP, the biggest Iraqi Kurdish political party, just had its Mosul headquarters bombed today. At least four killed and 26 ...
slothlax 01/15/2007 29 32 - 16
The army takes a step forward, is it enough?
While there have been many obvious problems with the Iraq campaign thus far, as any observer of this site has known for quite some time, is the effort doomed to failure? Is there nothing the ...
slothlax 01/07/2007 51 5 - 2
Spitzer-Leading by example
There was a Spitzer diary already, but it was just a cut and paste of the link in the intro (no body). So I will try and give a little bit more here.
slothlax 12/08/2006 9 9 1 -
DKos is NOT banned in the military
I don't know who started the urban legend, but I see almost it everytime I or another service member posts here. Someone will say "I thought Daily Kos was censored on military computers." Well, ...
slothlax 11/30/2006 29 25 - 17
NY-25 Shoutout to Dan
slothlax 11/08/2006 13 5 - 3
Good luck today
slothlax 11/07/2006 9 3 - 2
Read this Iraq story
slothlax 10/29/2006 10 5 1 3
Why the media is wrong on Iraq
slothlax 10/18/2006 36 8 - 2
Don't forget Bagram
slothlax 10/05/2006 15 7 - 3
Tribalism and socialism in Iraq
slothlax 08/31/2006 32 15 2 147
Democrats and violence
slothlax 08/11/2006 21 6 - -
One soldier's typical day
slothlax 07/28/2006 12 19 - 73
Hello from the sandbox
slothlax 06/23/2006 461 298 9 163
Fourway split
slothlax 06/10/2006 8 - - -
So long shithead
slothlax 06/08/2006 47 15 1 10
Abortion skeptic
slothlax 06/05/2006 72 1 1 1
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