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Group Last Diary
DKos Twitterings -- In Election Cycles, this Group will function as a uncoordinated-Campaign Rapid Response Team, coordinating DailyKos with Twitter via Tweeting the diary out from DailyKos itself, and by asking all Kossacks who currently use Twitter, to please RT (retweet) when they see the #DKos_TWEETers hashtag. Outside of Election cycles? Kossacks can use the hashtag to get stories of interest to the Community out to the Twitterverse.
I ♥ Democratic Socialism
In "Why I Write" (1946), George Orwell wrote a sentence that inspires this group: "Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it." Democracy and socialism belong together, and neither democracy nor socialism is deserving of its name without incorporating the other. This group discusses and agitates for both, together. Without democracy, what was often labeled "socialism...
Intentional Community Research and Development
IC R&D will research and discuss all aspects of intentional communities: mission, strategy, goals, governance, finances, resources (land, housing, facilities, infrastructure, equipment, supplies...), membership, etc. Rubrics for site and membership. Membership, funding and site searches. IC R&D will create &/or incubate site(s), if there is sufficient understanding, agreement, interest and "intent".
North Carolina BLUE
Dedicated to making the Old North State a bastion of sanity in the South
The First and The Fourth
The First and the Fourth Amendments enshrine some of the key elements of American Freedom and have been under siege by the US Government for decades. This group is dedicated to advancing and preserving these rights. "Leave the First and the Fourth Amendments alone and nothing gets broken".

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