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Giuliani's Legal Eagles
Of all the Republicans who've thus far declared their intention to seek the presidency in 2008, Rudy Giuliani strikes me as the one that liberals could ...
smencimer 03/13/2007 7 - - -
A citizens' movement without any citizens
Cross-posted from The Tortellini I'm always amused at how tort reformers like to come up with names for their front groups that suggest that theirs is ...
smencimer 03/12/2007 3 1 - 4
How insurance companies create tort reformers
While I was researching my book , I tracked down a story that had been circulating during debates over ...
smencimer 01/11/2007 11 18 1 140
Workers Comp: Lousy for workers and even worse for injured patients..
Cross posted from The Tortellini Philip Howard, the founder of the pro-tort reform group Common Good , had ...
smencimer 01/09/2007 8 7 - 4
When Tort Reform Backfires
Cross-posted from The Tortellini One thing that always heartens me is the way the dynamic American legal system continues to confound the corporate ...
smencimer 01/05/2007 4 6 1 11
The Myth of Defensive Medicine
Cross-posted from The Tortellini: Throughout all the big medical malpractice debates in recent years, doctors' groups and their political supporters ...
smencimer 01/03/2007 7 5 - 3
Home Despot: Bob Nardelli and his fear of public scrutiny
Cross Posted from The Tortellini : I was reading Gretchen Morgenson's column($) in the New York Times Sunday and heartened to see her give ...
smencimer 01/02/2007 8 10 - 10
What Big Business gets for its money in judicial elections
cross posted from The Tortellini : Much of the media coverage of the nasty state judicial elections in recent years has focused on the millions of ...
smencimer 12/21/2006 2 12 - 133
Tort reform: the beast that just won't die.
Cross-posted from The Tortellini Last month's election may have signaled a hiatus in the tort wars for a while, but that doesn't mean we've seen the end of business attacks on the legal system. ...
smencimer 12/20/2006 42 6 1 3
Obama's Anti-Consumer Vote
As Obama-mania sweeps across the land and has Democrats everywhere buzzing, I find myself a bit wary of it all. Not that I'm a single-issue voter, but when it comes to civil justice issues, ...
smencimer 12/07/2006 36 5 - 5
Why we still need juries
Cross-posted from The Tortellini : If you listen to tort reform debates long enough, you'll hear a common refrain about the tort system's "...
smencimer 12/06/2006 3 3 - 7
Texas: Magnet for Dangerous Doctors?
Cross-posted from The Tortellini : In 2003, the state of Texas instituted a $250,000 cap on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice suits, and made ...
smencimer 12/05/2006 7 4 - -
Following the blue-ribbon money
Cross-posted from The Tortellini New York Times columnist Floyd Norris has a great post on his blog ...
smencimer 12/01/2006 1 3 - 12
Breast implant redux?
Cross-posted from The Tortellini , a new blog on law and politics. The FDA's recent ...
smencimer 11/29/2006 1 3 - -
Homeland Security's legal loophole
Cross-posted from The Tortellini ... The Washington Post ...
smencimer 11/28/2006 4 6 - 2
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