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Ten Racially Based Systems that have reinforced racial inequality and promoted racism since 1619
These systems have been sustained via legal and/or extralegal measures from the colonial period to today. What's clear is that they have been around since 1619 and they result in economic and social ...
smkyle1 11/30/2014 6 13 1 -
How many unarmed people die when they encounter law enforcement?
Want to know how many unarmed people police kill a year? a month? Curious about how frequently deadly force is used and under what conditions? Seems like the kind of data that should be easy enough ...
smkyle1 08/18/2014 32 32 2 -
The Hidden Shackles and Chains on the Statue of Liberty
The story behind the creation of the Statue of Liberty was suppressed for more than 125 years. Finally, the National Park Service includes literature that explains the shackles and chains.
smkyle1 07/08/2014 29 35 - -
Another Black Teenager Shot by Law Enforcement - They Claim He Was Going for His Waistband
My cousin called to tell me that his neighbor, an 18 year old black man, was shot multiple times by law enforcement in a case they admit was mistaken identity. They were trying to apprehend a murder ...
smkyle1 05/19/2014 67 182 4 -
A Black Woman Learns that She Too has Privilege
I published a piece earlier today about my take on the way whites view racial issues. In response to my piece, an awesome DailyKos regular commented, "I've been saying for a long time now that ...
smkyle1 04/18/2014 91 248 2 -
Noah Cast Intentionally All White
As with many sectors of America’s economy, the entertainment industry is notorious for its long history of blatant racial discrimination. A half century ago, the wholesale exclusion of actors of ...
smkyle1 04/18/2014 38 32 2 -
Public Airwaves Myth
These days it's hard to argue with people who believe the major political struggle in this country is not between the Left and the Right but is between the top and the bottom. I'm convinced they are ...
smkyle1 12/20/2013 29 31 3 -
The New Jim Crow
Per capita, the United States incarcerates more of its citizens than any industrialized nation in the world. Over 2.3 million Americans are living behind bars. According to a report in the New ...
smkyle1 10/12/2013 6 21 - -
Shutdown Waived for Congressional Gym
The exclusive Congressional health club in Washington D.C. which is subsidized by taxpayer dollars, is closed to the public - only members of Congress are granted access. As with other taxpayer ...
smkyle1 10/09/2013 3 3 - -
Is Race a Problem for the Left?
I procrastinated in writing this piece. Then I delayed the process by not making it public. Perhaps because the first part of this story got attacked by a bunch of rightwing idealogues. Few ...
smkyle1 07/03/2013 338 113 5 -
NN14 Still Lacking Racial Diversity
Netroots Nation is in California! I'm at one of the largest gatherings of progressives in the country writing to you from a hotel in the wee hours of the morning of the third day of the Netroots ...
smkyle1 06/22/2013 99 40 1 -
If Your House Was on Fire, Would You Whisper, "Fire"
First Lady Michelle Obama made headlines after being interrupted as she was giving a talk at a D.C. fundraiser. Ellen Sturtz -- an outspoken activist for the gay rights group GetEQUAL -- demanded ...
smkyle1 06/16/2013 8 6 - -
Did the NRA block the use Explosive Taggant Technology?
After the tragic bombing at the Boston Marathon, and while the authorities were frantically searching for the perpetrators “OccupyTheNRA” posted a graphic on Facebook that said, "We have ...
smkyle1 04/20/2013 13 38 - -
NN13 Booth Contest
I ran a campaign to win a free booth at the upcoming NN13 in San Jose. I didn't mention it here but today is the last day and I have a slight chance of winning so I thought I'd ask those of you who ...
smkyle1 03/12/2013 1 1 - -
Empathy and Race
Many years ago, in conversation over dinner with a man I had just started dating, we got on to the topic of Thomas Jefferson. Turns out we were both reading Jefferson biographies. It didn't take ...
smkyle1 11/11/2012 39 77 4 -
Racist Rants in Post-Racial America
My husband and I publish an on-line social justice magazine. We are a bi-racial couple (he's White - I'm Black) and have posted a picture of ourselves in the "About Us" section of our site since its ...
smkyle1 11/09/2012 86 97 3 -
LA Progressive on Hidden Racism
Recently, Daniel Politi wrote a piece for that began, "In the four years since the United States elected the country’s first black president, a majority of Americans express outright ...
smkyle1 10/29/2012 6 7 - -
Diversity and Democracy
I had a strong bond with my uncle Leopold -- my mother's brother. He lived with us for most of my childhood and teenage years. He was quick witted and fun - but most of all, he was loving. He ...
smkyle1 10/22/2012 9 9 - -
Passing Without a Will
In the last couple of diary entries I talked about losing my brother-in-law. As of this writing, we still don't know the cause of death. To recap, on Sunday, Sept 30, 2012 my husband received a ...
smkyle1 10/05/2012 21 9 1 116
Probate Attorney in Nevada
A couple of days ago I wrote about the sudden and unexpected passing of my brother-in-law. He had just celebrated his 58th birthday. All outward appearances suggested that he was doing great. My ...
smkyle1 10/03/2012 5 1 - 51
Sudden and Unexpected
Yesterday my husband received a call from his brother in Hawaii. He has three brothers - no sisters and he (my husband) is the eldest (or is it oldest? I can never remember). The four brothers are ...
smkyle1 10/01/2012 41 10 - 184
Remembering 9/11
It was June 2001 and I was the proud mother of a soon-to-be Vassar College graduate. My mom and I flew from Los Angeles, where we live, to New York to attend the graduation and also to visit old ...
smkyle1 09/12/2012 1 - - 4
Medicare, Poverty, and Alzheimers
I started to write this piece with a pounding headache. My husband, Dick, sensing that something was wrong, asked -€“ in the kindest way possible -€“ what was the matter? For reasons I don't ...
smkyle1 08/17/2012 9 12 - 50
Good Luck MSL Team at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Almost by serendipity, I found myself working at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) beginning in the late 1980's. People tend to think of scientists, engineers and astronauts when they think of ...
smkyle1 08/05/2012 6 15 - 58
The Other N Word - Nappy
I was having a particularly stressful day trying to find a good Adult Day Care provider for my mother who has Alzheimers when I got a Facebook message from a friend. My friend messaged me about the ...
smkyle1 08/04/2012 40 15 - 309
From the Bronx to Netroots Nation
I was born and spent most of my childhood in the Bronx, NY. My parents moved into an apartment in the Edenwald Public Housing Projects when I was less than 6 months old. We lived there until I was ...
smkyle1 07/21/2012 3 9 - 35
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