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My family's experiences with Martin Luther King at the Selma Civil Rights March
When my brothers and sister were little in the mid 1960's, my parents were very active in politics and the Civil Rights Movement in the South. In March 1965, our father piled us in the car to drive ...
smokey545 03/07/2015 6 27 - -
Okay. First official Obamacare numbers are in. Lets go over numbers
Okay. First official Obamacare numbers are in. Lets go over numbers. Health and Human Services released the numbers from October 1 to November 2, 2013 both state run exchanges and federally ran ...
smokey545 11/13/2013 22 14 - -
Have Russian prisons returned to days of the GULAG? Yes, according to Pussy Riot.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the jailed members of Pussy Riot after being transferred to one of the worst Russian prisons has began a hunger strike against the barbaric conditions at her prison:
smokey545 09/23/2013 9 11 1 -
Remember today is * 100 City Vigil * Justice for Trayvon * Saturday, Noon July 20 * Federal Bldg
Remember today is the * 100 City Vigil * Justice for #Trayvon * Saturday, Noon July 20 at your City's Federal Court Building around the country. Different organizations have scheduled their event ...
smokey545 07/20/2013 1 10 - -
Only Hours after Court decision: Texas Photo ID now required for voting in Texas
Wow. Texas did not waste any time. Only hours after the Supreme Court voided preclearance in the Voting Rights Act, the Texas Secretary of State imposed the new PHOTO ID law effective immediately: ...
smokey545 06/25/2013 36 27 - -
Why do we stand with the North Carolina Moral Monday Democrats? A photo mashup
I have communicated with North Carolina Democrats and read about the Moral Monday protests and arrests in North Carolina. The Democrats and other activists in North Carolina are speaking out against ...
smokey545 06/15/2013 11 31 - -
My family's experiences with Martin Luther King at the Selma Civil Rights March
When my brothers and sister were little in the mid 1960's, my parents were very active in politics and the Civil Rights Movement in the South. In March 1965, our father piled us in the car to drive ...
smokey545 01/21/2013 29 77 1 -
Funny and humorous Democratic bumper stickers making fun of Tea Party and RW Nuts
Okay, just can't resist making fun of the Tea Party and the RW Republicans during these tense Fiscal Cliff negotiations. Why oh why does the Tea Party drag us to the verge of collapse every few ...
smokey545 12/31/2012 9 16 - -
GOP votes to completely eliminate funding for Meals on Wheels and other horrible, cruel cuts.
Thank gosh, Boehner's Plan B failed to garner enough votes to pass the House and was pulled tonight but the big news was in the budget bill that did pass the U.S. House called the "Spending ...
smokey545 12/20/2012 6 16 1 -
Heads are exploding on Wall Street with Elizabeth Warren winning Senate Banking Committee seat
Wall Street profiteers may never recover as our favorite consumer advocate finally has achieved her dream and the dream of many others in the Middle Class. According to the Huffington Post: ...
smokey545 12/04/2012 215 562 8 -
Today was an important day for Obamacare and people with pre-existing conditions
Today was an important day for Obamacare since important rules governing the new Health Care Exchanges were issued by Health and Human Services with big fanfare today. Remember these are only ...
smokey545 11/20/2012 5 21 1 -
Our predictions for a near electoral college landslide beat Karl Rove.
I should be more humble but I think we did a better job than Karl Rove and Joe Scarborough, CNN and the Gallup Polls. Nate Silver final polls: This is ...
smokey545 11/11/2012 3 5 - -
I keep wondering why many of my GOP friends and co-workers are looking at me so funny after election
With all the vitroil directed by the GOP at us and President Obama, how do we bridge to gap? I keep wondering why many of my GOP friends and co-workers are looking at me so funny after President ...
smokey545 11/11/2012 30 17 - -
Video that will leave you rolling on the floor -->Romney Sings Concession!! Never seen on TV
Did you know that Mitt Romney recorded an alternative concession speech that we have received special permission to be released to be public? This never before seen footage was never played on ...
smokey545 11/08/2012 3 19 - -
All week long the Romney/Tea Party people have been whispering among themselves about Romney losing
Talk about shock and awe! I believe many Romney supporters really thought he was going to win. If you ask one of the Romney supporters what is so bad about Obama then ask them if they would ...
smokey545 11/08/2012 11 19 1 -
Possible Obama electoral landslide in the making if we complete our GOTV efforts
Unless the Florida Governor and Ohio Secretary of States are successful in suppressing the Democratic vote today and if everyone gets off their b#%*& and does their GOTV efforts, I predict a ...
smokey545 11/06/2012 26 22 - -
My experience at my local polling precinct deep in the heart of Texas
Being a Yellow Dog Democrat in Texas, I had to get all the "Obama 2012" signs together to put them up at our local polling place at our neighborhood precinct early this morning. Got up around 5:30 ...
smokey545 11/06/2012 18 34 - -
Revised: Going large and predicting that President Obama will take 348 electoral votes to 190 Romney
I was so encouraged with the enormous early voting lines and the latest Public Policy Polling headlines on North Carolina and Florida that I'm going to call this race almost another electoral ...
smokey545 11/05/2012 28 4 - -
Early voters in Florida are waiting up to six hours in line
As predicted, when Gov. Scott of Florida cut the early voting hours in half in Florida, the logistical problems would get really bad with early voting and today, Saturday, November 3, 2012 is the ...
smokey545 11/03/2012 19 19 - -
My experiences at our local early voting library in Texas
Today is Saturday in Texas and even though I voted on Monday, the day of early voting in Texas, I went down to our local library where early voting was in process. Early voting here in Houston, ...
smokey545 10/28/2012 20 30 - -
Why does racism still exist? After watching Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson On Racism In The GOP Party
As this election slips away from Mitt Romney, how to we address the problems of intolerance, bigotry and racism in our society so we can move forward to a better place? During the last stages of ...
smokey545 10/27/2012 8 7 - -
My experiences with phone banking GOTV with the Obama Campaign
Now, I'm not one of the most diligent phone callers for the Obama Campaign but I have had fun doing it. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating but one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. ...
smokey545 10/21/2012 58 114 4 -
Is "Romnesia" contagious? Some funny photos of "Romnesia"
Everyone has had fun with Obama's joke about Mitt Romney's "Romnesia." Well, everyone but the GOP. Around the Internet many people have spread the "Romnesia" around so it must be an extremely ...
smokey545 10/20/2012 7 9 - -
Dear GOP: Oops, what's that sound? That's the Democrats taking the U.S. Presidency
Dear GOP: Mess with Social Security & Medicare & you will have to come past me & millions of Democrats standing beside me. Yes, we now have backbone. Maybe we lost our some of our backbone over the ...
smokey545 10/20/2012 5 3 - -
An Electoral College Snapshot as of 10/19/12
From reviewing many of this week's swing state polling data, I have plugged those numbers into a working Excel spreadsheet because that how my mind works. I work on budgets and numbers all day and ...
smokey545 10/19/2012 12 7 - -
Do the Math. 99% + 47% + 50% Binders > 1% = Romney will lose on Election Day
Yes, Governor Mitt Romney, I am sure by this time you are starting to "Do the Math." 99% + 47% + 50% Binders > 1% and you are going to so lose on election day.
smokey545 10/18/2012 1 2 - -
Romney's Binders Full of Women. Humorous Illustrations
After the 2nd Presidential debate last night, the Internet is full of the latest meme. Where are Romney's Binders Full of Women? We'll try to investigate - ah ha, Hillary is on the case: ...
smokey545 10/17/2012 5 5 - -
Romney says: Candy Crowley, you are fired!
This is the way Mitt Romney wished the debate had gone last night.
smokey545 10/17/2012 7 3 - -
Who did Romney wish he had fired tonight? A cartoon montage. Debate Humor.
Okay. Time for the big Presidential debate and Mitt and Ann Romney have been worried all day about Mitt's performance. Let's see how the debate day went. Remember this is satire and any thoughts ...
smokey545 10/16/2012 1 4 - -
Electoral College Analysis with Worst Case Scenario
I was playing around with the 2012 Electoral College numbers state by state and wanted to see how hard Mitt Romney's "path to Electoral College victory" really is. So I took every swing state that ...
smokey545 10/15/2012 18 13 - -
Favorite and Funny Obama Biden bumper sticks spotted!
In the middle of this political season, the road is filled with many bumper stickers expressing their opinions. My wife suggested this "bumper sticker" diary as a way to get a laugh out of me ...
smokey545 10/14/2012 26 41 1 -
Is U.S. Supreme Court going to decide the 2012 election also?
If the Ohio Secretary of State gets his way and the U.S. Supreme Court agrees with him, the 2012 election could be decided again by the U.S. Supreme Court. Just like in 2000 with Gore winning the ...
smokey545 10/13/2012 10 4 - -
Speak for us about our core Democratic Party values!
We want President Obama and other Democratic candidates to speak for us! Speak up for the core values of the Democratic Party! Speak up for those that don't have a voice in today's political ...
smokey545 10/13/2012 2 1 - -
My Favorite Tweets after Joe Biden's Staggering Debate Win! Is Twitter effective or worth your time?
Okay I admit it! I've become a Twitter fan after diving into Social Media head-on. Been blogging for years and Webmaster for several web sites since the 1990's. But Twitter was a new thing I just ...
smokey545 10/12/2012 4 3 - -
Obama campaign sets a record in fundraising in September 2012 with over $181 million raised
The Obama campaign broke all records for 2012 in Presidential fundraising in September 2012 with broad support and the most number of small donations ever with over $181 million raised. The Obama ...
smokey545 10/07/2012 2 4 - 54
Why federal budgets are not boring? Really! Getting ready for the Biden Ryan VP debate.
If you want to understand the U.S. federal budget I suggest you back up and look at the forest instead of the trees. There will be a lot of talk about the U.S. federal budget as we prepare for the ...
smokey545 10/06/2012 4 7 - 66
Breaking news: Big Bird caught manipulating employment data
Breaking news: (SS News - Washington, DC): Four Sesame Street characters were caught last night at the Bureau of Labor Statistics hacking into the BLS computers to manipulate the latest employment ...
smokey545 10/05/2012 19 37 2 198
Romney fires Big Bird Sing-a-Long
Great hilarious video with Romney firing Big Bird and the whole Sesame Street crew One of the most decisive moments in last night's Presidential debate was when Romney told Jim Lehr that he and ...
smokey545 10/04/2012 3 5 - 47
What really happened at the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon Presidential debate?
Video footage of the first 1960 Presidential debate between John Kennedy and Richard Nixon The stage was set on September 26, 1960 with the current Vice-President Richard Nixon enjoying a slight ...
smokey545 10/03/2012 10 - - 117
My observations on the current nation-wide voter registration fraud allegations
My observations on the current nation-wide voter registration fraud allegations centering on Florida, Colorado, North Carolina and California as a past election judge and leader of voter ...
smokey545 10/01/2012 6 20 2 157
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