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No further gun restrictions - better
It may be that the better, progressive policy response to gun violence at this time would be to stay away from any further restrictions on the types of guns and ammunition that can be sold legally .
smgoma 01/30/2013 38 6 - -
Climate change denier can't read (or tell the truth)
In an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal on April 22, 2010, Richard Lindzen, a leading climate ...
smgoma 04/22/2010 13 16 - 22
Time for the "nuclear option"
Given the stalemate in the Senate, it's time to use the nuclear option.
smgoma 12/18/2009 9 6 1 47
"An irresponsible statement by an ignorant man"
In the spring of 1915, Allied forces, led by Britain but including many Australian, New Zealand and other Commonwealth (ANZAC) troops, conducted a disastrous campaign to capture the Gallipoli ...
smgoma 08/23/2009 6 8 - 11
Republican doing what we should be doing
We are wasting far too much energy on the "birthers" and "deathers". It is fun to debunk such outrageous claims, but our message gets lost in the process, especially on something like end-of-life ...
smgoma 08/14/2009 15 2 - 1
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