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Ro Khanna thinks teachers don't deserve pensions? CA-17
"Right Turn" Ro Khanna Ro Khanna is nominally a Democrat running against current Congressman Honda,
slowbutsure 09/25/2014 22 33 - -
Education: Mike Honda vs. Ro Khanna #CA17
Sunnyvale High School ~ 1971 Congressman Mike Honda believes that "igniting the American Dream" begins in the classroom. But, he recognizes that attaining it is endangered by an opportunity gap in ...
slowbutsure 09/11/2014 20 18 1 -
Update: trapped a feral kitten: now what?
First of all, thank you to all who supported me with advice in the diary. Not every bit was germane to my situation, but the support was very comforting. Quick back-story: Kidlet noticed a feral ...
slowbutsure 11/12/2013 138 146 - -
Help! Trapped the feral cat; now what?
Kidlet trapped a feral kitten (?) she noticed on her college campus last night. I am not sure exactly what to do next. Poor thing is so tired it stopped hissing and growing, so we covered the cat ...
slowbutsure 11/09/2013 96 33 - -
Macca's Meatless Mondays
Welcome to Meatless Mondays! This week I am subbing for the fabulous beach babe in florida , aka VL Miller . in this weekly series we have been discussing the benefits of a vegetarian diet ...
slowbutsure 07/22/2013 39 22 2 -
WTF Trader Joe's?
Outside the Trader Joe’s nearest my house (where charities occasionally ask for donations) today there was a sign stating that solicitations would no longer be allowed, inside the store, outside ...
slowbutsure 06/11/2012 51 12 - 438
Does Social Fear dictate Racial Stereotyping? (w/ poll)
The April 17-23, 2010 issue of New Scientist magazine has an article entitled “No fear of strangers, no racial prejudice” by Andy Coghlan. Sorry, I couldn’t find ...
slowbutsure 04/30/2010 7 3 - 32
Babblin' 'Bout bubbles (economic)
One of the earliest documented economic bubbles was the tulip bubble in Holland, which burst in autumn of 1635. From 'The Tulip' section of Michael Pollen's "Botany of Desire": As ...
slowbutsure 02/11/2009 27 3 1 13
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