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If this is true...
If this is true, Israel the people as well as Israel the state have joined ranks with the Mississippi of a hundred years ago, the South Africa of fifty years ago, and it is time for the United ...
socalmonk 10/23/2012 20 4 - -
Russia Builds First of Eight Floating Nuclear Reactors
Russia is building the first of a proposed eight sea-going nuclear reactors, to be used to power fossil fuel exploration in the Arctic, in the hopes of claiming more Arctic territory and resources, ...
socalmonk 06/16/2011 29 10 - 166
Renting, Part III
In parts I and II, I described my experience with the perfect storm of plumbing and greedy, irresponsible landlords. It is nearly two and a half months since my rented house, my home of seventeen ...
socalmonk 12/15/2010 11 5 - 49
Renting, Part II
Renting, the parent of this diary, describes what happened when I experienced the perfect plumbing storm in the house I rent(ed) for some seventeen years. It was both home and workspace, but has ...
socalmonk 11/24/2010 14 9 2 42
Remembering Betty Eagle: A Demand For Peace and Justice
I got an email, then a call, from Cindy Piester of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions a week ago. Would I like to do the sound for a memorial park bench dedication in the Peace Garden in Plaza Park, ...
socalmonk 11/08/2010 4 4 - 33
It’s been a day. I met my friend, Jonathan at my house this morning at about nine. He has an old pick-up truck. I wrecked mine a few years ago coming home from an inipi ceremony...I poured ...
socalmonk 10/17/2010 21 21 - 204
Court Exempts Corporations from Alien Tort Law
A federal appeals court has ruled US corporations can no longer be sued for human rights violations abroad under the longstanding Alien Tort Statute.Earlier this month, the Second US Circuit Court ...
socalmonk 09/29/2010 51 35 1 95
Tired and sad, done for now.
I feel incredibly sad as I sit down to type.
socalmonk 12/11/2009 23 5 1 14
Joey, home from the boonies.
Joey is scared. He is always scared. He is afraid something is going to happen. Afraid he may do something. So afraid he may do something that he has, on several occasions. That’s why the ...
socalmonk 07/28/2009 10 14 1 14
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